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How to PassWord Protect Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmarking is the way to save the important links on the browser for further visit. Almost all modern web browser support this feature. But Bookmarks accessible to all the users using your browser. Sometimes we do not want to show our saved links to all the persons. In this case, either we not links to another file or try to remember the website. Save links to another file is easy but not remembering.

For solving this problem, I will suggest you to use password to protect your bookmarks. If a user want to see the bookmark, Chrome will ask for the password. Now you can share your computer to any person without fearing of bookmark disclosure.

But how to add password to Bookmark because Google Chrome does not support for this feature? To add the password protect to bookmarks, you will have to install an extension called Secure Bookmark.

Secure bookmark Password protect Chrome Bookmarks

Go to Google Chrome Webstore and install Secure Bookmark extension to your browser. After installation, you will see a star icon in omni bar. Clicking on this icon for fist time will take you to a new page where you can set the password.

password protect bookmarks in chrome

When you wish to save bookmark in the password protected list, click on the star icon and then create a new bookmark button. Now save links to the list. Drag and drop also works for changing the location of a link in the list.

Secure bookmark

You will see three icons just above the list which can be used to perform some specific tasks.

  • First icon is for deleting the link from the list.
  • Second icon is for visiting the settings page
  • Third icon will sign off the extension and hide the list from other user.

Whenever you are going to give your system to other user, you should use sign off button to hide this list from other users. So next time when someone tries to access the bookmark list created by this extension, it will ask for the password.

Login to access Bookmarks

There is one important thing you must know about this extension is that there is no way for password recovery in this extension. So you must remember your password otherwise you will have to reset the extension and you will lose all your saved links.

This extension also works in incognito mode. But you need to allow this extension for incognito mode. For this go to Tools and then in extension tabs, Find Secure Bookmarks. Now, Tick the ‘Allow in incognito’ checkbox.

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5 Awesome Firefox Tricks you Should Know [Part 1]

Mozilla Firefox is fastly becoming the most popular and widely used web browser because of its great features, add-ons and of course the fact that it’s free and open source. While many of us use Firefox, there are some cool & amazing Firefox Tricks which we must know in order to make our Firefox experience more pleasurable and easy.

Firefox Tricks

Useful Firefox Tricks for Mozilla Fan Club:

Before we move ahead, if you have not download Firefox, you can download the latest version of Firefox from here.

1. Tab Navigation:

Instead of using your mouse on click-selecting tabs, use keyboard shorts for tabs in Firefox.

  • Ctrl+Tab (rotate forward among tabs)
  • Ctrl+Shft+Tab (rotate to the previous tab)
  • Ctrl+1-9 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab)

2. More Screen Space:

Make Firefox icons smaller. This can be done by accessing the View menu and selecting Toolbars and then Customize


Check the Use Small Icons box.


3. About:config:

About configuration screen is a customization and configuration screen for those users who want to tweak the browser’s advanced features. You may check this guide for further information.

4. Add a Keyword to Bookmarks:

You can speedup bookmarks access in Firefox by specifying keywords for them. This can be done by right clicking the bookmark and then selecting its Properties.


Put a short keyword in the keyword field, save it, after which you can type that keyword in the address bar and Firefox go to that bookmark link automatically.


5. Website Autocomplete:

Often we type “www” and “com”, “org”, “net” manually along with website names. With Firefox you can quickly do this without typing by just entering the website name and hitting Ctrl-Enter, and it will automatically fill in the “www” and the “.com”. Similarly, for .net addresses, press Shift-Enter, and for .org addresses, press Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

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Find Latest Website Apps with “There’s a Web App for That” [Chrome]

Browsing a web store specifically for finding out certain apps is sometimes a sheer time waster. A lot of websites on the internet have launched their apps that further enhance your browsing experience. Keeping in view this Websites apps thing, Google has launched a dedicated app “There is a Web App for That” for its Chrome browser that will ultimately let users get to know about the websites having apps. Here is how this strangely sounding app works:

What is “There is a Web App for That”?


