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How to PassWord Protect Chrome Bookmarks?

Bookmarking is the way to save the important links on the browser for further visit. Almost all modern web browser support this feature. But Bookmarks accessible to all the users using your browser. Sometimes we do not want to show our saved links to all the persons. In this case, either we not links to another file or try to remember the website. Save links to another file is easy but not remembering.

For solving this problem, I will suggest you to use password to protect your bookmarks. If a user want to see the bookmark, Chrome will ask for the password. Now you can share your computer to any person without fearing of bookmark disclosure.

But how to add password to Bookmark because Google Chrome does not support for this feature? To add the password protect to bookmarks, you will have to install an extension called Secure Bookmark.

Secure bookmark Password protect Chrome Bookmarks

Go to Google Chrome Webstore and install Secure Bookmark extension to your browser. After installation, you will see a star icon in omni bar. Clicking on this icon for fist time will take you to a new page where you can set the password.

password protect bookmarks in chrome

When you wish to save bookmark in the password protected list, click on the star icon and then create a new bookmark button. Now save links to the list. Drag and drop also works for changing the location of a link in the list.

Secure bookmark

You will see three icons just above the list which can be used to perform some specific tasks.

  • First icon is for deleting the link from the list.
  • Second icon is for visiting the settings page
  • Third icon will sign off the extension and hide the list from other user.

Whenever you are going to give your system to other user, you should use sign off button to hide this list from other users. So next time when someone tries to access the bookmark list created by this extension, it will ask for the password.

Login to access Bookmarks

There is one important thing you must know about this extension is that there is no way for password recovery in this extension. So you must remember your password otherwise you will have to reset the extension and you will lose all your saved links.

This extension also works in incognito mode. But you need to allow this extension for incognito mode. For this go to Tools and then in extension tabs, Find Secure Bookmarks. Now, Tick the ‘Allow in incognito’ checkbox.

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Instantly Access Websites & Pages with Quick Links Extension

Bookmark bars are always useful because it provides us with the ability to save and access websites that are useful and important. Every internet browser provides us with the option of either turning ON/OFF the bookmark bar. Normally our bookmark lists is quite long and placing all of them on the browsers bookmark bar is not at all attractive. But Google Chrome has solved this love-hate problem with the bookmark bar with an introduction of a very useful extension. Here is a brief review of it:

What is Quick Links Extension?

Basically this extension allows users to access upto 11 of their favorite and most-visited websites by just clicking a single button. Quick Links opens up a very compact panel that can be used to access all the favorite Chrome pages and other websites.

The extension has a full-fledge options page from where users can customize the actions of Quick Links.

ouick links

You can choose that which kind of websites will show whenever you click on the extension shortcut. All those Chrome pages that are highlighted in grey will appear on the Quick Links pop-up page whenever you click on the button.

Using The Quick Links Extension?

Similarly the websites that are added can also be edited anytime, just click on the web-address, it will turn green with the cursor in a blinking position prompting for edit. Just enter the new URL for the site you want to access quickly, the changes will be saved automatically.


Using the extension is very simple, click on a greyed-out Logo of Google Chrome and you will see a neat looking pop-up listing all the websites and Chrome pages you have saved. You can open the page or website in either the current tab or next tab by left click or right click on the button.

Though it may sound that this extension is offering nothing unique but if you love shaving-off your browsing time then I can assure you that this extension will help you do it. You can install Quick Links extension from Chrome web store.

Read Later Fast: Save Pages to Read Later

Hello folks, I am going to share a  Google chrome extension which might help you in remembering some pages you want to read. You might think that there is the bookmarks section for that but some people just don’t want to flood their bookmark section(like me). For a blogger and a reader like me, this extension is a must. Read Later Fast is a Google Chrome extension is a simple bookmarking tool that saves important web pages and allows you to read them later. Whenever I have a lot of blogs open to read, I just save the less-important ones for later and read the important ones. That’s easy as you just have to press the right-click and click on “Read Later”.

chrome web store logo

Let me give you a simple tutorial on how to use the Read Later extension.

Read Later Fast

1. Install the extension from here.
2. Open the page you want to save to read later.
3. Press the right-click and click on “Read Later”.

That’s it. You can find the saved pages after clicking “Read Later Fast” in the “New Tab”.

You can read your saved page two forms –> Original and Text View. A very useful extension don’t you think? Chrome browser can just about do anything, from playing Angry Birds on the browser to becoming the idea behind Chrome OS. There are plenty of Chrome extensions available for bookmarking and for tasks like this. Read Later Fast is probably the simplest of them that doesn’t require you to go through all the setup procedures and settings. Just install it and you’re ready to Read important pages later when you have time.

What other extensions do you use for saving pages to read later? Give us your thoughts about Read Later Fast in the comments.

Neat Bookmarks: Launch Bookmarks From Address Bar in Google Chrome

Bookmarklets are small snippets of code which when executed perform a certain task in the web browser. Everyday browsing gets very easy when bookmarklets are used.

In order to increase the productivity provided from the bookmarklets, a Google Chrome extension which goes by the name of Neat Bookmarks is available. This plugin enables launching Google Chrome bookmarks straight from the address bar.

Upon installing Neat Bookmarks, a small icon is added right next to the seetings icon in Chrome. This icon can be clicked to bring up the pop-up menu where one can type the name of the bookmark to launch and the bookmark would be open. This works essentially the same for bookmarklets as well since bookmarklets are also stored in Chrome like normal bookmarks.


More on Google Chrome Extensions:

Neat Bookmarks also provides an alternate easy way to open bookmarks straight from the address bar. All you have to do is type * in the address bar and then click tab and enter the name of the bookmark or bookmarklet.


Neat Bookmarks is one of the easiest to use and useful plugins which lets users easily manage and access their favorite bookmarks. The download link for Neat Bookmarks is available on Official Website.

Save Webpages to Read Later with PaperSpan

While reading articles, news or interesting stuffs online we do come across few web pages which are useful but we are too busy to read that time. But such useful web pages are worth reading later when you get time.

I came across such a useful tool, PaperSpan which helps you to save the webpage and then allows you to read later whenever you are free. The process is quick and easy.

Also Read:

  • To start you need to register with PaperSpan website. Registration is very quick.


  • Once you get registered, you will get a link which you need to drag to your browser bookmarks.
  • After adding bookmarklet, you can save any webpage you want to read later by clicking on it.


  • You can also add, delete, edit the web pages and move to new folder.


  • If you have the URL of webpage you can also save it manually.


PaperSpan also provides a nice Google Desktop Gadget to access your saved web pages quickly and you can also use “Fav House” feature to mark your favorite web pages. So, next time if you are in too busy to read a useful web page then don’t forget to save it for later.

Try PaperSpan out and do share your feedback with us.