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Easily Compress Images Online with GIFBot

Reducing image file size is one of the most important tasks for every designer and blogger. If the file size of any image is big, it will take more time to load which may cause the reader or user of the website to leave without even opening the page. Recently, we came across a useful tool, GIFbot which can help users solve this problem without installing any third-party application.

GIFbot is a useful online tool which can help users reduce the file size of any image to make it load faster on websites. Using GIFbot is really simple and easy, all you need to do is upload the image of the file you want to compress or give the URL if it’s uploaded somewhere. Also specify the email address where you want the tool to send the converted file.


You can even change the output of the file you want to convert. You can either convert in the same format or change it into GIF or JPG format and run the test.


After converting the image, it will give you images in different quality and sizes. All you have to do is right click the image, save it and compare it with the original.


GIFBot is a must try online tool which can help users compress images in a matter of seconds. If you know about any other tool, please share with us using the comments section below.

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Prntscr: Edit Your Images Anywhere Online

We know that Photshop is the best way of photo editing and literally it is more than a photo editor due to availability of a number of its extensions. But Photoshop or any other Windows based image editor can’t be with us every where and some time our PC is not with us. In this condition online photo editor can fulfill our most of photo editing requirements and I really mean it. Prntscr is one of the best online tool to make this dream true.

Have fun with your photos with:


What we can do with Prntscr online photo editor

When you will load the Prntscr it will look like Photoshop i.e its user interface matches with Photoshop very much.

  • Selection Tools

Like Photoshop you will find lasso and polygonal lasso tools in with which you can make fine selections and can also apply proper value of feather to make edges smooth. You can also make edges anti aliased.

  • Crop Tool

You can crop any area of image easily.

  • Blur,Sharpen,dodge,burn and Smudge tools

Prntscr has all these three essential tools for photo retouching.

  • Clone stamp and Spot Healing tool

These tools are used to remove unwanted spots or objects from an image.

  • Photo adjustment

With Prntscr we can adjust brightness and contrast,hue and saturation and auto level the image. We can also apply ready-made color effects.

  • A lot of filters

This online tool has many filters for photo enhancement such as pastels,art poster,glamour glow etc.

  • Support layers

We can create as many layers as we want in this tool and this gives us better control over editing.

  • Advanced color filling

We can use advanced color fill options such as linear and radial gradient. Besides it, we can also use transparency in color gradient.

Overall it is really a lovely online photo editing tool and may be very useful if we do not have a good photo editing tool in our computer or we are unable to use our PC i.e during working on anybody else computer or in Cyber Cafe.

Go to Prtntscr Photo Editor

5 Excellent Free Websites to Make Animated GIFs

All of us love to have animated GIF images as your display pictures on our Instant Messengers, social network profiles and what not. However, very few can actually create their own GIF images according to their own liking. Today we present to you five of the easiest online tools which you can use to create your own GIF images and then use them wherever you like:

Free Websites to make GIF’s:


Probably the easiest tool to get hold of in order to make animated GIF images, Imator just does that and more. The great thing is that there seems to be no limit to how many images you can upload and convert them to GIFs. Also, you can create animated banners and avatars for use on blogging websites and forums to let everyone see your creativity. Images can be uploaded from your PC and/or any URL. The simple drag and drop interface easily lets you work and animation speeds of your images can be selected from a pre-defined drop down list. <Link>




Another great website which allows for creation of animated GIF images, Loogix helps you create your own animated GIF in just three steps. First you need to upload an image (PC or URL). Next, you are required to select the size and speed of the animation you want to apply and finally generate the desired animation and that’s it. Your GIF animated image is ready. Maximum pixel size which can be set is 400 pixels using Loogix. <link>



The great thing about Gickr is that it allows you to upload images from YouTube as well, making it easy for you to make animated images out of video clips. Simply Specify a YouTube video URL and you’re on the go. There is a limit of 10 pictures maximum for Gickr which might be a turn off for many. Also a YouTube video converted will only contain a maximum of 45 frames. However, the ability to make animated images from YouTube videos is just amazing. Created GIF Images are downloadable to PC as well. <link>



