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Instantly Access Websites & Pages with Quick Links Extension

Bookmark bars are always useful because it provides us with the ability to save and access websites that are useful and important. Every internet browser provides us with the option of either turning ON/OFF the bookmark bar. Normally our bookmark lists is quite long and placing all of them on the browsers bookmark bar is not at all attractive. But Google Chrome has solved this love-hate problem with the bookmark bar with an introduction of a very useful extension. Here is a brief review of it:

What is Quick Links Extension?

Basically this extension allows users to access upto 11 of their favorite and most-visited websites by just clicking a single button. Quick Links opens up a very compact panel that can be used to access all the favorite Chrome pages and other websites.

The extension has a full-fledge options page from where users can customize the actions of Quick Links.

ouick links

You can choose that which kind of websites will show whenever you click on the extension shortcut. All those Chrome pages that are highlighted in grey will appear on the Quick Links pop-up page whenever you click on the button.

Using The Quick Links Extension?

Similarly the websites that are added can also be edited anytime, just click on the web-address, it will turn green with the cursor in a blinking position prompting for edit. Just enter the new URL for the site you want to access quickly, the changes will be saved automatically.


Using the extension is very simple, click on a greyed-out Logo of Google Chrome and you will see a neat looking pop-up listing all the websites and Chrome pages you have saved. You can open the page or website in either the current tab or next tab by left click or right click on the button.

Though it may sound that this extension is offering nothing unique but if you love shaving-off your browsing time then I can assure you that this extension will help you do it. You can install Quick Links extension from Chrome web store.

Simple Startup Password: Set Password for Google Chrome

Google Chrome, nowadays is the most used browser and with the launch of Chrome books, Google chrome would be the most certain choice when it comes to browsers. If Chrome is your default browser, then it is very certain that it may contain very private information which might be confidential and not to be shared with anyone. Sometimes, your friend, your bro or sis or whoever accesses your computer(or laptop) and opens up Chrome. Then he or she might just check out your private information. You might be thinking is there a way to get out from this prob. Let me give you some relief by saying, Yes there is!

Simple Startup Password is a Google Chrome extension which password protects you’re browser. It asks for a password every time you start Google Chrome.

Are you wondering how to set the password? Don’t wonder, read on!

1. Install the extension from here.
2. Click on the ‘wrench’ icon –>  tools –> extensions.
3. Find “Simple Startup Password” and click on “Options”.
4. Set the password.

*Don’t laugh at the notification* Thats it! Simple?  Of course it is simple. Now, the next time you open Google Chrome, you will see a text box asking for the password but I have a warning for you. Don’t forget the password because if you do, you won’t be able to get the password back because the remind feature isn’t working. You would have to re-install Google Chrome for using it again. This plugin is necessary in order to protect your browser from use by unauthorized persons. This extension is nice and easy to use.

If you want to change the password you can change it in the same way you used when you set the password. Using this extension no unauthorized person can get the opportunity to access your Google Chrome and all your private documents would remain private.


So, what do you think about this extension? Would you install it? What are your views? Do comment.

Split Screen: Display Two Sites in One Tab

Split Screen is a Google Chrome extension which prompts the user for two URL addresses and then displays both in one window. When you use this extension you don’t have to switch tabs back and forth and back and forth and back when you are comparing something or referring something. This extension can be used very easily with no problems plus it is from a verified author so no problem at all. It is great for cross-reference studying and surfing the web in general.

Another great thing is that it has a customizable page using which we can change the settings easily and comfortably, check out the screenshot.

Also, there is a space where you can write anything and it would be saved for the next time you visit that page. This is another awesome thing. You can save your blog links in it for promotion so that you just have to copy it from there. It is not possible for a thing to be all good and have nothing bad. Even this extension has a negative point. The secure Https pages will not work because they have a framekiller and jump out of the frame command.

With all the things told, let me tell you how can you view two webpages in a single tab.

1. Install the extension from here.
2. Click on the icon on the top right.
3. Now, you will have 2 sections and 2 URL boxes.
4. Enter the URLs you want to see.
5. Press the “Enter” button.
6. Voila! All done, check out the example.

It’s as simple as that. This extension is very useful for comparing purposes. You can also turn on autofill to make typing URLs faster. This extension worked very well for me and I definitely suggest you to try it. You will definitely like it.


So, what do you think of the extension? Would you try it? Do comment.