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DisplayRecorder for iPhone Now Supports iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1

If you remember well, we had done a complete review of this amazing Cydia app in question. Display Recorder is a Cydia application for jailbroken iOS devices that can record iPhone screen. This app is currently the only perfect solution to record the screen on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. All others that are available are no more supported with the new iOS versions or don’t work at all.

record iphone screen

Ryan Petrich, the developer of this app just released an update that makes this app compatible with the latest iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1. Display Recorder v1.2.5 can perform many functions such as record iPhone screen, upload video to YouTube, record in landscape or portrait and more. You can control the recording with your custom shortcuts, such as the use of the volume up key to start recording and the home button to stop. The update version also has some new features such as:

● Increased maximum and default frame rate
● Improved timing accuracy
● Full support for recording in h.264 on iPhone 4 and iPad
● Fix file permissions on installation (to work around long standing PkgBackup bug)
● Support orientation and grayscale for h.264 encoding

If you’ve already purchased Display Recorder, then you can just head over to Cydia and upgrade to the latest version. In case you haven’t and are looking for an app for recording iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad screen, this is the best bet. You can purchase Display Recorder from the Cydia store for $4.99 and believe us when we say it’s worth the money.

To record iPhone screen means that you can review an app better, showing all the features and functionality with ease. However, you will need to jailbreak your iOS device in order to install this as this is only available for jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Non-jailbroken devices will have to wait for such an awesome app.

How to Delete Music from iPod App [Jailbreak Tweak]

The iPod has evolved from just a music player to the world’s most used music player, an app and a word that indirectly means ‘I love music’. After the recent and tragic death of it’s creator Steve Jobs, we are still at shock, but we do have to move on, as Mr. Jobs himself said, ‘Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish’.

Here I’ll be talking about how to delete music from the iPod app that is present on all iPhones, iPod Touches and iPad. You obviously know the regular method would be to connect your iDevice to the PC and then delete music via iTunes. That’s one way of doing it, but wouldn’t it be easier if you could delete those unwanted songs without connecting to the PC and directly from the app itself? Again, there’s an app for that, well, it’s actually a jailbreak tweak, but whatever.

Deletrack is a new Cydia tweak, that adds the much required delete option to the iPod app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and makes it easier to delete music from the iPod app. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, it works as explained too.

  • All you need to do is jailbreak your iDevice, then head over to Cydia and search for the tweak and install it.
  • After installation, you’ll be asked to restart the springboard, approve to that and you should be good to go.
  • Now when you open the iPod app, a pop-up will appear asking for donation, you can if you want to or you can hit the later button.
  • Head over to the More options found below and you should be able to see a new Delete Songs option. Select it.
  • Now you’ll be able to delete music from iPod app that you want. Swipe to the left to delete the song.
Voila!! Your song is no more in your iPod App. You can also delete music videos from iPod app using this jailbreak tweak.

SpyPhoto for iOS Takes Photos Without Anyone Knowing

You know those times, when you’re in a situation where you badly want to take a picture but can’t because it’s not allowed or because your camera will make a noise. Well, now you can accomplish such secret missions using your iOS device and become a successfully spy or even get recruited by the FIA. Here’s a new jailbreak app for iOS devices called SpyPhoto, that lets you take pictures without anyone knowing about it and over any running app. You don’t even have to launch the camera app to get this done. Pretty cool right?

There’s one drawback, however, as sometimes the images may not be saved to your photo album. But, the developer is working on it and the updated version should be out pretty soon. For now, let’s talk about this tweaks features and where to get it from.

SpyPhoto is a cydia app, hence requiring a jailbroken iOS device, so if you’re device is not jailbroken, then you should probably get to it. That said, you’ll need to navigate to the BigBoss repo or look for recent changes in Cydia to find this tweak. Let’s talk about it’s features then. This tweak lets you take photos using finger gestures such as double tap the status bar etc. It basically uses the Activator function to get that done.

You not only have the choice to choose either the front or back camera, but also to use it over any app. For example, if you’re sitting with a Mafia and he’s in disguise, then you can start playing a game and use the gesture to get his photo taken, without anyone noticing. Go to the cops and you’ll be rewarded well, I hope. Two different gestures can be set for both the back and the front camera. Cool features don’t you think? Watch the app in action after the break.

Oh, last, but not the least. SpyPhoto is a paid cydia tweak and costs $1.50, which I believe is pretty good. So are you getting this app? Spy anyone?

