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Rapportive : Find Social Media Information about Email Sender

RapportiveRelationships are one thing which is beyond time and money.  They are of valuable importance for personal and professional sphere in life. In, fact in business relationships can make or break the success of it. It is valuable for all kind of businesses whether it is a conventional or online business, building rapport with clients is important for all.
So Rapportive is the solution for you.

If you are a Gmail user, then this FREE software called Rapportive enhances the relationship management feature of the email service provided by Google.  It is like an add-on service.

What is this Rapportive?

Once this add-on is installed on your Gmail, it will display all the public information of the email sender on the right panel of your inbox. To view the information about other recipients of the email received by you, just hover the mouse on their names. The information will be displayed in a bar which will include:

  • Image and the location of the person.
  • Professional Information of the person retrieved from LinkedIn.
  • If the person is added in your Google+, his circle classification will be displayed.
  • All the social network profiles of the person will be displayed, from there only you can connect with him.
  • His contacts information. His phone call details, so that you can place a call from Google chat itself.
  • Your recent conversation with the person. Like fast mail send by him, last chat you had with him.
  • His LinkedIn profile details, you can connect with him from there only.
  • Facebook profile Updates

Rapportive was in existence since January 2010. With Gmail it can also be installed on self hosted Google Apps Mail. It is compatible with all browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Its interface is user-friendly and built-in for Mac mail plane users. For others browsers like Opera many work around are available to use all the Rapportive features. In order to use Rapportive on Opera, use this handy bookmarklet.

How does Rapportive works

Rapportive servers inquire about the information of your contacts on its own. In the browser it automatically locates the emails being used, and sends the information about them to their servers, where further process takes place. Then the information gathered is returned back and displayed in your Gmail inbox.

Gmail Rapportive

One important thing needs to be assured here, is that none of your email is being stored anywhere on Rapportive servers. Also that Rappor-tive does not have any access to your Gmail password. Content of the email is not being transferred, it’s only the recipients of that email whose information is being used.

Rapportive is like any other add on which can be easily installed on your Gmail, which provides you with your own Rapportive profile. Here you can keep your professional and personal profiles separate with an option to merge the both together.

Many other unique services integrated in it, which can be used via raplets. It is like a mini application which is used to enhance the usability of the Rappor-tive.

Many famous vendors like Mailchimp, Aweber, Klout, Github, Brightpearl, Mixcloud, BatchBook, Crunchbase, Bantam Live, and BookingBug have build different raplets which are available to use along Rapportive. One of such famous one is created by Tungle.me, which helps you to schedule meetings with your Gmail users. This acts as a big time saver for you.

I hope this rapportive review will help you to integrate one of the best free CRM tools for your Gmail account. If you use any other tools, do let us know. I would also suggest you to check out WiseStamp, which is another useful addon for serious Email users, to add social media links as signature.

This is a guest post by Jenny from Marina Del Rey Toyota. If you would like to guest post at CallingAllgeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Another Easy Email Backup Software: MailStore Home

There are many Email backup tools that you can download and use to backup all your email, just in case the worse happens. Here’s another one that you may like. Last month Gmail experienced some problems and a lot many of its users lost all their precious e-mails and to prevent such things from destroying your life, it’s better to be prepared. To backup your Gmail account there is already the Gmail Backup tool or the web service known as Backupify.

But, it’s always better that you have a copy of all your emails on your hard drive or your USB drive too, apart from just a cloud backup. This software is known as MailStore Home and is exactly what I was looking for, and I’m pretty sure you’d like it too. It’s really very simple to use and backs-up a lot of other accounts rather than only Gmail, Yahoo or Windows Mail. So what other features does MailStore Home have? Here you go :

  • Back up internet mailboxes such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail
  • Any mailboxes using POP3 or IMAP
  • Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Microsoft Outlook Express and Windows Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange Server and Hosted Exchange
  • Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
  • .EML and other email files

The MailStore Home is a Windows only software and won’t cost you anything. Download and learn more about it here and back-up your email accounts now. You can also back-up your mail to a USB flash/hard drive and carry it around with you. Download the MailStore Home Portable from here.