This App based extension lets you know whenever a website offers a web app of their own. The app gives you an instant access to the website offering available on the Chrome Web store, you can have a look at the application offered by that website and decide whether its worth downloading or not.

Using “There is a Web App for That”

First install the extension, it’s a one-click install and you can start seeing it coming into action straight-away. Now any site that will be having a web-app on Chrome Web store will have a dedicated icon on the address bar. Open Google Maps and this is what you are gonna see:


Clicking on the link will open-up a tab that will take you to the Chrome Web store that will display the site’s web application. But don’t get so excited because sometimes these links will take you directly to the website instead of app. Some might take this Chrome extension as a simple bookmark thingy, but if you love a website then a graphically nice bookmark is not a bad deal.

I like this useful Extension, it gives a new way to interact with website you visit often. Try it out and Let us know in comments that whether this plug-in is useful or not.

3 Cool & Exciting HTML5 Games for Your Internet Browser

HTML5 have really revamped the markup language as it use to be, with the addition of new tags and multimedia capabilities the web development have surely taken a big step forward with the aid of HTML5.

Users in the past have always relied on flash games for browser-based entertainment but with the inclusion of powerful HTML5 in the web domain, application and games on the web are now more exciting and useful.

I have compiled a list of three impressive HTML5 games that you can play on any internet browser having a built-in support for HTML5, these browsers are FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. So here is a brief review of these exciting and fun-filled HTML5 games:



This particular game transforms your entire browser window into a monochrome world with very smooth animations and responsive controls. Using keyboard and a mouse you have to navigate through a screen before proceeding to the next level. You have to navigate your character through mazes and puzzles experiencing all the HTML5 brilliance. VII is no doubt graphically pleasing and with a wisp of technical goodness and the best part is that you can download it for free.

Sand Trap

Sand Trap - Put It in the Pail

Although most of the browser games take advantage of various physics engines available for both Java and Flash, but Sand Trap employs its very own built-in HTML5-based module. Each level in the game contains a maze and all of them are filled with a little bit of sand. You have to rotate the maze so that you can syphon the sand into a container place underneath the maze.

It is a very addictive and in some instance a complex game, and I think this game is primarily for physics gaming lovers. Moreover, if you happen to own a tablet then this game would become more interesting with inclusion of touch interface.

Canvas Rider

Canvas Rider-main-interface

Based on the classic gaming title Line Rider, the game allow users to create custom tracks by using drawing tools and later on ride and share them. As a motorbike rider you have to reach the end of the level that is a pretty easy task. With a careful use of lean controls and throttle you can help the rider to maintain position on the bike through the entire level. Google Chrome users can install an extension in-order to access the Canvas Rider game instantly.

Open Blocked/Country Specific Websites in Firefox with Blue Box

While visiting websites, one often comes across such websites which are restricted access to certain countries. For example, popular video sharing service Vimeo is not available for web surfers in Pakistan. One way to get around this access problem is, well, to change countries. However, this solution can more than often prove to be costly and time consuming. The other way around this, which is far more easier, is to change your surfing location virtually. This is possible by using web proxies which link the user to a server present in a foreign country which routes and links all their internet traffic.


Luckily, Firefox’s huge add-on library has some great tools of accomplishing this task. Blue Box Proxy is a Firefox extension which allows users to access blocked websites in their area by temporarily having their internet traffic routed via proxy servers on foreign locations.

Once the Firefox add-on for Blue Box Proxy is installed, a context menu is added to Firefox’s right-click functions which enables the user to select “Open with Blue Box”. This will open a new tab in Firefox which will then link the website to the user’s browser via an external proxy server in a country where the desired website isn’t blocked.


Upon testing, we found that Blue Box Proxy works fine for almost all major websites which are blocked for certain countries. For instance, we were able to open Vimeo using Blue Box Proxy.

