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How to PassWord Protect Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmarking is the way to save the important links on the browser for further visit. Almost all modern web browser support this feature. But Bookmarks accessible to all the users using your browser. Sometimes we do not want to show our saved links to all the persons. In this case, either we not links to another file or try to remember the website. Save links to another file is easy but not remembering.

For solving this problem, I will suggest you to use password to protect your bookmarks. If a user want to see the bookmark, Chrome will ask for the password. Now you can share your computer to any person without fearing of bookmark disclosure.

But how to add password to Bookmark because Google Chrome does not support for this feature? To add the password protect to bookmarks, you will have to install an extension called Secure Bookmark.

Secure bookmark Password protect Chrome Bookmarks

Go to Google Chrome Webstore and install Secure Bookmark extension to your browser. After installation, you will see a star icon in omni bar. Clicking on this icon for fist time will take you to a new page where you can set the password.

password protect bookmarks in chrome

When you wish to save bookmark in the password protected list, click on the star icon and then create a new bookmark button. Now save links to the list. Drag and drop also works for changing the location of a link in the list.

Secure bookmark

You will see three icons just above the list which can be used to perform some specific tasks.

  • First icon is for deleting the link from the list.
  • Second icon is for visiting the settings page
  • Third icon will sign off the extension and hide the list from other user.

Whenever you are going to give your system to other user, you should use sign off button to hide this list from other users. So next time when someone tries to access the bookmark list created by this extension, it will ask for the password.

Login to access Bookmarks

There is one important thing you must know about this extension is that there is no way for password recovery in this extension. So you must remember your password otherwise you will have to reset the extension and you will lose all your saved links.

This extension also works in incognito mode. But you need to allow this extension for incognito mode. For this go to Tools and then in extension tabs, Find Secure Bookmarks. Now, Tick the ‘Allow in incognito’ checkbox.

This is a guest post by Deepankar from TricksNDTricks. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Aviary : Best Free Chrome Screen Capture Addon

Screen capture a.k.a taking screenshots are of those activities that you must be doing day to day. I have been using many tools on my Windows system and mostly stick to Snag it and Windows 7 snipping tool for taking screenshot. Though, as I mentioned in my earlier article (Download Google chrome offline Installer), Chrome is my favorite browser, so I thought of adding one such chrome screen capture addon, which will help me taking screen-shots quickly. Aviary is not the only addon but this is by far one of my favorite extension for Chrome.

Aviary addon for Chrome:

Among the many Google Chrome plugins, one of the most useful plugins is Aviary Screen Capture. This nifty little extension for Google Chrome lets Chrome users take screenshots of any webpage and quickly edit it from within the browser using the web app at aviary.com. Aviary Screen Capture also gives access to other services provided by aviary.com.


After installation of Aviary Screen Capture plugin, an icon is added to the address bar of Google Chrome browser which can then be clicked to access the services provided by Aviary Screen Capture.

How to use Aviary to Capture screen in Chrome:

Capturing the screen can be done by selecting the Capture Visible Portion of Page. This opens Aviary Image Markup tab with the webpage which is selected in a new tab. Next, a set of tools is made available from which users can select portions of a web page and then edit them with MS paint like features.

Chrome Screen Capture

One of the features offered by Aviary Screen Capture is the color editor which is a within-browser color editor and color editor can be used to modify images and other multimedia elements.

Aviary also lets crop and resize images, rotate and flip them and also add visual notes like arrows, text and highlights to captured images.

Aviary Screen Capture is a one-in-all image capture and editing tool which can be effectively used to capture and edit all kinds of images and webpages within Google Chrome web browser. Well, if you are looking for a simple and easy to use Chrome screen capture addon, Aviary should be your quick choice.

Download Aviary Screen Capture

Find Latest Website Apps with “There’s a Web App for That” [Chrome]

Browsing a web store specifically for finding out certain apps is sometimes a sheer time waster. A lot of websites on the internet have launched their apps that further enhance your browsing experience. Keeping in view this Websites apps thing, Google has launched a dedicated app “There is a Web App for That” for its Chrome browser that will ultimately let users get to know about the websites having apps. Here is how this strangely sounding app works:

What is “There is a Web App for That”?


This App based extension lets you know whenever a website offers a web app of their own. The app gives you an instant access to the website offering available on the Chrome Web store, you can have a look at the application offered by that website and decide whether its worth downloading or not.

Using “There is a Web App for That”

First install the extension, it’s a one-click install and you can start seeing it coming into action straight-away. Now any site that will be having a web-app on Chrome Web store will have a dedicated icon on the address bar. Open Google Maps and this is what you are gonna see:


Clicking on the link will open-up a tab that will take you to the Chrome Web store that will display the site’s web application. But don’t get so excited because sometimes these links will take you directly to the website instead of app. Some might take this Chrome extension as a simple bookmark thingy, but if you love a website then a graphically nice bookmark is not a bad deal.

