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How to Install Celeste Bluetooth File Transfer from Cydia

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Earlier we shared a complete feature list of Celeste Bluetooth file transfer app for iPhone. This app uses OBEX bluetooth transfer so you can communicate with almost all Bluetooth enabled device.

The only thing missing on your Apple device was Bluetooth file transfer and finally it has arrived thanks to cocoanutapps. Of course your device must be jailbroken to get Celeste from Cydia. Celeste was launched a few weeks ago for 7.99$ (3-day introductory price) which is now available at a price of 9.99$.  Now that price is too high for an app with a few bugs which just lets you transfer files over bluetooth.

So here is a solution to get Celeste working on your apple device free of cost. Note- This works only for jailbroken devices on iOS 4.2.1. You will also need sbsettings which can be found in Cydia.

Installing Celeste from Cydia:

1. Go to cydia, manage, sources, edit, add: http://repo.biteyourapple.net

2. Wait for a few seconds and then click on return to cydia. Now under the Manage Tab->Sources- you will find BiteYourApple. Open it and search for Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing, install it. Once installation is complete, click on the option Restart Springboard.

3. Now you will get an error: activation failed. Switch off 3G, Data & wi-fi and restart the springboard. Now activate 3G, data & Wi-fi and restart springboard. Now you will get a message License Activated.

4. That’s it done! Now slide on the status bar to open Sbsettings and click on Celeste when you want to tranfer files. You don’t have to activate bluetooth from settings.

You will find a option to send via bluetooth on images and to transfer music, click on the file for 2sec and you will get the option to send.

And another great thing is that with Celeste comes free Gremlin. Gremlin is the app which will automatically show the images received via bluetooth in camera roll and music in iPod. So whenever you complete receiving a file, you will find a ‘G’ symbol coming on status bar. And these files will automatically sync to itunes whenever you connect it to your PC.

Do let us know if you face any issue with Cydia or installing Celeste from Cydia.

This is my 1st post ever so sorry for any mistakes.

Celeste Will Bring Bluetooth File Sharing to iPhone [iOS 4]

CocoaNut Apps will be releasing Celeste for iOS soon. Hate it or not, Apple has still not released Bluetooth file sharing on iPhone or other iOS devices. Last year this time we tried iBluenova which did a pretty good job as this but did not work with iOS 4. Scheduled for a release this month, Celeste promises this feature for iOS 4.

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