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Download the Siri Ebook and Learn the ways of Siri

We love Siri, even though we haven’t used it, we are in love with it. It’s like the love you have for a Ferrari, well, not so much, but it’s close. Since the iPhone 4S hasn’t embraced me yet, I haven’t got a chance to use and ask Siri silly things. But, we’ve already shared with you a whole list of all the things that you can say and ask Siri. We also shared one big list for all the Siri Dictation commands that you’d require to write a text message, email etc.

Siri was brought in to this world to make things like typing and looking for information, setting reminders, alarms etc easier and faster. It was also to turn your iPhone 4S in to a friend to keep you company when you’re alone and stranded on an island. If you already have purchased an iPhone 4S, then you certainly must be trying out different things to ask and tell Siri to do. There are a lot of things to be honest, so that’s why you should probably get yourself the “Talking to Siri: Learning the Language of Apple’s Intelligent Assistant” Ebook right away.

This ebook for Amazon Kindle is written by Steven Sande and Erica Sadun of The Unofficial Apple Weblog and is currently available on the Amazon store for $4.99. You can also read this on your Kindle app for iPhone and work on improving your Siri speaking skills. Here’s what this ebook will teach you;

Tutorials show you how to set up Siri in your preferences, and how to manage the interactive conversations you have with your voice assistant. You’ll learn how to perform tasks by topic: such as checking the weather, doing math, or looking up information on the web.

  • Creating notes
  • Searching for contacts
  • Going shopping with Siri
  • Creating reminders and checking your calendar
  • Replying to text messages and sending mail to groups
  • Searching Wikipedia
  • Monitoring the Stock Market
  • Performing dictation
  • The lighter side of Siri
  • Siri security
Thus, you can learn the ways of Siri and become the master! We definitely suggest that you should get this book if you can’t figure out what to or how to talk to Siri.
Download Talking to Siri Ebook from Amazon.

Download Steve Jobs Biography from iBookStore

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, but he hasn’t left our hearts at all and we still feel his presence when using our iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch and everything that he gave the world. If you are a big fan of the mighty figure, then I’m sure you’d be wanting to get your hands on that Steve Jobs Biography, which was supposed to come out in November. However, the launch dates were changed, after the death of Mr. Jobs and thus, the biography is now available on the iBookStore.

The Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson, who interviewed him over a period of about 2 years, is now available for download from the Apple iBookStore for $16.99. The biography reveals a lot on the life of Steve Jobs, his goals and how much more he wanted to change the world. According to reports, it also features some information about Jobs future products and ideas.

So, if you want to know how Steve lived his life, how he changed the world and what his ideas were, then you should definitely get this book. You can also buy the book for Amazon Kindle, from the Amazon Store and it’ll be available for purchase in book stores starting October 24. There’s also an Audio book available for $17.95.

Download Steve Jobs Biography 

Download Steve Jobs Biography Audiobook

2 Effective Ways to Download Free Google Books

There are lots of free books available on Google Books and if you want to download these free eBooks then it is 100% legal. But if you have no idea how to download these eBooks, it will be disappointing for you. Here are two awesome tools with which you can download free Google Books easily.

Google Books Downloader


Google Books Downloader is a fantastic tool to download Google free books. This Windows application can download a free Google Book automatically. You can download free it from Softpedia [link] or from many other download websites. To use Google Books Downloader you must have service pack 1 installed with .net framework 3.5.

  • After installing Google Books Downloader go to option “file” and select option “add book”
  • Then paste the Google Book link and press search and this downloader starts showing book pages to download

Greasemonkey and Google Book downloader script


It is another very effective way to download Free Google Books. This method adds a download button above every Google Book.

  • Open you Mozilla Firefox browser and Install Greasemonkey add-on
  • Restart Firefox and  enable Greasemonkey by clicking Greasemonkey icon at the bottom right corner
  • Then use this link to install Google Book downloader userscript and install script using Greasemonkey
  • Open the Google Book page you want to download and you will see the download button above E-book image
  • Press this download button and it will show the available book’s png images to download

Now do let us know, if you have any other effective idea to download free Google Books?

10 Websites to Download Free eBooks

Internet is a gold mine of free eBooks available on several websites. You can search and download many free eBooks available. Below are the 10 awesome websites those offer free eBook search and download at a very large scale. On these website you can also download eBooks for your mobile phone in mobile compatible formats such as ePub and Mobipocket.

Project Gutenberg


Project Gutenberg is a large source to download free available eBooks. With Project Gutenberg you can download  not only eBooks for PC as well as specialized mobile formats such as Mobipocket. You can also get eBooks for iPad,Kindle,Android etc. [link]

Google Books


Google  Books is a rapidly growing online free and paid eBooks source. You can read free eBooks on Google Books. You can also get preview of paid eBooks on Google Books. [link]



Mega-PDF is online eBooks search engine which shows eBooks from various sources. You are not redirected to any third party download page and you get download link directly. [link]

Read Print


Read print is a knowledge database for teachers and student or anyone eager to gain knowledge. You can read books online here. [link]



Free-eBooks.net is a huge resource of free eBooks available. You can download books in PDF,Mobipocket,ePub or plain text format. [link]



It is also a very good source of free online books and it does not redirect you to any third website. [link]



It is an incredible source of free eBooks. It provides detailed information on a book and you can browse eBooks by authors,titles,genres,language. It offers eBook download in many formats such as ePub,iPod,Mobipocket,Rocketbook,Sony reader,jar,HTML,PDF etc. [link]



With Smash-words you can download a lot of free eBooks and also buy paid eBooks in different formats e.g. ePub,Kindle and Palm doc. You can also publish an eBook on this website if you have rights to publish it. link

PDF geni

pdf geni

PDF geni is an internet eBooks search engine. It searches free PDF eBooks available on different websites and shows the direct link of eBooks. [link]

Feed Books


Feed books is a good website to get free eBooks. You can download eBooks in different formats such as ePub,kindle and PDF. Besides you can also register and publish your own eBooks on this website. [link]

I am sure that now your search for ebooks will get easy with above websites.