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Cloud Storage Race – Dropbox, Google Drive, Box

Even though cloud storage market is almost completely populated at this moment, Dropbox, Google Drive and Box seem to be the biggest players in the race. Different providers might offer various features but these three remain synonyms for cloud storage.

dropbox vs Google drive vs boxFeatures that all cloud storage services have in common are: folder syncing across multiple devices, file sharing and online backup. Pricing plans and storage space differ from provider to provider and it becomes increasingly difficult to choose only one of them. However, these three big names seem to constantly be in the race. I’m not including Skydrive from Microsoft for now and will be covering it at later stage, when Windows 8 will officially launched the final version. For now, lets quickly look into some of the features of Dropbox, box and Google drive.

Dropbox Vs. Google Drive vs Box cloud storage:


Dropbox is the leading consumer-oriented cloud storage with 50 million registered users. This number is mostly reached through its referral program – 500 MB bonus storage in free account and 1 GB in premium accounts for each new user that accepts your invite. This was basically the word of mouth marketing for Dropbox. Its simple interface and intuitive features were enough to gain users’ attention, especially among those that are not particularly tech savvy. The simplicity is probably the most notable feature of Dropbox, but this doesn’t mean it’s poor in functions.

The best thing about Skydrive is their huge user base and it supports multiple platform. Being one of the popular and oldest cloud storage here, they have a huge advantage but now with launch of Google drive and skydrive, and leaked Dropbox password, we can expect other free cloud storage services to take a leap.

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Google Drive:

Google Drive’s adoption was very smooth among Gmail users. It somehow came as the missing piece of a puzzle for those who were using Gmail and Google Docs for years. Though it entered cloud storage race quite late, Google Drive was able to gain plenty of faithful users. In the first 48h after launch it reached 5 million downloads.

By the end of June that number doubled. Even though it was long rumored that GDrive would be Dropbox killer, it actually didn’t take over many Dropbox users. Rather, it remained the choice of faithful Google fans because of its excellent integration with G Docs and Gmail. If you are an iPad user, you will love to use Google drive on it. It might take little time to get use to Google drive, but by converting docs.google.com to Google drive, Google got their initial user base without any sweat.  If you have not yet started with Google drive, you can quickly grab a free account from here using your existing Google login.


Box cannot actually be compared to these two because its focus is mostly enterprise market. Box is a big name with more than 11 million users and 120,000 businesses and this number continues to grow. Box constantly improves its services and seeks new ways to penetrate different markets. Recently they announced opening the offices in Europe and enhanced collaboration with the partners – they introduced free storage on HP desktops and assigned free Box accounts to LG Android device buyers. But what exactly makes Box enterprise market favorite? Though their free account is obviously poor with features, the premium accounts allow creating online workspaces by syncing any folder with contents, comments and discussions, task assignment and many others. Besides this they have a great pro pricing plan.

You can also check out Pingdom comparison of Dropbox vs Google drive vs box vs Skydrive here.

All three big companies have different weapons to conquer particular segments of the market. It is expected that Gmail users would prefer Google Drive, but the real battle is for the platform agnostic ones. As more users start moving to the cloud their expectations from the services grow. Even though all providers give their best to improve their services it is still hard to announce a single winner.

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Videodropper : Send YouTube Videos to Dropbox

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, there are many ways to drive a car too. But, since we are not talking about cars here, let’s talk about another amazing way to download a YouTube video to your Dropbox account. Yes, you heard me right. Dropbox could most likely be the best online cloud storage service to have knocked on our computer doors yet. It’s easy to use and you get free 2 GB storage when you sign up, or you could buy an HTC phone and get another 3Gb with that.

Anyways, here’s an awesome web service that does something extraordinary. Videodropper, as it’s known, let’s you send any YouTube video to your Dropbox folder located on your iOS device such as iPhone or iPod Touch. That means, it literally let’s you download any YouTube video on to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Pretty slick, don’t you think. This is a new web service and it works great. All you have to do is head over to Videodropper.ep.io and then provide the YouTube URL that you would like to download and send to your iOS app.

Once you’ve decided what video you want to download, just paste the URL and click on Send to Dropbox. You also have the option to optimize the video for your iPhone or iPod Touch before you send it to your Dropbox folder. That way, it’s already compressed to run great on your mobile device.

Now, head over to your iOS app, this currently works only on iPhone and iPod Touch, and then wait for the video to be downloaded. It’ll take about 2 minutes, depending on your internet speed, to get the whole thing done, including the conversion. And then, you’ll have the video downloaded on your device like in the screenshot below.

And there you have it. Another simple way to download YouTube videos, but this time, directly your Dropbox account. YouTube to Dropbox, direct service, thanks to the amazing Videodropper.

Do use this service and let us know how amazing did you find it?

Listen to your MP3 Files on Drop Box with DropTunes

DropTunes-0 Dropbox is today’s one of the most talked about and used cloud storage service available over the internet. It’s ability to store and sync multiple file formats is just great. These include storing files in MP3 format.

However, one wonders if they can store MP3 files in Dropbox, why can’t they play those stored files. This ability would give users a chance to take their entire music collections online and then play and share it with others. Now this is possible with a free online web based service called DropTunes.

DropTunes can be used if you have a DropBox account and have some Mp3 files uploaded in it. All you need to do is tell DropTunes which folder contains MP3 files and once that is specified, DropTunes makes users to play those MP3 files.


DropTunes offers two ways to play MP3 files easily. The first of these two ways is using simple flash to play MP3 music. This method works for all Flash enabled web browsers and is good for desktop based web browsers. The second method is more suited to the mobile web browsers which don’t often have support for Adobe’s Flash (e.g. Apple Safari mobile browser for iOS) and requires HTML5 for music playback.


DropTunes also has a nifty little features which allows users to also view image files in their Dropbox shared folders.

DropTunes can be called as a service for DropBox which extends its functionality. It is a must use and recommended add-on for anyone who uses DropBox.

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How To Create a Website Using Your Dropbox Account

Dropbox is a very useful cloud storage utility that have loads of features and options, apparently there is no end that how useful Dropbox can be especially with the inclusion of certain addons and extensions. Although its core purpose is to keep files and data on a cloud and keep them synced to several computers but interestingly Dropbox account can also be used for other purposes like creating a website or listening to music on-the-go.

Create Website Using Dropbox

So in this post I will explain that how to create a website in an effective yet simple way by using your Dropbox account. Here is what you need to do:

DropPages add-on for Dropbox and How to use it?



DropPages is the service that enables users to create website using their Dropbox account. There are two built-in themes available on DropPages, Basic and Oceanmist. Basic is a white minimalist theme, whereas Oceanmist is a graphics rich tabbed theme having Blue color scheme. So in-order to create the website, here is what you need to do:

  • First of all select the themeDropPages-theme-selection
  • Extract the theme file into the Dropbox Folder
  • Now rename that folder according to the website address that you want to have
  • With the DropPages free option, you can only select a sub-domain that has to be integrated with droppages.com domain
  • The paid account having a subscription of $5 a month can get you your own domain and also an additional storage of 1GB.
  • Next step is the folder sharing, use Dropbox share feature to share the folder containing the theme and the data
  • Send the invite to the email address [email protected] and after a while a dummy webpage will be online in which DropPages will include dummy text automatically

The best thing about DropPages is that on prior technical know-how of website making is required because the process is simple. The changes are automatically saved and those changed files are also synced with DropBox automatically. Users can also keep a backup of their entire website on their computers.