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3 Free Cydia Apps to Change iPhone’s Carrier Name

When you see a custom name instead of the operator’s name on anyone’s iPhone or screenshots on the internet, you might have wondered how do they do this. This tutorial will show you three free cydia apps that can change iPhone’s carrier name. Now you can change it to any fake carrier name or even your own name. We have tested these to work on the latest versions of iOS including iOS 6.1.1.

Cydia Fake carrier

1. Fake Operator

This application does not have any icon for itself. You need to configure it through the settings app on your iPhone.

While it does not need a reboot or respring to change iPhone’s carrier name, you do need to quit Settings for the changes to take effect. Works perfectly with iOS 4.3.1+

Change iphone carrier name 11Change iphone carrier name 10

It can be downloaded for free via Cydia. Since, it is hosted on the BigBoss repo no need to add any new repo to Cydia. Just search for Fake Operator using the search tab.

Change iphone carrier name 6Change iphone carrier name 5

2. FakeCarrier

This app is similar to Fake Operator in functionality. It does have its own icon but that’s not why I like this the most. The good part is that you do not have to quit the app for the changes to be effective. Just type fake carrier name and tap on set to apply it. I have tested FakeCarrier to work on the latest iOS version 4.3.1 on iPhone 4.

Change iphone carrier name 3Change iphone carrier name 2

Again no extra Repo needs to be added as it is hosted on BigBoss repo. Just go to Cydia and search for FakeCarrier.

Change iphone carrier name 4Change iphone carrier name 5

3. MakeItMine

MakeItMine is an app by Erica Sadun. Since, this app hasn’t been updated in a while it does not work for iOS version 4.2 and later. Also, it requires you to respring iPhone for changes to take effect. Even though respring feature is included, it is inconvenient compared to the previous two apps.

Change iphone carrier name

You can install MakeItMine from the ModMyI repo, which is a default repo in Cydia.

Change iphone carrier name 13Change iphone carrier name 14

Do let us know, which is your favorite fake carrier application for iPhone and what did you finally change the carrier name to?

QuickGoogle: Google Search Made Faster [Cydia]

There are some applications out there that you have to have on your iPhone in case you’re a person who loves Google. Even if you’re not, you’ll probably require the expertise of Google search when you’re in a tough situation. Imagine being able to do that by just giving your iPhone a shake, searching Google in an instant. QuickGoogle for iOS devices is one such app that can open a Google Search box at any instant, in any app by using any of the given activators.

QuickGoogle-Cydia<Image Credit>

Since, QuickGoogle is an Activator function, it doesn’t really have any icon as such and pops up whenever you want it to. For example, you’re playing some game and you’re friend suddenly wants to know the capitol of some strange state. Using QuickGoogle you can assign any gesture such as the shaking of your iOS device, pressing the Home button 4 times or something else, which in turn will bring the Google Search box right over the game. When you input your search terms and hit enter, it’ll open up Safari and get your right over to the capitol name.

Day saved, you’re still the genius, and all this while playing Angry Birds. Watch the demonstration video after the break:

At the moment, the developer has decided to keep it real simple and hasn’t added any fancy image search or other search options. I really find this very useful, because sometimes it’s better you know a shortcut. A simple tweak and a free one too, QuickGoogle is currently available in the Cydia Store under the BigBoss Repo. You could also do a Cydia-wide search to find and install this.Do install this and let us of how much help has this been to you.

Do you know of any other such simple Cydia applications that actually help a lot?

FlashLock: Use Flash from Your iPhone Lockscreen

There’s a new feature in iOS 5 that lets you use your camera without entering the Menu. When you double tap the home button, the camera button appears next to Slide to unlock, using which you can directly access your camera without using your Lock code. Useful feature, don’t you think? So, how about you being able to also access your Flash from your lockscreen when it is much required.


FlashLock for iPhone lets you access the flash of your iPhone 4 directly from your lockscreen, in the same exact manner as iOS 5 gives you access to the camera. You can turn on your flash from the lockscreen and save the day by giving some light. Of course, there are thousands of other flash applications that can control the flash, make it dance and more, but isn’t this is the easiest and simplest.

It works exactly the same way as the new camera shortcut on iOS 5. Double tap the Home button and you should see FlashLock next to Slide to Unlock. The flash will stay on until until you tap the icon again. It’s as simple as that! Also, this is a Cydia application, hence you’ll require to carry a jailbroken iPhone to install this free app. FlashLock is the idea of iPhone Download Blog writer Sebastian and was developed by Filippo Bigarella.

You can download FlashLock from Cydia by adding the repo http://filippobiga.me/repo.