OSX Lion Ultimatum Transforms your iPhone to a Mac PC

I have never come across a theme like this one and I could bet you haven’t either. There are many themes available for the iPhone, but the best always seem to come from Dreamboard. Most of them aren’t free, but damn they’re amazing. Here’s a newly released Dreamboard theme for iOS devices, called OSX Lion Ultimatum, that will blow your mind and make you feel like you’re using your Mac PC or Macbook. The whole interface is exactly similar to that of Mac OSX Lion and is pretty smooth too.

I’ve used Dreamboard themes before, but I’ve never seen anything as awesome as this. Unfortunately, I did not get to use this as it’s still in developer phase. However, you can get the beta version if you’re dying to try by paying/donating $1 for the development. Okay, so what’s so special about this theme for the iPhone. Well, first of all it transforms you’re iOS device in to a device that runs Mac OS X Lion, it actually doesn’t, but it looks strikingly similar and works exactly like a Mac. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, you can check out some screenshots after the break.

As you can see in the above picture!! Absolutely amazing. The best part about the theme is that everything works just like on Mac, the Finder, Menus, Windows, Launchpad, the Dock, Status Bar, Mission Control, Dashboard and even the Lockscreen. It’s all been done so beautifully and with perfection. Although there are certain bugs, it’s still and amazing job. The whole thing was designed with Photoshop, each image used in the theme and included many other Cydia themes and tweaks too.

This is not Mac OSX Lion running on an iPhone, but it’s the closest. The whole thing is a them and OSX Lion Ultimatum can be downloaded(beta) by donating $4.50 that also includes future updates and the final version. To get hold of this theme and try it out on your iOS device, head over to the ModMyi Forums and read. Also check out this video preview of the theme:

What do you think of this theme? 

Speed for Maps adds a Speedometer to iPhone Map App

Jailbreaking always add functionality to iPhone in a very useful kind of a way, I am always in search of some cool Jailbreak tweaks and addons that will further enhance the usability of my iPhone. So today I will be sharing a very interesting find with you that will add a very useful function to your Jailbroken iPhone.

Google Maps application on all the iDevice is quite lacking when we talk about features, and I think for any mapping or navigation app one thing should be there and that is a Speedometer. But this lacking of speedometer shouldn’t be an issue anymore because today I will be telling you about an app that will let you know that how fast you are going within your iPhone’s map applications or even out of them.

Speed for Maps

So here is a cool Cydia Tweak that will allow you to simply add a speedometer to your iPhone in few simple steps. The app I will be recommending is available on Cydia store and you just have to find it and install the package to enjoy this feature.

‘Speed For Maps’ Cydia App

The name of this basic Cydia tweak is Speed for Maps, it simply overlays a miniature speedometer within the stock maps application on your iPhone. The speedometer adjusts itself on the bottom right side of screen, meaning that it does not hamper the view of your Maps app.

Speed for maps settings

You just need to install the app from Cydia store on your iPhone, respring it and launch the Maps app. There is no need of running a setup of some sort because Speed for Maps is available for instant use.

I tried the tweak on my iPhone while driving in a car and found the speedometer readings to be pretty accurate. It is a very cool app especially in a scenario where you want to know that how fast you are traveling but don’t have an access directly to a speedo. Do try it out on your iPhone’s and let us know that whether you found it useful or not.

VoiceKeys Brings Speech-to-Text to iOS devices [Cydia]

Voice Recognition is a feature that hasn’t been perfected yet, but every smartphone manufacturer is trying to improve it every day. Google’s voice recognition is pretty wonderful and quite accurate if you’re not a heavy breather and speak fluent English. Recently, there was this Apple Patent that was all about the text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities and Voice related developments for iOS and iOS devices. There isn’t any real such feature in the new iOS 5 either, but reports have suggested that there might be. For now, if you’re eager to check out Speech-to-text on your iOS device, then this Cydia App will make it happen.

VoiceKeys is a free Cydia app that brings voice recognition to native iOS apps such as Messages, Notes and anything that might require you to type. It’s actually pretty good and adds a new VoiceKeys button to the usual shortcuts that appear when you tap on the screen to type. It uses Google’s Voice Recognition engine, hence an internet connection is required and also some pretty good speaking skills. You’ll have to speak word by word for the app to understand what you’re saying. I played around with it for a bit and also tried speaking punctuation marks, when things got really interesting.

This app actually converts punctuation to text, which is quite impressive, well, I din’t know that Google Voice could do that. Wonderful in short. If you speak slowly, the voice will be converted to text and that too proper words, not some gibberish. You can download and install this on your jailbroken iOS device from the Big Boss Repo. It doesn’t weigh much, so it’ll just take some seconds to install.

