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Download & Install Installous 5

Installous 5Installous which is one of the best app for jailbroken iPhone (iOS devices), got an update and now Installous 5 is ready to download and you can install on your iOS device.  If you have not upgraded to latest version of Installous yet, you will be seeing a message like this when you will open Installous:

” We have released an update for Installous in Cydia. It includes BitTorrent downloading support and a few other improvements. Please update”.

There are many noticable changes in Installous 5 and here are some of them:

Torrent support:

Installous 5 not supports .magnet links. Not, it supports torrent downloading, and probably one of the few apps which works smoothly with torrent downloading on iPhone. I will post a step by step tutorial later. It will also seed the torrent at the time of downloading and it will work in wi-fi only. Also, you can pause and resume the torrent downloading, which will be very handy for users.

Supports iOS5 notification:

This is one feature which I believe every iOS5 users will love to have. Now, Installous5 supports iOS 5 notification using custom BulletinBoard plugin.

If you have not installed Installous on your jailbroken iOS devices yet, here are guide which will help you to get started:

How to upgrade to Installous 5:

I assume you have already Installous Installed on your device and you are simply upgrading to latest Installous 5. Open Cydia > Click on changes and it will show Installous 5 as an upgrade option, simpley upgrade it and enjoy new features in Installous.

There are some known issues when you try to upgrade like:

  • Hash Sum Mismatch error
  • iPad touch 4 Issue ( Weeloader and iOS 5 version issue)

We will post you about as soon as we hear an update or you can keep an eye on this thread. The best part is, you can now download cracked apps using torrent under Installous, which is also resume supported. Something, very handy when you are downloading heavy apps. Here is a nice workaround that could be used, when you can’t Install installous 5 from Cydia.

We will keep you posted with latest workaround, don’t forget to like us on Facebook for latest updates.

Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone with UndeleteSMS

People search for software to recover deleted information all the time. Be it on computers or mobile phones, but we do delete files unintentionally and then regret about it. Hence, there are softwares that can recover deleted information to some extent, it all depends on various things. The Message feature on an iPhone has no deleted messages folder, but certain phones do. If you’ve deleted a message on your iPhone and want to recover it, then you can try UndeleteSMS, which happens to be a new tweak in Cydia.

UndeleteSMS is a paid Cydia app that can recover deleted messages from your iOS device’s Spotlight or SMS database. Though, there is no guarantee that this will work as it relies on crumbs to collect lost data. It’s fairly simple to use as well. You just launch the application and hit the Okay button. Once it collects whatever data it can gain it’s sight on, it’ll output the same in a text form. You can then copy and paste it into your notepad or better send an e-mail to you if the recovered data is very important.

I must however say that you may not want to install this on your device, not that it won’t work, but because it’ll cost you $6.99 to buy. Too much don’t you think? I believe it’s much better to be careful before deleted messages that you don’t want to delete. If you’re really careless, then it may be right to get this app right away. Recovering messages also depends on how quick you respond to “No, I deleted an important message” and then fire up this app. Because once the data is overwritten in Spotlight and other SMS databases, then there’s no point in using this app. Check out the video after the break if you believe you should get this;

What do you think? Are you willing to spend $6.99 for this app? Do you usually keep deleting your important messages? Really?

How-to Use WhatsApp on iPad and iPad 2 with WhatsPad

Certain apps have certain limitations, for example, by default WhatsApp doesn’t work on an iPad or iPad 2. WhatsApp is a cross-platform messenger through which you can text, send pictures and videos over the internet. It’s not however, a free application and isn’t available for the Apple iPad either. Now though, there’s a Cydia tweak that will make it work on the iPad.

whatsapp on iPadWhatsPad is a Cydia app that can be used to make WhatsApp messenger work just as it does on an iPhone and you’ll be able to send and receive data, texts etc. Since, WhatsApp is not natively available for the iPad, you’ll have to download it using iTunes and then use iPhone Configuration Utility to install it on the iPad.

How-to Install WhatsApp on iPad

Download iPhone Configuration Utility from here(Mac and PC).

Purchase and download WhatsApp from iTunes, then open the configuration utility. You will see your iPad listed on the left-hand side. Select your iPad, then look for the Applications tab on the right hand side and click on Add. Point it to your WhatsApp ipa file that you just downloaded, usually located in iTunes Media>Mobile Applications on your hard drive. Once you find it, scroll down in the Configuration tool and you should see a Install button. Click on it and WhatsApp will start installing on your iPad.

After installation, open Cydia and look for WhatsPad in the Big Boss repository. If you don’t find it, hit refresh or reload Cydia. Install WhatsPad, a small file, and then open WhatsApp. Voila!! It’s running.

You’ll have to activate WhatsApp before you start using it, so remember to use a number that works because the activation code will be sent to you via SMS. That’s all there is!! Since the app is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, you could use FullForce Cydia app to force it to utilize all the pixels on your iPad screen. This will work on both iPad and iPad 2 models and WhatsPad is a free app.

Facebook App for iPad Not Working [Here’s How to Fix it]

We told you yesterday on How-to get the Facebook for iPad, which was nicely hidden within the iPhone app. There was this nice little trick that could bring it from the dead and at first it worked, but then Mr. Mark realized that his iPad app was leaked and started blocking it all together. So, the app turned out to not work for people who tried to perform the hack today and also it wasn’t allowing users to log in. It had been blocked.