Tell us what you’re favorite iPhone 4 Flash is. I’ve been using Tactical Flash. What have you been using and what do you think of FlashLock?

How to Make Phone Calls and Send SMS from iPad 3G using PhoneItiPad

Last month iPhoneIslam had showed us video proof of being able to make make phone calls from iPad 3G as well as sending and receiving SMS. The jailbreak tweak PhoneItiPad is finally live in Cydia for everyone to download at $19.99

iPhoneIslam is the same group on people who brought us FaceIt3GS, a jailbreak tweak to enable FaceTime on iPhone 3GS. Since this app is available via Cydia and requires a jailbreak it will only work on the iPad 1 and not the iPad 2 since there’s no jailbreak tool available yet for the latter.

Also, iPhoneItiPad does not work on iOS 5 beta yet. It will work perfectly on iOS 4 though. You just need a jailbroken iPad 1 running iOS 4.x.x. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPad yet, read our jailbreak guide for iOS 4.3.x before proceeding with this guide.

How to Make Calls from iPad 3G using PhoneItiPad:


Purchase PhoneItiPad from here using your iPad or Computer’s browser. It will cost you $19.99 or around Rs. 900 in Indian currency. Not a big price to pay to turn your iPad into an iPhone.

Purchase phoneitipad for ipad to make calls

After you have filled in your billing information you will also need to enter your iPad’s 11 digit serial number. To find out the iPad’s serial number go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to find it. Click continue on the webpage to finish the purchase.

Now launch Cydia on your iPad and add the PhoneItiPad repo http://apps.iphoneislam.com. Now search for PhoneitiPad and install it.

You should now have the phone and messages app on your iPad and already be able to make and receive calls. In case you aren’t able to, just make sure your sim has an active voice plan and not just the data plan which is usually the case for iPad sims. If the sim is able to make calls on an iPhone 4 it would work great on iPad too.

Here’s a video demo of the Phone and SMS features on iPad by iPhoneIslam,

As you can see it seems to work flawlessly. The question is would you be willing to pay a one time fee of $20 for turning your iPad into an iPhone? It is not yet clear if this tweak will continue to work in iOS 5. As of now it doesn’t.

First Jailbreak Tweak for iOS 5 UISettings Widget Released

Apple may have brought an end to the life of a lot of older jailbreak tweaks by introducing new features in iOS 5 but that is not going to stop the jailbreak community from creating more useful jailbreak tweaks. UISettings widget for the Notification Center is the first jailbreak tweak released for iOS 5. Instructions on how to install and a review after the break.

UISettings can be described as an alternative form of SBSettings which was created to give users quick access to certain iPhone settings. Just like SBSettings UISettings can be launched anywhere in iOS 5 without the need to quit current app and going to Settings application.

Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  2 Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  3

UISettings has been available for iOS 4 too where it works via the multitasking bar. The developer has now ported it to the notifications center in iOS 5 which can be pulled down by swiping one finger from top to bottom on the iPhone screen.

Here’s a list of the toggles and quick settings available in UISettings:

  • Respring
  • Wifi
  • Airplane
  • Bluetooth
  • Brightness
  • Volume
  • Power OFF
  • Reboot
  • Safe Mode

The last option Safe Mode doesnt work on iOS 5 yet, but the rest all do. I do not really like the icons and the colors in particular but the tool itself is pretty handy. Thankfully, just like SBSettings themes there will be more themes for UISettings too. In fact iRetina++ theme is just about to be released and looks much better than the orginal theme.

Here’s the preview recently tweeted by @iSurenix,

Iretina++ theme for uisettings

How to Install UISettings Widget in iOS 5:

You’ll obviously first need to install iOS 5 beta and then jailbreak iOS 5.0 with Redsn0w to get Cydia. Once Cydia is installed add the UISettings repo http://qwertyoruiop.com/beta and then search for UISettings or just tap on the new repo you just added.

Uisettings widget first jailbreak tweak for ios 5  1

Respring your iPhone after install and check it out by pulling down the Notifications Center. To disable or enable these options you’ll need to hold them for about 3 seconds.

Readers, how do you like it? Are you going to replace SBSettings with UISettings?

UnFolder – Free Cydia Tweak to Delete iOS Folders in One Tap

It’s really easy to delete applications on the iPhone. Just put the apps into the jiggle mode by holding them for a few seconds and then hitting the cross button. But what if you wanted to delete a folder. A new Cydia tweak for iPhone called UnFolder has been created by Filippo Bigarella to let you do exactly that. Video demo included after the break.