Blue Box Proxy is available as a free add-on to Firefox and is compatible with almost all Firefox versions up to Firefox 4.0. It can be downloaded and installed via this link.

How to Block a Website In Firefox 4,Opera 11,Chrome and IE 9

Some time we need website blocking feature in our internet browsers and it may be needed due to many reasons such as to save children from accessing a bad website or an adult website. In this tutorial we have told how to use different web browsers for website blocking. We will not be using any software to block websites but using inbuilt blocking features of different web browser to block any porn or spam or any website you want to.

Website Blocking in Opera 11

Opera 11 has inbuilt feature to block a website and we can block as many websites as we want.

  • Go to Opera Menu > Settings > Preference or use CTRL+F12 to access Preference option
  • In Preference go to option advanced > Content > Blocked Content


Here you can add any website to make it inaccessible in Opera

Website Blocking in Google Chrome

Though Google Chrome does not have a direct option to block a website but we can use a free and awesome extension to block websites. We can block a website using SiteBlock extension.

  • Open Google Chrome and click here to go to extension page and install the extension
  • Now go to Google Chrome settings > Tools > Extensions > SiteBlock


And using SiteBlock panel you can block any website

Website Blocking in Firefox

Firefox is also an add-on dependent browser to block websites and this operation can be done with a free Firefox add-on named BlockSite. It is an advanced add-on with which we can block any website. We can also protect our blocklist using a password.

  • Open Firefox and click here to install the add-on
  • Restart the browser and access the add-on by going to Firefox menu > add-ons > BlockSite > Options


Website Blocking in Internet Explorer 9

IE 9 have built-in option to block any website.

  • Go to IE 9 Settings > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites
  • Here you can add any url to block



These are easy ways to block a website or to filter websites based on website or webpage URLs. In our upcoming article we will tell you how to filter websites based on keywords used in websites. So do not forget to subscribe our free email updates.

Firefox 4 Free Download Available for Android

Mozilla the well-known name amongst the internet users announced yesterday launch of its browser version Firefox 4 for Android devices. Last August Mozilla had offered Firefox 4’s alpha build version with the name “Fennec” for Android  users and now here is final version. But it seems decision of launching final version has been taken prior to appropriate testing procedures because what is being claimed by the developers, in some ways is being contradicted by the users.mozilla firefox for android

Firefox 4 for Android devices has tabbed browsing, bookmarks, add-ons and Firefox Sync. It hides browser controls when not in use so that users may properly concentrate on the websites they visit. Firefox sync is really an exciting feature which makes you enable to use browsing history,form data and passwords across computers and mobile devices,open tabs and much access to bookmarks. Firefox has always been known for its almost tantalizing add-ons and this version for Android is not an exception of the trend. Add-ons provided in this version will change the look of mobile web browsing. These add-ons give you power to customize the features, functionality and much more.

In developing the Firefox 4 same technology has been used as for desktop version of Firefox. Major enhancements have been made in JavaScript to make it faster. Besides the general users the web developers have also been kept into consideration while developing the Browser,for instance if you are a web developer HTML5 gives you power to develop rich, interactive applications and websites.
Firefox developers also claim that it is three times faster than Android’s own Browser because it has JaegerMonkey JavaScript engine,a technology normally used for Desktop JavaScript but this claim is being contradicted by many users.

“I tried it. It seemed to bog down my phone. Uninstalled it.” a user expressed his disappointment in such words.

Besides not supporting the  Flash is also being considered a nuisance and users are a bit irritated.

Anyways nothing is perfect and if moon has bright silver moonlight it has its own flaws too,so If you are an Android user come ahead and try this new free gift  yourself.

Firefox 4 is a free download from Android market requiring 14 MB and Android 2.0 or later.

Android vs iPhone Browser Speed Test Flawed

Yesterday we reported about a certain test that proved that the Android operating system’s browser loads web-pages faster than that of the iPhone 4’s. The Android vs iOS battle has been going on from quite a while now, and although Android is leading in Mobile Platform number, I still did not believe this report. But, all the statistics and data looked accurate and indeed, according to the report, the Android’s browser is faster.

