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5 Excellent Alternatives to Delicious

Delicious is a wonderful social bookmarking website that lets us share useful and interesting bookmarks with our friends.


However there are websites that serve the same function as Delicious but in better ways. If you are looking for a better alternative to Delicious, then check out the following 5 websites. These websites serve the same social bookmarking purpose but with added features. Read about each entry, try each one out, and see which one of them replaces Delicious for you.


BlinkList is a very simple and straightforward bookmarking website. By placing the site’s bookmarklet on your bookmarks toolbar, you are able to easily add bookmarks to your BlinkList account. For each added bookmark you can fill out details such as a title and description, amongst others. BlinkList also helps you find most popular bookmarks. Bookmarks can also be browser according to the category they belong to: technology, sports, entertainment, business, etc. You can visit BlinkList @http://blinklist.com/



Diigo is a bookmarking service that Google Chrome users will thoroughly enjoy. While it works through its website as well, Diigo’s full use can be taken through its extension for Google Chrome. The extension adds a new button to the address bar. Through this button you can add bookmarks and notes to your Diigo account. Moreover you can set highlight colors and share websites on various social networks. You Diigo account also lets you load images from your computer. Diigo can be visited @ http://www.diigo.com/

Google Bookmarks

One of my own favorites is Google Bookmarks. Since my default browser is Chrome, through sync I can automatically load my Chrome bookmarks to Google. I can also import/export bookmarks and add labels to categorize them. The service also lets its users create different lists of bookmarks. Visit Google Bookmarks @ https://www.google.com/bookmarks/l



Evernote is a highly popular note-taking application that works online and through its desktop client. It even has a version for smartphones. Using Evernote you can take notes, store bookmarks, and access plus share them using your computer as well as smartphone. Check out Evernote @ http://www.evernote.com/



Licorize is another user friendly bookmarking service. It has add-ons for Opera, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. It even has its own bookmarklet. The function of bookmarklet and extensions is to provide a shortcut for adding bookmarks to your Licorize account. Each bookmark can be accompanied by details such as a title, description, notes, tags, and assignment to a particular user. You can assign bookmarks to other Licorize users thereby using the bookmarks to manage projects by handing tasks to your team members. Visit Licorize @ http://licorize.com/

If you are using any bookmarking website then do share with us.