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Cydia Search: Now Search For Cydia Apps From Your Desktop

Cydia has a huge collection of applications that one can use to squeeze some extra juice from their iOS devices. A great App Store alternative on jailbroken devices, Cydia is a must have for every geek alive. There are so many things you can do with the various applications available on the Cydia Store.

Cydia Store

The Cydia Store is however not as clean as the App Store and hence looking for a certain kind of App using the small screen of your iOS device can be a little tiring. Why? Because plainly there are quite a few Sources that one normally searches in and lots and lots of applications, themes, screensavers and wallpapers in every corner.

Keeping this in mind, Planet iPhones have come out with a web app that will instead search entire Cydia App collection to find what you’re looking for. Hence, Cydia Search is a web based search engine optimized for Cydia, that helps you find your favorite Cydia application on your desktop with utmost ease and quickness. This is a very good initiative, as it’s clutter free and easier to search and see what’s new on a bigger screen. It’s also helpful for those people who’ve got second thoughts on whether to jailbreak their iOS device or not.

Cydia Search

You can search and browse all the applications on Cydia that you’re missing out on if you’ve not jailbroken your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Jay Freeman, the creator of Cydia also had a lot to say on why Jailbreaking is useful. It’s literally a search engine on the web for Cydia and it’s repositories.

Planet iPhones also say;

Although packages are easily navigated from any jailbroken iOS device through the Cydia application itself, Cydia Search is a browser-based search engine offering a quick and reliable alternative for finding packages currently available in Cydia. Cydia Search checks all included repositories for new and updated packages once per hour.

I’m not saying that it’s difficult to search for apps and add-ons on your iPhone, but it is certainly faster and bigger on the desktop. Also, when you search for a certain app and land on it’s info page, you’ll also be given an exact screenshot of how it looks on an iOS device, plus other details like size, price, author etc.

You can add Planet iPhones Cydia Search as a bookmark on your web browser.

Tell us if this new Cydia Search is going to help you in any way?

PhySwitch: Switch Apps With Your iPhone Volume Keys

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just switch between running programs on your iOS device using the volume key? As they say in the Apple world, ‘There is an App for that!’ PhySwitch is an app available in the Cydia App Store that will let you switch between apps using the volume keys.

Apple should’ve introduced multi-tasking way earlier than they did as lot of multi-task based apps were already available on Cydia. Despite that, everyone liked Apple’s multi-tasking bar that allowed one to switch between applications easily. Now PhySwitch is something similar, but does the switching with the help of the volume keys.

PhySwitch is just a very simple app, as it doesn’t have it’s own icon on the homescreen and neither a separate option in Settings. All you’ll have to do is open Activator under Settings and select Anywhere. Once that is done, you’re good to go. You can then select how you want to use those Volume buttons, for example use both the buttons to start the multitasking option or use the up button to go next and so on.

It will take a while to figure the best settings for you, but remember you can only do that using Activator. Once you’ve figured out what is the best way for you to move around, start using the Volume keys to see if it’s better than the Multi-task bar of the iOS. Check out the video after the break.


Cydia Apps like this don’t really last long, personally I prefer the normal way of going around, using the Multi-task bar, but if you like physical buttons then give PhySwitch a try. This app will cost you $1.99, I can’t comment on it’s worthiness as it depends on person to person, but I can say this is a good way to multi-task with the help of physical buttons.

You can purchase this app from the BigBoss Repo.

Do you use any other such apps as an iOS multi-tasking alternative? Will you be downloading PhySwitch? Do let us know.

PowerUp brings Reboot, Respring and Restart options on iOS devices.

PowerUp is a free jailbreak tweak available on Cydia that enables additional options to you iOS device’s sleep button.

Normally you press the sleep button and then “slide to power off’” your iOS device. Wouldn’t it be nicer if you had more options than being limited to a simple OFF button? So here’s a simple tweak from Cydia that you can try.


PowerUp enables additional options on the menu screen when users try to put their iOS devices into off state. Earlier you were offered with a single option to turn off your device but now you can choose to select from three additional options of either reboot, respring or cancel the action.

There are also two different presentation styles for the power off dialogue and three different themes for action style sheets.



Some users may not find this to be useful but this is definitely a good tweak for those who want more options over a conventional menu.

If you have a jailbroken iphone/iPod you can download your copy of PowerUp for free from Cydia.

Celeste Will Bring Bluetooth File Sharing to iPhone [iOS 4]

CocoaNut Apps will be releasing Celeste for iOS soon. Hate it or not, Apple has still not released Bluetooth file sharing on iPhone or other iOS devices. Last year this time we tried iBluenova which did a pretty good job as this but did not work with iOS 4. Scheduled for a release this month, Celeste promises this feature for iOS 4.

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