I like this useful Extension, it gives a new way to interact with website you visit often. Try it out and Let us know in comments that whether this plug-in is useful or not.

Customize your Boring Start Page in Chrome with Incredible StartPage Extension

Love Google Chrome? Now you will be having one more reason to love Google Chrome as I am going to share a very useful extension of Google Chrome which will help you to customize your Home page and to get more productive.

Incredible StartPage is a Google Chrome Extension which gives a complete makeover to your start page. It is colorful, includes different options and very easy to customize. Check out the screenshot below:

Incredible Startpage Extension
There are three different panes which includes:

  • Closed Tabs: Lists of Websites you closed recently. You can recover recently closed tabs
  • Favorite Bookmarks: Lists your important bookmarks and provide you different options to make bookmarks easy to access.
  • Bookmarks/Apps: It includes the bookmarks in which are in your bookmark toolbar but it doesn’t include your folders, they are hidden. You can also drag and drop important bookmarks to right side pane to open easily. You can easily manage and open Chrome Web Apps with this option.

Apart from three panes, this extension gives you features like:

  • Notepad: Similar like Sticky notes to take down your notes. You can also post notes to Google/Gmail/Google App accounts. It also allows you to sync across different computers via chrome sync.

Incredible Startpage1

  • Theme Option: You can choose from 5 different theme schemes and also change the background wallpaper of bookmark pane. The wallpaper are fetched from Flickr API and you can select from 5 different keywords like start, cloud, sunset, nature and custom, You can also change the color of font to black or white.

Incredible startpage2

  • Advance Option: Here you can customize notepad fonts, notepad saving option, number of columns and closed websites number display and lots more.

Incredible Startpage3

Few must have Google Chrome Extensions:

Overall I enjoyed to explore Incredible StartPage extension of Google Chrome and I would recommended to every Google Chrome user who gets bore with same start page every day. Now make your start page interesting by installing Incredible Startpage extension for Google Chrome and do share your feedback with us.

How to Block a Website In Firefox 4,Opera 11,Chrome and IE 9

Some time we need website blocking feature in our internet browsers and it may be needed due to many reasons such as to save children from accessing a bad website or an adult website. In this tutorial we have told how to use different web browsers for website blocking. We will not be using any software to block websites but using inbuilt blocking features of different web browser to block any porn or spam or any website you want to.

Website Blocking in Opera 11

Opera 11 has inbuilt feature to block a website and we can block as many websites as we want.

  • Go to Opera Menu > Settings > Preference or use CTRL+F12 to access Preference option
  • In Preference go to option advanced > Content > Blocked Content


Here you can add any website to make it inaccessible in Opera

Website Blocking in Google Chrome

Though Google Chrome does not have a direct option to block a website but we can use a free and awesome extension to block websites. We can block a website using SiteBlock extension.

  • Open Google Chrome and click here to go to extension page and install the extension
  • Now go to Google Chrome settings > Tools > Extensions > SiteBlock


And using SiteBlock panel you can block any website

Website Blocking in Firefox

Firefox is also an add-on dependent browser to block websites and this operation can be done with a free Firefox add-on named BlockSite. It is an advanced add-on with which we can block any website. We can also protect our blocklist using a password.

  • Open Firefox and click here to install the add-on
  • Restart the browser and access the add-on by going to Firefox menu > add-ons > BlockSite > Options


Website Blocking in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 have built-in option to block any website.

  • Go to IE 9 Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
  • Here you can add any url to block



These are easy ways to block a website or to filter websites based on website or webpage URLs. In our upcoming article we will tell you how to filter websites based on keywords used in websites. So do not forget to subscribe our free email updates.

How to Block Specific Websites from Google Search Results

Anybody who has used a search engine knows that often results from unwanted websites show up. It takes quite some time before you get past these sites and reach the result you were looking for.

Google recognized this issue and just recently offered its Search users an excellent solution: “Personal Blocklist.”

Personal Blocklist is a browser extension for Google Chrome that lets you hide Google Search results from particular websites. You can install and get started with the extension in the following very easy steps:

Step 1:

When you click on the extension’s URL available at the bottom of this guide, you will be taken to its official page. The blue area visible in the image below will be in the top right of the page. Click on the “Install” button to obtain the extension and have it installed. Note: you must be doing all of this in the Google Chrome web browser. To get Google Chrome in case you do not have it, click here.