So, if you’re stuck with the beautiful Facebook app on your iPad and aren’t able to use it, then follow this tutorial to make it work again. To do this, you’ll need to have a jailbroken iPad. That’s all you need. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPad 2 then follow this tutorial here. If you don’t have Facebook app installed on your iPad, then download the Facebook for iPhone and sit tight, I mean follow the steps below;

  • First of all, you’ll need to make your way to Cydia>Sections>Tweaks and search for an app called FaceForward. If you don’t see it the first time, it’s best that you hit the refresh button. You should be able to see it now.

  • Select FaceForward and then Install it. It’s a really small file and will only take about 7 seconds. Once it’s installed, it’ll ask you to Restart your SpringBoard. Do as it says and your iPad will go blank and get back to the Homescreen.

  • Now, Open the Facebook App and you should be able to login without any problems.

Facebook will probably patch this hack in future updates, but until then you can enjoy the amazing Facebook app for iPad.

Are you using the Facebook app on your iPad yet? Have you tried this trick?

2 Useful Cydia Apps that You Must Try on Your iOS Devices

Ability to Jailbreak your iOS device have multitude of advantages and the coolest of them all is that you can install apps from the Cydia app store. Normally these apps are those that due to some odd reason cant make their way into iTunes app store.

Although Apple have introduced multiple new features by launching iOS 4 and the versions after that but there are certain things that you can do only by downloading apps from Cydia store.

MultiIconMover Cydia app

MultiIconMover Cydia App

Normally you can organize the applications on your iDevice by connecting it with a computer, but if you don’t have the access to your computer then moving apps icon on your iDevice homescreen becomes quite a hassle. So with MultiIconMover you can move multiple icons at the same time on your iDevice.

To use this Cydia app, you first have to press down an icon till the time it becomes active for move/delete, once it is active then select as many icons as you want for the move. You just have to move one of the active icons to desired location, press the home button and all the other selected apps will also move there.

Activator Cydia app

Activator for iOS Devices

Previously, this particular Cydia app use to come equipped with a built-in multi-tasking Backgrounder. But now as Apple has included multi-tasking in iOS powered devices so to get the maximum out of this app you have to download the standalone version that is compatible with both iPhone and iPad.

What this app really does is that it allows you to create shortcuts and custom gestures in-order to access certain features and apps. Ranging from toggling ON/OFF both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, iPod controls or locking the screen, you can preset the exact gesture for a certain task. The Activator built-in supported gestures include pressing the Power or Home button, shaking your iOS device and disconnecting or connecting the power.

Do try out these apps on your iDevice and give us your feedback in comments. Also let us know what other cydia apps are you using on your iPhone?

FullForce Cydia App: Optimize iOS Apps for iPad Screen

Cydia App store is full with numerous innovative apps for your iDevices that really enhances the performance of your device. But sometimes Cydia Apps are not that much useful in terms of performance enhancing factor of iDevice.

Apple App store have a huge archive of applications that are compatible with not only the iPhone or iPod Touch but they are also compatible with the Apple’s highly popular tablet device, iPad. But what’s really frustrating is that sometimes you purchase an app for your iPad from the App store and when you run the app you come to know that it is not optimized for the larger screen of iPad. So to tackle situations like these here is an App that you must download to enhance iPad’s application experience:

FullForce Cydia App Features

FullForce App user interface

FullForce is the application that can optimize all the apps for iPad’s larger screen. Basically it tricks the subject app to think that it is made for the larger screen of an iPad. To activate FullForce app with any of the given application on your iPad, you have to set it up in the Settings Panel.

There are some glitches in this app plus it is not compatible with all of the apps available on iTunes app store. Moreover, for the ease of the users, developers of FullForce app have also released a compatible apps list. Although the app splendidly resolve the difference of resolution issue but it sometimes crashes or in some instances use only half of the screen.

But I think on the whole it is a great way of running iPhone apps on your iPad with an optimized resolution and display. To download FullForce app, you have to launch Cydia app store and search for it.

ScreenSaver App: Free Screensaver for iPhone

It isn’t everyday that you come across free applications on Cydia for new themes, screensaver for iPhone and wallpapers. Today I’ll be sharing with you an app that you can download for free from Cydia and use it get iPhone screensaver.

The app itself is simply known as ScreenSaver, and all it does is provide you a list of files to chose from and use them as a screensaver for iPhone. ScreenSaver was launched a few days ago, and since then it has been downloaded a lot of times. It is yet another iPhone app that can be used for the customization and adding screensaver for your iPhone.

ScreenSaver Screenshot

ScreenSaver app is actually quite interesting, because of the way it makes the screensaver for iPhone. It doesn’t actually download anything, but uses stored .mov files in its library to play it when the iPhone is locked. In turn, this works as an iPhone screensaver, coming on when you lock your iPhone.

Of course, this will effect the battery as it will be playing a .mov file when your iPhone could actually be saving battery. But, that’s not the point here, it’s about customization of your iPhone, your jailbroken iDevice. You can also add your own shortened .mov clips by copying them to the path provided by the app /var/mobile/Library/ScreenSavers/. Watch the demo video of the ScreenSaver app after the break.

This is a free Cydia app, and can be obtained by searching for it in the Big Boss Repository.

Tell us what you think of this little app that can make your iPhone even more attractive.