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5 Must Have Windows Software for any Computer

This is a guest post by Yousuf Khan who blogs at HaveFunForever. If you wish to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

There are millions of apps available for PCs but most of them are useless. In this post I going to share 5 must have windows apps which you may use daily.

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Fences is the first app which comes in my mind when I hear the word organised. Fences is a very good app to keep your desktop organised. You can hide icons when you don’t need them. You create sizable shaded areas and add icons to them. <Link>

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or IDM is the best free download manager with speed limiter and resume capability. It automatically integrates with all the popular browsers. You can also create different folders for different types of file formats and they will be automatically downloaded to the desired folder. <Link>


Winamp is a cool music/video player which I have used on all of the PCs. There are many equalizers available so you can choose the one you like. You can easily organize songs by making different playlists. It has an integrated browser so you can easily search and download songs within the music player. <Link>


Most of the time when you try do delete a file, you get an error that the file is in use. Unlocker can be used to delete such files. All you have to do is right-click on a file and click on unlock.  <Link>


Winrar is a good file compressing software which can compress files very quickly. Simply click on a file to be compressed and click on add to archive. Give the archive a name, select a format between zip/rar and click on Ok. <Link>

This is not all, there are many essential software’s like Antivirus, messengers and other softwares which can be included in the list of must have software’s. We will keep you updated with the latest software’s, don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks, to keep getting latest updates.

10 Best Free Download Managers for Windows & Mac

As a blogger we need to download many softwares/ applications to try before writing insight about that application. Thus it is necessary that we must use download manager to manage all downloads effectively and you can be more organized while downloading stuffs. Download manager download files and maintain categories so that you won’t find difficulties while searching the files. They also resume downloads even it gets stopped due to loss of internet connection.

List of 10 download managers to download files:

Free Download Manager

This is one of my favorite download managers. I am kind of addicted with free download manager. Free download manager have lots of features like easy upload, sharing with friends, allows you to complete download remotely, adjusting traffic usage and many more.


[ Link ]

GetGo Download Manager

Get Go Download is also a good software to resume, play, stop or manage your downloads easily. It can easily download YouTube or any websites with embedded FLV flash videos without any hassle. The layout of Get Go is user-friendly and the features of Get Go Download manager keep on updating.


[ Link ]

FlashJet Download Manager

Flashjet has highest number of users online. The best part about Flash jet is it automatically calls antivirus software while downloading files. It also allows you to create unlimited categories and you can manage categories easily with just drag and drop feature.


[ Link ]

Orbit Downloader

Orbit Downloader is a good option if you want to download videos, music or any file from YouTube, MySpace, Imeem, Pandora, Rapidshare etc. It also allows you to tag your files so that you can manage files easily.


[ Link ]

V Downloader

V Downloader is similar to Orbit downloader it also helps you to you to watch your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Blip.tv, Google Video, Yahoo Video, MegaVideo, Veoh, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Break or other online streaming websites.


[ Link ]

J Downloader

J Downloader is for large download with multiple files. It gives you facilities like resuming, canceling or managing downloads. It also auto-compress large files easily.


[ Link ]

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is one of the fastest download managers. It also performs the entire task for managing your downloads. Internet Download manager also allows you to dial your modem and set the time to download your files and you can even set time to shut down your system once done.

Internet Download Manager

[ Link ]


LeechJet is also loaded with lots of features like scheduling downloads, checking history of downloads and traffic counters. Like other download managers LeechJet is also allows drag and drop feature to manage files easily.


[ Link ]

Download Accelerator Plus

As name says, Download Accelerator has fast downloading speed. Like FlashJet, it also have an integrated anti-virus software for safe downloading and you can also schedule your downloads easily.


[ Link ]

Aktiv Download

Aktiv Download is a user-friendly download manager with all features like scheduling downloads, managing them with drag and drop facility and you can easily set the maximum number of segments and downloads up to 99.

Aktiv download

[ Link ]

Hope you will find these download managers useful. If you are using any other download manager then don’t forget to share with us.