[ Via LifeHacker ]

Verify Email Address with These 5 Awesome Sites

It happens that we received email address of someone, may be new client or any other person about whom you are not sure that he/she is giving you real email address or not then rather than sending a test mail, its better to Verify Email Address via email verification tools.
Email verification tools are available online and that too for free. You don’t have to register to use such email validator tools, just enter the email address you want to check and hit enter. The tool will give you the result that the give Email ID exist or not?
Following are 5 such free online email verification tool which are user-friendly and gives you accurate results:



[ Link ]



[ Link ]

Validate Email:

validate email.jpg

[ Link ]

Verify Email Address:

[ Link ]

More Free Online Tools:


[ Link ]

With such tools you can easily get rid of dead and fake email address. It’s quick and simple way to verify Email address. If you use any email verification tool or trick then do share with us. We would love to learn new tools and tricks from you.

DokDok: Easily Manage Your Email Attachments Online

dokdok-1 E-mail attachments are a great way to share items via electronic mail. However, sometimes managing email attachments sent or received can be cumbersome since they’re not particularly organized when they’re sent or arrive. DokDok is a free to try web app which can be used to manage your email inbox attachments efficiently.

With DokDok, business users can easily verify that an attachment is the most recent version, track its changes, and share it with others members of the organization – all without forcing a change in typical business workflow. This is especially helpful in those work areas where a single attachment has to change in multiple hands and maintaining the most updated record about the content/type/details of the email attachments is a difficult task.

DokDok is essentially different from the traditional file sharing app, a cloud synching service, or an enterprise document management system. DokDok aims to convert the email inbox into a powerful and productive document sharing tool.

Currently DokDok is available for Google Apps and can be added to your Google Apps listing via its Google Apps Marketplace page.


DokDok’s premiere feature is the automatic document archive which automatically archives and saves attachments present in your e-mail inbox. This saves time as every attachment can be found without looking for old lost attachments.

DokDok also helps renaming attachments to know which version is the latest and also allows users to work on both the older version of the attachment and a newer version at the same time, with the option to even compare both versions side by side. This support is for all attachments in Microsoft Office formats i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. files and OpenOffice.org formats.


DokDok is a great way to manage and share email attachments without having to engage in any kind of complexity. We recommend it to anyone who uses Google Apps and deals with a lot of email attachments online every day.

Check out DokDok

How to Disable Gmail Priority Inbox

Just now we posted about how to use Gmail priority Inbox and for all who opted for Gmail Priority Inbox but for some reasons decided to opt out of Priority inbox, here is where you can learn how to disable Priority inbox.

Go to Gmail settings and click on priority inbox. Under last option which says Show priority inbox: Select Do not show priority inbox and click on save. This will disable priority inbox.

So within 2-3 clicks you can disable Gmail priority inbox. I would love to know your reaction about this new Gmail feature. Are you using it or going to disable this feature?

Gmail Priority inbox is Live: How to Set Priority of Emails?

A while back we informed you about Gmail priority inbox feature which will put all important Email at the top so that you will never miss any important Email. Seems like Gmail started rolling out this feature for everyone and I see Gmail priority box icon at the top.

To get started with Gmail priority box, if you see Gmail priority icon at the top click on it and Gmail will reload and Priority inbox will be enabled for your Gmail account. Watch this screenshot:



Once your Gmail will reload it will show your some Emails and you can mark them as important and not important. Remember you will have different link for inbox and Priority Inbox.

How to Prioritize your Emails using Gmail priority Feature?

To mark any Email as important or non important you can go to Email and at the top you can mark them as important or non-important.

You can also select Emails (mass selection) and mark them as important and not important. See screenshots:



Here is final look of Gmail Priority Inbox :


You can also change settings of priority inbox by Going into your settings:


Do try this new Gmail feature and let us know what do you like about it and what do you hate about it?

Just in case if you are using Gmail multiple inbox feature, it will not work with this. Since the view of Gmail priority inbox is different. You need to click on Inbox to see your multiple Inbox which you have set up from settings.