It’s a very useful app if you’re one of those who like to take the easier and lazier route towards everything. Instead of typing words, you can just speak it out slowly and then hit the Recognize button. Yes, after you select VoiceKeys, a pop-up appears that says ‘recording voice’, and you’ll have to hit the Recognize button for it to stop and start doing its thing.

Do try out VoiceKeys and let us know what you think of it.

iPod Memos Plays Voice Memos in iPod Player

If you like to use your iPod or iPhone to record voice memos, lectures, bathroom songs or any other kind of audio, then this is a really useful jailbreak tweak for you. Normally the recorded audio gets saved in the Voice Memos and can’t be listened to on the iPod player. This tweak right here will add the missing link so that you can save your recorded audio to iPod and listen to it whenever and however you want.

I sometimes record music and wish to play it on loop, but end up with no way to do it through the iPhone. iPod Memos gives Voice Memos a nice new option, ‘Add to iPod’, which then transfers the recording to iPod under a new album known as Voice Memos. The tweak is available in Cydia for free and of course you’ll need a jailbroken iOS device.

Once the tweak is installed, go to Voice Memos and when you select a recording, you should see a new option. When you select Add to iPod, you’ll be presented with another page and asked to fill in some details for the recording. Click on Done and the song will then be sent to your iPod playlist. Don’t panic if you don’t see it right away, as it may take a while.

Also, I have experienced some crashes too, but in the end it did work how it was supposed to. There’s nothing more to this little Cydia tweak, but it is very useful for those who use Voice Memos a lot. Do try it out and let us know what you think of it and if you found it useful.

FlashCam Adds Flash and Camera Shortcuts to iPhone Lockscreen

Having shortcuts on your lockscreen can be very helpful for easy launching of apps and getting things done quickly. Two of the most important shortcuts that most users would want are Flashlight and Camera, well most of them. I’d definitely find it very helpful if I had the shortcuts right on my lockscreen so I wouldn’t have to unlock then start the app. There are many other jailbreak apps out there that add similar functionality, but most of them add a single icon next to the slide to unlock bar.

FlashCam is a free Cydia application for jailbroken iPhones that adds both Flashlight and Camera shortcuts on the lockscreen. The main difference between this app and other flash and camera tweaks is that this brings both of them together. Remember the Camera shortcut on the slider in iOS 5, well this is even better. It has loads of options too and the buttons look classy and somehow make the lockscreen look better, according to me.

Using the given settings, you can move the buttons on top or move them to the bottom just above the slider. You can also select what program the camera button launches, which includes 3-4 popular camera apps. You can even select whether to open the camera or the video camera.  There’s also an option to lock the phone after the launch and use of the camera button. The app is very useful and the Flashlight button works like a charm. Also, there is very less chance of clicking on any of the two buttons by accident, even though they’re wide.

FlashCam is available in Cydia, all you have to do is search for it. It’s quite small and requires a quick respring, that’s it. Best suitable for iPhone 4, since both the buttons will work great.

LockLauncher: Launch Apps from your iPhone Lockscreen

There are times when you wanted to access an app on your iPhone and were delayed thanks to the lockscreen. Yeah, I love using Slide to Unlock, but sometimes it just makes me look bad. Suppose you’re having a race with an Android buddy to get to an App and see who opens it first, well, imagine how you’d feel if you lost. LockLauncher is an iPhone application, available in Cydia, that creates shortcuts to apps and places them right on your Lockscreen. Thus, you won’t have to slide to get to the app.


However, there is a problem here! You see, if there are apps on the lockscreen that anyone can access, then what’s the point of locking the screen?

This is where LockLauncher starts to get better, as it has a really cool way of accessing the apps placed on your lockscreen. Yet, when you click an app placed there, it won’t open right away. You will have to use the Slide to Unlock and the app will directly open, or rather it’ll already be open the moment you unlock. This will actually be of great help if you don’t want anyone to open the apps directly. That’s not the best part!

You can also launch the apps in a sequential order, meaning, select all the apps to open them back to back in order of selection. How cool is that? Select all the apps, unlock and you’ll be presented with the last selected app, press the home button and the next one and so on. Pretty useful if you’re a spontaneous person. Check out the video after the break by iDB to see LockLauncher in action.

This app can be downloaded from the Big Boss repo in Cydia for a very worth price of $0.99. You can place up to 5 apps and this will work best with iOS 4.2 and above. Do give it a try, and let us know what you think of it.