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Top 5 HTML Website Builder Software for Windows

HTML website builder software is a pc application which can build a webpage without writing  HTML code. These HTML website builders are very helpful for webs designers as well as any user who want to build a website without web designing knowledge. These softwares can make beautiful and professional looking websites for small business. But these site builders can make only static website not a dynamic website such as WordPress, Joomla or drupal.These softwares use a different type of CSS structure that cannot be applicable for dynamic website such as these tools use absolute positioning which is restricted in dynamic layout  because dynamic layout works with relative position and box model. Here are given top list of  html website builders with brief detail.

5 Useful HTML Builder Software’s:

Webplus x4


It is the best HTML website builder in my opinion and I think no other web builder is around it. With webplus we can build a complete professional website.With webplus you can build a website with all dynamic features such as website search, rss feed, web forms, hit counter etc. The designing power of webplus is awesome and there is no need to use external graphic editor.You can add navigation bars with dreamy looks. You can add photogallery or content slider based on java script or flash.

Top 5 Features of Webplus

  • Complete graphics design studio
  • Unique style navigation bars
  • Dynamic objects such as site search ,web forms,forum etc
  • Master page enabled
  • Easy to design
  • E commerce options

Ez generator

I have placed it on second number. This website builder is quite different from others because it has unique power to generate dynamic content such as guest book,website php search,weblog,podcast and e-commerce. It does not use any mysql server to serve dynamic content. There are a lot of beautiful template available for this site builder users and company continuously launches new templates.


Top 4 Features of Ez generator

  • Create dynamic websites such as guestbook,blogs,podcast,photoblog etc
  • Several web templates
  • E commerce tools
  • Automatic backup of websites

Web Easy Pro


Avanquest Web Easy is much similar with webplus in functionality but it is not so much advanced. When someone use webplus and web easy first he finds web easy better but when he really works with both he finds webplus very much better. Webeasy has many advanced web design feature.You can drag and drop any image or sound file from pc to webeasy. You can move any element on page anywhere. You can see the realtime preview on design board. There is no risk of breaking the stylesheet. Webeasy is also an e-commerce enabled website builder and a shopping cart based on paypal can be build.The plus point with webplus is that it has a variety of free templates available.

Top features of Webeasy

  • Easy to use with drag and drop
  • Import existing html page
  • 100+ free templates
  • Inbuilt graphic editor
  • E commerce

Web Studio

web studio

Web Studio can be placed with webeasy. Both website builders have many similar features but template quality of web studio is better than webeasy. Teamplates of webstudio are more attractive and professional looking.With web studio anyone can build a static website without any html knowledge.Drag drop import,easy to use,e-commerce support,cool navigation bars,photo gallery,form builder and much more you can do with it.It has inbuilt menu maker with which you can build stunning menu bars.Like webplus it also supports master pages with which you can save your time in updating every html page.

Top features of Webstudio

  • Inbuilt menumaker
  • Photo slideshow and galleries
  • Masterpage enabled
  • Paypal shop
  • Easy to use

Website X5

Website X5 is a great tool for making a professional website without web design knowledge. With website x5 you can generate a personal website, professional website or e-commerce website. Website x5 supports email forms,website search,photo gallery,drag and drop.But it does not support  easy editing like web easy,web plus or web studio i.e. you can not move any page element with mouse.

Top features of Website X5

  • Several website templates
  • Email forms
  • E Commerce tools
  • You can create blogs

Do you know more such HTML Website builder software’s? Do let us know via comment.

CSS apps and plugins for Windows and MacOS

This is a guest post by Pradeep who blogs at Tech3dge. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Adsense revenue sharing program.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) the most important and the easiest thing needed in coding a web site and very much helpful to edit your blog template the way you want, CSS comes in many variations like CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 (It is the latest CSS variation been used these days).

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL.
Via Wiki


You can easily edit the CSS of any site you want whether you want to edit it live or within the browser or by using some software’s in your system. So, I created a bunch of apps and plugins for both Windows and MacOS by which you can easily edit CSS of your web site or any Blog.

1. Text Mate – It is any MacOS app created by Allan Odgaard in year 2004 that you can use to edit the css and it is one of the best app to edit css where you can simply drag and drop your project and do all the editing you want and save it accordingly. You can open tabs for each documents that makes, your work easier and simpler a WebKit-based HTML shows the live updates you have done in the browser.

2. Panic Coda – If you are looking using Mac and looking for a app which can do all of your things like text editing, file transfer, SVN, CSS, terminal and more than Coda is the best thing that you need.
Coda can do up to 5+ activities like editing, previewing, uploading, and more but the main motive is just creating a Web Site, and if a single application is capable of doing all of your work which is done by around 4-5 application then its just a waste to use those all those application as you need to open around 4-5 windows to do certain tasks whereas you can do all the things in a single windows with the help of Coda.

3. PhpStorm – PhpStorm is the light weight app to edit your HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and the best thing of this app is that it also supports PHP. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and support for SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. You can look at all the features available in this app here.

There are few more apps and plugins that I haven’t reviewed but really can help you out these are :

You can Download the Cheat Sheet of CSS3 from here more info here

Image credit : Photobucket

Thanks to Smashing Magazine for the CSS3 Cheat Sheet