The test was conducted by a company known as Blaze and according to their report, which involved vigorous testing on over 1000 sites to determine the results, Androids browser was 52% faster than the iOS 4 browser.

<Image Credit >

Now obviously after this blow to Apple, you would expect some kind of rebellion. And you’re right!! Apple correspondent, Natalie Kerris told CNET that the test was flawed and Blaze was using their own Web application to conduct the tests and not iOS’s stock Safari browser. She clearly stated that other web browser apps don’t carry the new Nitro JavaScript engine that the Safari browser on iOS 4.3 boasts.

Despite this fundamental testing flaw, they still only found an average of a second difference in loading Web pages

Another Apple Spokesperson has just confirmed that the test is flawed stating;

The embedded web viewer does not take advantage of Safari’s web performance optimizations. They didn’t actually test the Safari web browser on the iPhone, instead, they only tested their own proprietary app which uses an embedded web viewer.

This whole has seemed to have gathered a lot of attention from both iOS and Android supporters. Blaze, however is standing by it’s reports and saying that Android performs faster than iOS browser, until Apple shows them how to make use of Safari’s advancements on the UIWebView(Apple’s embedded browser).

To learn more about all this please visit one of the following websites: Apple Insider, Bloomberg, Blaze Blog, The Register.

So what do you make of all this?? I think this topic is going to be around a while!!

5 Useful Safari Extension to Increase your Productivity

If you use Safari browser than you might be aware that Safari 5.0.1 provides you the option of using extensions, which is very useful for geeks. There are lots of extensions available for Safari browser and if you are still using the old Safari version than I would suggest you to upgrade to new Safari version and experience the useful extensions. If you are not aware how to enable extensions in Safari then you can check out our previous Safari Extension article.

Here I am listing 5 must have Safari Extension which will help you to increase your productivity and save your time.



Bit.ly is one of the most popular URL shortening service and it’s safari extension is equally useful. It helps you to shorten URL quickly. You just need to click on extension button to get current viewing page URL shortened.

[ Download Link ]



Little Snapper gives you option to comment, rate and snap any article/page you are reading with just click of a button.

[ Download Link ]

Awesome Screenshot:

Awesome Screenshot.jpg

Awesome Screenshot extension helps you to take screenshot of any page very easily. It also gives you options like adding arrows and shapes, bluring image, change colors, text etc.

[ Download Link ]



WebWatch extension helps you to track time you spend on any website. It shows you timer just near the address bar, if you want you can reset the timer.

[ Download Link ]

Live CSS:


Live CSS extension helps you to change the CSS of web page. when you will click the extension button, it will open up the editor box to edit the CSS.

[ Download Link ]

If you are using Safari Browser and aware of more productive extensions then do share with us.

Search Google by Highlighting the Text in Google Chrome [Extension]

If you are a Google Chrome user, you should know that you can search Google or any other search engine by typing in the address bar. You can even search the keyword by highlighting and going to the context menu to search for that term but this can be time consuming. Recently, I came across an excellent Google Chrome extension, Highlight to Search, which allows users to search keywords by just highlighting instead of typing it in the search box.

Installing the extension is really straight forward. Go to Highlight to Chrome page and click on install.


After installing the extension, just highlight the word you want to search and a small magnifying glass will appear.


Once you click on the magnifying glass, it will open Google search suggestion box where you can add or edit the keyword you want to search for. You can later search for any keyword if you want to without opening Google page or going to context menu to search for the specific keyword.


You can customize the extensions as well by going to its options. You can select whether to open the search results in a new window or display the magnifying glass at the bottom or not.


Highlight to Search is excellent extensions for Google Chrome which can reduce the time u spend on searching for different keywords while browsing.

Download Highlight to Search for Google Chrome