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Evernote App for iPad Updated: New UI and Text Editing

When it comes to taking notes on an iOS device, the only best alternative to the stock Notes app is Evernote. It’s used by almost all iOS users and is one of the best note-taking apps on the App Store. The app is also available on other platforms and that makes it really useful. It’s also available on the Mac App Store and on Windows too.

Evernote is also available on the iPad, but it wasn’t as good as it’s iPhone or iPod Touch version. Hence, they’ve released a new updated version specially made for the Apple iPad that brings along some awesome new features. To start with, the new updated app receives a complete user interface overhaul. The new app shows all your recent notes on a single page as snippets, so you can zoom in check one single note or zoom out to browse through all the notes.

That’s not it! There are a  lot of other new changes as well that makes the app even more worthy and a must have app for your iOS device. Rich text editing is another important feature that will make Evernote ever more useful. You can now edit your text, make it bold, italic, underlined, highlight text, make lists and more. All just with a tap of button. There’s also the option to include URL’s in your notes and creating heading texts.

In other new features, you can now search within a note for words/text and an all new Slideshow view in Images. There are few more minor changes too, that you can read about. Hit the source link to check them out.

You can download Evernote for iPad from the App Store for free. Don’t worry it’ll work just fine with the iPhone and iPod Touch and all the features will still available other than the new UI for iPad. That’s exclusive!

[ Source: Evernote Blog ]

5 Useful Blogging Apps from Mac App Store

Mac App Store is out now and it is much more like iTunes App store. The First look of Mac App Store is attractive and clutter-free. You can search apps from different categories like Productivity, Social Networking, Lifestyle, Finance and many more but it takes time to search useful apps from lots of apps available in Mac Store.

Thus I selected 5 such apps which is useful for all bloggers, these are free as well as paid. To download these apps you need to create an Apple account. It is a simple and quick process like providing email ID, Payment details etc. and Once you created account, you need to login to download app.



Here are 5 useful apps which you can download:


Mindmapping is the best tool for bloggers to avoid writer’s block. MindNode helps you to create a neat mind map with colorful nodes, option to resize nodes, you can create multiple mind maps on single canvas. It is very easy to export your mind map with others in different file formats. This app is free of cost.



Evernote is the best app to note down your ideas, useful notes, creating to-do lists, creating PDF files, easy to sync file and do provide different formats of files like Word, PPT, Excel etc. You can also share your notes easily with your friends. This app is free of cost.



Image improves the presentation of articles and pixelmator provides all useful features which will help you to enhance your images for blogging purpose. It is packed with lots of features like different gradients, different styles, improving colors, adding effects and lots more. But you need to pay $29.99 to grab this app.



Translator helps you to translate any page in different languages. It is very useful for bloggers who want to read blogs having different language which they don’t know. It is very easy to use and you can translate any page with the help of small icon on Menu bar. This app is free of cost.



Shrook is a free app which is a feed reader, Shrook is a good feed reader and the app is also useful. It makes your feed reading easy and clutter-free. It allows you to sync your feeds and because of multiple columns it becomes easy to access feeds.


These are few useful apps for bloggers, if you are using any useful apps from Mac App Store then do share with us.

5 Handy Blackberry Applications to Increase Your Productivity

There are main two reasons to grab new gadget, either to show off or to increase productivity. If you prefer to use Smartphone to make your work easy and get productive then you would like to check out CallingAllGeek’s previous article about Mac applications to increase your productivity. Apart from Mac, there are few applications for Blackberry applications to which will surely make your task easier and make you more productive.


Evernote is awesome and most useful app which helps you to recall anything. You can use it to remember your ideas, images or you can also use it for recording voice memo. It is very easy to sync all the notes easily with Mac or Windows from your Blackberry.


Download Link

BeamExplorer File Manager:

BeamExplorer File Manager makes content management of your device easy. You can easily copy, paste, delete and rename the files. Also allows you to search, create all important documents like Word, Excel, PPT etc. Overall, its very user-friendly and free application to manage files on Blackberry.

Beam file manager

Download Link


Lister as name says helps you to make and manage multiple lists easily and user-friendly. You can easily create list without using Blackberry menu or add optional due dates reminders and use hotkeys to navigate very easily. Lister is also a free Blackberry application.


Download Link

Call Control:

This is my favorite application, I can easily block unwanted calls which used to waste my time. Call Control is an paid application, which you can trial for 14 days before purchasing. It is worth paying for blocking private and unwanted calls, create and update personal blacklist and whitelist.

call control

Download Link

reQuall Blackberry

reQuall Blackberry is available for free which helps you to note down your ideas, tasks and commitments. The best part about reQuall is that it gives you alerts according to the locations you are in. So, if you are in a mall, you can get the alert for your shopping list. You can get reminders through instant messages or Emails.


Download Link

I am sure you will surely save your time with these blackberry applications. Now when you more productive you can easily get more social with awesome Social Networking Blackberry applications.

Do share with us which are your favorite Blackberry application to increase productivity.

5 Mac Applications to Increase Your Productivity

There are many reasons to love Apple’s Mac. No matter why you prefer to use Mac, it might be because of its stylish look or its powerful features. With Mac’s inbuilt features there are various applications which will help you to enjoy Mac and have fun with. Apart from having fun, few applications help you to increase your productivity.

Here is the list of 5 essential applications for Mac to increase your productivity:

Slife Labs:

We spend our maximum time on computer but then also wonder why our task are not completed on time, may be because we start doing few unwanted work on computer. A Slife lab is a cool application to track and analyze the time you spend on computer.

Slife Lab


Anxiety is to manage your entire task. It is helpful to synchronize and easy to sync in iCal and Mac. It has user-friendly interface and you can customize the application according to your requirements.



EverNote for Mac helps you to save your ideas, clip a webpage, snap a photo and things you find interesting. The best part about Evernote is that you can find them on any computer and anytime, that is they are compatible with all platforms.



Punakea is a Mac application which will help you to manage your files, well organized files saves lot of your work. Punakea allows you to tag and bookmark files and it provides the hierarchy for folders and file to manage them in better way.



Mindnote is very useful and easy to use application for Mac. It helps you to collect, classify and structure ideas. Thus, you can easily analyze your data and increase productivity. It is best for organizing your personal as well as professional use.


I hope you will find these Mac applications useful. If you use any useful application for Mac to increase your productivity then do share with us. We would love to know about more applications for Mac.