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Boost Your Browsers Speed with 2 Amazing Hotkey Add-on

Typing in complete address of websites is an old thing now, most of the internet browsers either auto-complete the website addresses or they simply allow users to bookmark them. Even though these website opening procedures saves us a lot of time but even then I prefer something that is instant. So recently I stumbled upon 2 pretty useful add-ons that employ hotkeys to open up my favorite websites. These Add-ons are valid for browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox and I will be reviewing them in detail:

Sailor Shortcuts(For Firefox)

Sailor Shortcut

For folks who are not so tech savvy, Sailor Shortcut is the right kind of hotkey add-on for Firefox. To configure and install it, all you have to do is directly access default add-on manager for Firefox and just click on the options button for Sailor Shortcut.

Once you click on the option button, then the sole window of Sailor Shortcut will pop-up. This window is pretty simple, you have the option of assigning 10 shortcuts and choosing the key combination is also upto you. The other option you can control is that whether you want the website to open in a new tab or current tab. The Sailor Shortcut add-on is simple and works smoothly though it don’t have the option of import/export settings among different machines but even then it provides ease in browsing.

SiteLauncher (For Google Chrome)


Once you are done installing SiteLauncher for Google Chrome, a blue triangle icon will automatically pop-up on your Chrome browser window. Clicking the icon will open up the add-on’s main page, you can also open it by using Ctrl+Space shortcut combination.

The interface of the main launcher window is pretty impressive and it houses loads of websites. Added options include buttons that will lead you directly to manager and you can even assign a hotkey combination to a website you are currently on.

It do has some shortcomings, and the most evident is that it doesn’t offer direct launch ability, meaning that launching a particular website to whom you have assign a hotkey is a three key stroke process. First Ctrl+Space to open SiteLauncher and then the corresponding hotkey. The add-on’s manager contains groups that you can edit as per your specification and desire.

Try them out and Let us know that whether these addons have an effect on browsing speed or not.

Download LastPass Browser for iPhone and iPad

Isn’t it hideous to always have to enter your Username and password when you have to log-in to your account on your iPhone or iPad. Safari Mobile browser doesn’t support the very helpful LastPass Extension which is available for the Mac. Of course you could make use of LastPass on your iPhone or iPad via certain bookmarklets, but even that is quite irritating.

Thus LastPass has gone all the way and developed an all new browser designed for the iPhone and the iPad. The LastPass browser is available via the App Store, but whereas the iPad App is free, the iPhone App will set you back by $12 per year. The browser for the iPad is known as LastPass Tab and does have the tabbed feature, but nothing that is really appealing. It is a really simple browser that helps you skip through the log-in process without any hassles. The LastPass Tab also has built in support for Multi-Touch in iOS 4.2.

Download LastPass Browser for iPhone/iPod Touch from iTunes, requires iOS 3.0 or later

Download LastPass Tab Browser for iPad from iTunes, requires iOS 3.2 or higher.