Picasion gives you the ability to resize your images before you actually turn them into animations and also lets you upload pictures from many services like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, MySpace, Flickr etc. Moreover, you can also rotate the pictures and add color effects to them while turning them into cool animations. <link>


Make A GIF

The best thing about Make a GIF is that you can add multiple images at the same time up to a maximum number of 12 with each image not being more than 1MB in size. Also, you can edit and resize the image before applying the animation and animation time can be set even in milliseconds for some more precision. However, one bad thing about Make a GIF is that it doesn’t provide the user with the ability to one-click download the created GIF and you have to manually save it from your browser. <link>


Do share more such online free tools which will help us create animated GIF images?

5 Free Online Watermarking Tools

Images always enhances your articles and thus it is always recommended that you should use relevant images in your posts, it can be a image from stock photograph , image taken from your camera or any creative image you made. But sometimes it happens that other bloggers use your article images thus it is always better to watermark your blog images.

Here are few online tools which you can use to watermark your blog images. As these are online tools you don’t have to worry about downloading, installing them. You can use them from anywhere and anytime.


Watermark.ws is one of my favorite it allows you to add text and image watermarking, image compression, you can upload many images together and it supports jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, tif and tiff. Pro account is also available in Watermark.ws thus you can opt either free or pro account according to your needs. In free account you can upload images having size less than 500 kb.

watermark ws

[ Link ]


If you write eBooks then this web app will be useful for you. Watermark-images help you to watermark your images in batch as well as PDF files. You can easily customize the fonts, colors of watermarks. Watermark-images is very easy to use and loaded with many other features like watermarking images, batch watermarking and conversion of image formats.


[ Link ]


Pickmarkr allows you to upload image from your computer as well as flickr. You can use customization features of watermarking images like text watermarking, image watermarking and titled watermarking. Like other web app for watermarking images it also allows batch watermarking and gives you options to edit your images.


[ Link ]


This is bit different from other watermarking tools. You can use it as a free online version or you can download the Batch Watermarker. With free version you will able to add watermark to one image at a time and save each image individually instead getting a zip format of all the watermark images togeter like in other watermarking tools. It also don’t provide preview watermark images with free version thus to get all these features you will need to download Batch watermarker.


[ Link ]


Picghost also gives you options like Picmarkr to watermark your images or text in different forms like changing fonts, colors, alignment or using tiled styled watermark. It also allows you to check out the preview before downloading the image. You can upload 40 images at a time with size max of 10mb each.


[ Link ]

All these online watermarking tools are easy and quick to use and you can select any one of them according to your requirements. If you are aware of any useful online watermarking tool then do share with us.

Easily Edit Images Online with Resizr

resizr-1 Every now and then one needs to resize or edit their photos and trim them to perfection. Resizr is a free online web service which allows you to resize, crop and edit your images on the internet. Picture quality is not affected when using Resizr and you can easily crop, rotate and resize according to your own specified size easily. Resizr allows unlimited number of pictures to be edited and you can also share your pictures via e-mail, on MySpace and even export them to your mobile phone as mobile background wallpaper.

Using Resizr is simple; first select an image to resize. The image can be uploaded directly from your computer or if it’s an online image, you can specify the URL of the image. You can also load images directly from an album present on Facebook.


After the picture has been uploaded, you can then edit the picture from a new page where all the edit options are available e.g. rotate the image, sharpen it to a degree, set its height and width etc. You can also edit the brightness and contrast settings of the image and also choose what type (.JPEG, .PMG, .GIF) of image will be saved. Image preview is available immediately after you apply a modification.


Resizr is a great way to edit your photos free online and renders the results really fast. A must try for everyone who loves photo editing.

Check out Resizr