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How to Activate Airtel Speed on Demand Service

When it comes to broadband in India, there are few key players which rules Indian broadband backbone. Airtel and MTNL/BSNL has widest coverage in terms of coverage.

I have been using Airtel broadband connection from last 5 years and I always have love and hate relation with them. Despite of their quality tech support, I hate their customer service which is below average and I hate their FUP.

FUP is Fair usage policy which limits your unlimited broadband connection to a limit and when you finish that bandwidth threshold, your broadband speed will be revise to 256Kbps.  I’m using Airtel broadband 1799 Plan which gives me 4 MBPS speed and FUP limit of 50Gb. Being a power user, I consume my 50Gb limit by 15th day of every month and I had to rely on my 3.1 MBPs Tata photon+. Though Problem with Tata Photon+ is, speed is consistent and at times I can’t completely rely on Tata photon+.

Airtel Speed on Demand service:

Here I’m talking about Airtel Speed on demand service, which will let you increase your speed to 512 kbps, 1 mbps or 2mbps for one hour by paying nominal charge.

Here is how Airtel charges for Speed on demand service:


So now, when ever I have an important video meeting or important Freelancing work, I usually activate the speed on demand service by Airtel and enjoy high bandwidth for 1 hour. You can always reactivate this service instantly.

To activate Airtel speed on demand service, Go to their page and select your city. You might need to login to your Airtel account to activate this service. It will show you your Airtel DSL id and you can select the speed which you want to activate and it will be activated instantly for one hour.

It will also ask you if you wish to renew Speed on demand ( Airtel SOD) service after 1 hour and you can renew it or it will be deactivated automatically after one hour.

Here is a screenshot of Airtel SOD service running while writing this post:



I would say, Airtel offering nominal charge but they might like to bring their 512 kbps plan to single digit to make this service more popular.

Have you ever used Airtel Speed on demand service? How’s your experience with Airtel broadband service?

How to Check BSNL Broadband Usage through SMS

In the recent past, BSNL has done a great deal to change how we rate its customer service. A lot of us still use BSNL’s broadband service Dataone due to the competitive data plans at lesser prices. BSNL has just announced a way to Check Broadband Usage via SMS and also set alerts to get informed when monthly limit is reached.

This is a great new service as a lot of times the online portal is unavailable due to excessive traffic. In such scenarios the SMS service will come to rescue. Also, once you register for the alert you don’t have to check regularly whether your BSNL broadband usage has been exceeded or not.


Other BSNL tricks and tips:

How to Check Broadband Usage via SMS:

Type SMS BBU <space> <STD Code><Landline number>

for example, if your STD code is 012 and phone number is 2342342 then you must send BBU 0122342342 as an SMS to the following number:

  • To 52295 from BSNL mobile
  • To 9448077777 from other mobile

The service itself is free of cost but you may be charged at normal SMS rates unless you have an SMS pack active on your account.

How to Set SMS Alert when BSNL Broadband Usage Limit is crossed:

Type SMS REG <space> <STD Code><Landline number>

for example, REG 0122342342 and send it to the same numbers specified above.

The registration needs to be done only once.

This service works in almost all the states. When we last tested the number for other mobiles was not working but the BSNL number worked just fine.

Let us know how you like this new service by BSNL and what more do you look forward to in the future?