Step 2:

With the extension installed, head on over to Google Search and type in your query. When the results are displayed, locate results from any unwanted website. You will notice a new link at the end of each result. This link will say “Block.” Simply click the Block links in front of the unwanted results. The results will disappear once you click on the link. Do this for as many websites as you want.


Step 3:

From now on, all of your search results will exclude the sites you blocked. To view the results, head to the bottom of the results page and click on the “Show” link.


Step 4 (Extra tip):

You would now have blocked results from all the undesirable pages but it would be unwise to not remember the sites you have blocked. For this, the extension places a new icon in the address bar. Clicking on the icon displays a list of sites you have blocked the results from. These sites are displayed in a drop down window from where they can be managed.


More Google Chrome Extensions:

As you can see, operating this new extension by Google is very easy and greatly useful.

Download Personal Blocklist for Google Chrome

3 Chrome Extensions So You Never Miss Anything!

This is a guest post by Yousuf Khan who blogs at HaveFunForever. If you wish to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our guest posting guidelines.

Here I am sharing 3 useful Google Chrome notification extensions with the help of which you will never miss any mail, tweet, article and message by just intalling these 3 small yet powerful extensions.

Google chrome
Google chrome

GMail Notifier

I am a Gmail fan and always recommend it over any other email service. Now quickly get notified whenever you get any mail by installing Gmail Notifier. As you will get a mail, a small popup will appear in the down left corner of the browser. If you don’t want to read the mail at that time, close the popup and number of unread mails will appear on Gmail icon near the URL bar.  You can also quickly compose email from anywhere on the browser. <link>

Useful Google Chrome Extensions:

Facebook Notifier

A small yet useful plugin which notifies you of new messages, notifications, friends request etc. Simply hover over the Facebook icon to see notifications or click it to go to Facebook.com. <link>

Feedly Magazine

Never miss any article and tweet with Feedly. Feedly is integrated with Google reader & twitter and shows recent posts and tweets from your subscriptions in magazine style layout which is easy and fun to browse. After installing feedly, you will see a small icon in the lower left corner of your browser, when you will click on it, a menu will appear from where you can save a page for reading later, share it with your friends and it also show related sites to the site you are browsing so can also subscribe to them. <link>

Are you using these extensions? Did you found these useful? Do share more such extensions with us!

Download LastPass Extension for Safari

LastPass is one of the one of the most popular password manager which provides security as well as reliable to manage your passwords. We all have lots of different accounts online including multiple email accounts, lots of social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook etc. and it becomes tough to manage all the passwords but LastPass can manage your passwords very effectively and recently LastPass has also acquired XMarks.

Tips to Manage Passwords:

You can also access LastPass right from your Safari browser. If you have Safari 5 version then you can enjoy LastPass Safari extension. If you are not aware how to enable extensions in Safari browser then here are simple steps:

  • Click on Preferences.

Safari Ext.jpg

  • Click on Extension Tab
  • Now enable Extension

Safari Ext1.jpg

  • Install LastPass Extension:
  • Once your Safari browser’s extension is enabled, Go to LastPass Website to download extension.While Downloading, you would be required to enter your master password.


  • After providing password, install the extension as guided.


  • Once extension is downloaded, you will see a small “LastPass” icon on menu bar.


  • You need to enter your LastPass email Id and password to access LastPass.

If you are not registered on LastPass then, create an account. It’s quick and don’t take much time.Once you are login, you can enjoy all the features of LastPass.

Isn’t a quick way to manage password? LastPass extension is available for Chrome and Opera also. Try out LastPass extension and do share your views with us.

Convert WebPages to PDF in Google Chrome [Extension]

For any web surfer, the option to save visited websites in such a manner that they could be viewed later easily, with no internet is something which everyone wants. One way of achieving this is by converting websites into PDF files which can be saved and then used later. Web2PDFConverter is an extension for Google Chrome web browser which can be used to do this.

Web2PDFConverter and be downloaded and installed via this link. Upon installation, an icon to launch the extension is added to the address bar of Google Chrome web browser.


Using Web2PDFConverter is extremely easy. All you need to do is visit the webpage which you want to save by converting it into a PDF file and click the Web2PDFConverter icon on the address bar of Google Chrome. A popup message will then show where you can click the button saying Convert to PDF.

Web2PDFConverter -2

The extension will then automatically process your request and within a short time the converted PDF will be available for download. From there, you can download the PDF and view the website with the help of any PDF viewer.

Web2PDFConverter -3

Additionally, you can also view the created PDF in Google Docs. You must have a Google Docs account to do so which is free to sign up for.

Web2PDFConverter is a great extension which can help users save their favorite website for offline viewing in a simple and effective manner, and that too, fastly.

Download Web2PDF Converter for Google Chrome