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Uninor GPRS Settings and Plans

Uninor is providing good speed in GPRS together with DOCOMO. Both companies are serving better GPRS packet data services now a days. Using Uninor GPRS is easy and it sends automatic GPRS settings to most of mobile handsets.


Automatic settings message for Uninor GPRS

Send a toll free SMS “ALL” to “58355” and you will receive settings for your phone.

UNINOR Manual settings

If automatic settings are not available for your mobile phone then don’t be upset and you can set up GPRS packet data manually.

Create a custom packet data profile with any name and enter the following detail

  • Homepage: Set any webpage URL
  • APN/Access point: Uninor
  • Data bearer: GSM/Packet data
  • User name and password: leave blank
  • Ip address:
  • Port: 8080
  • Proxy: Enabled

Uninor GPRS Plans Detail

  • My Connect 9 at Rs.9

Free usage: 60MB with 3 days validity

  • My Connect 90 at Rs.90

Free usage:3GB with 30 days validity

  • Single day plan

Free usage:30MB with 1 day validity

Also check out Airtel GPRS settings for mobile.

How To Transfer Tata DOCOMO Prepaid Balance To Other DOCOMO Users

You will be happy to know  that we you can share talk time with anyone using TataDOCOMO and it is very easy to do this. Tata DOCOMO offers BuddyNet service with which you can avail this awesome scheme. For using it first you have to join BuddyNet

After being a BuddyNet do the following steps

  • Type a message BT<space>Mobile number of friend<space>Amount of balance transfer and send it to 54321
  • After a few seconds your friend’s DOCOMO mobile number will be recharged with requested amount of balance transfer


  1. Sent SMS to 54321 will be charged Re.1 and you can also get your amount back by sending this SMS again for free
  2. Don’t use this service if transferable amount is less than Re.1  because if you do so the SMS will be charged without a successful transaction
  3. If you want your transferred amount back to your account then type RBT<Space>Transaction ID and send it to 54321 and your transfered amount will be refunded to your account

So go to DOCOMO to enjoy this service