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Buy Steve Jobs Biography Online in India

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs Biography went on sale earlier today in the United States and on the iBookStore. This book contains exclusive content and ideas of the visionary Steve Jobs and is a must have for every Apple user, geek, businessman and a normal person. The ebook and audiobooks can currently be purchased from the iBookStore for $16.99 and $17.99 respectively. It is also available on the Amazon Kindle. The book was actually go on sale in November, but it was moved ahead due to the death of Steve Jobs on October 5.

Now, not everyone would want to download the ebook and read it, because most of us are still old school and like to read an actual book. So, if you’re in India and want to get hold of the Steve Jobs Biography as soon as it’s available in India, then you can order them online. Two best places that I’d like to suggest to buy Steve Jobs biography online in India are Flipkart and Infibeam.

Both the online stores have started Preorders for the book and are selling at a very good price of Rs. 520 and Rs. 560. You can also get the Hard copy of the book, but the books will be delivered to you in the first week of November.

Buy Steve Jobs Biography on Flipkart

Buy Steve Jobs Biography on Infibeam

Find Answers to Different Questions Using Mind the Book

When you are working on any project (e.g take your post graduate thesis or just a random question for example), you will come across many unanswered questions and queries. To find answers to those questions, you will have to look in to different journal articles and books which are available in your library or even on the internet but this process can be really time consuming. To solve this problem, we came across an excellent website Mind The Book.


Mind The Book is a useful website where you can ask your questions to other book fans from around the globe and find answers to your questions. You check the questions asked by other users and you may be able to find the book you are looking for. Click on the question and you will see the name of all the suggested books. Other users can vote up or down the suggestions given by users and recommend whether the book is relevant to the question asked by users. The posts even contain links to places from where you can buy the books as well.


If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can post your question and wait for other users to suggest books. To post your question or even suggest books to other users, you must sign up for a free account by filling a simple form.

Mind the Book is a useful website which can be used to find answers to different questions and can be helpful in many scenarios.

Checkout Mind the Book

Get To know About the Latest Book Releases with 3 Useful Websites

For book lovers browsing and loitering in bookstores and sifting through new books is the best thing in the world. But now with the digital age on rise, getting hold of new book releases has become a bit easy. We now have various social communities that are built with the sole purpose of finding the books, services like GoodReaders and Shelfari notifies readers whenever a new book title becomes available in the market. All of these services have their own way of notifying users and they tend to have their own unique style. So today I will be recommending 3 websites to you that will give you immediate alerts whenever a new book title is released.

Any New Books

Any New Books

This particular book alert service has loads of options that provide users with a lot to do. You just have to select the genres for which you want to receive the alerts and they will start dropping directly into your inbox. The service also have options like once-a-week update, users can select multiple genres and can opt for weekly updates too. Audio books and Kindle books are also specified in separate categories on Any New Categories.

Track New Book

Track New Book

A very neat looking book discovery web portal that is ideal for book lovers who want to remain upto-date with all the latest releases. Books can be tracked either by the author name, keywords or subject. You can track books either from the audio category or hard-cover category. Track new Book service is excellent for those who want to grab new stuff from new authors and writers.

Authors Alert

Author Alerts

If you are selective in reading books of particular authors then this is the right kind of service for you. Authoralert.com will enable you to create a virtual watch list of any author whom new release you want to read. The site is directly integrated with Amazon and it uses the Amazon’s information directly. You can get the alerts for new releases either via RSS Feeds or email.

I hope that book lovers will really find these websites useful, if you are in knowledge of some useful book alert websites then do let us know in comments.