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5 Tips to Get your Blog on Techmeme

Techmeme is undoubtedly the best Technology News aggregator in the world. Gabe Rivera, the founder of Techmeme has really made it simpler and easier for the people to get all the hot Technology News of the day at one place. It’s an incredible way to stay up on the present buzz occurring in the tech blogosphere.

“Where do tech journalists go to read tech journalism? Techmeme doesn’t offer any original content, but it offers a well curated aggregation of some of the best industry coverage the Web has to offer,” according to PC Magazine, which included it in one of the top 100 Websites of 2010.

If you are running a Tech News Blog, then you would love to get your Blog on Techmeme for number of reasons including targeted Traffic, Promotion and quality Backlinks from high authority sites.

Inclusion of news stories depends on many factors. Previously, stories were included by Techmeme bots so it was more an automated process but now a few human editors have been added who also review news stories before addition to Techmeme.

It’s not easy to get your blog featured on Techmeme but if you will follow below tips then chances are higher that your blog will be included.

5 Tips to get popular on TechMeme

1. Become a news breaker. Write breaking news related to Tech giants such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

2. If you blogged about some unique piece on your blog E.g “Mark Zuckerberg’s Beijing Adventure”, you can tip Techmeme about the story and your story would have good chances to get indexed on the site.

3. If you are re-blogging some news story, then most probably your news wouldn’t be included, but if you are providing some unique context that is missing from the current Techmeme Discussion then it can get featured.

4. If your blog is already indexed by Techmeme then your blog can become the part of the Techmeme Discussion section by just blogging about the current news. This is not always the case but the chances are pretty high.

5. In order to inform Techmeme about your breaking news or some exclusive piece on Tech, you can tip them using Twitter or through Email to Editorial team at [email protected]. Tipping them through Twitter is more preferable. Include “Tip @Techmeme”  in your tweet along with the Title and the URL of the news story you’d like to appear.


If you would like to include any other useful tip in above mentioned tips feel free to tell us in comments.

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ScribeFire : Manage Your Blog Posts in Google Chrome


Blogging platforms often have elements that take quite some time to load up in the browser. This can be inconvenient if you want to make small edits to a blog post. For instance if you find that a comma was misplaced in a post, waiting a minute for the editing interface to load so you can make the correction is frustrating if you are short on time.

One thing, which I learned about Blogging is, ideas can come any time. For example, when you are reading this blog post, you might get an idea to write about blog editor tools for Chrome and so on. To blog from web page you are using, Scribefire is one of the most effective chrome addon for writers and Bloggers.

ScribeFire Chrome Addon:

ScribeFire is a browser extension for Google Chrome and other web browsers. After you install the extension in Chrome, it adds a new button to the address bar. Clicking on this button opens up editing interface the extension offers.

Scribe Fire Chrome Addon

The interface requires virtually zero loading time. It opens up right away. The first time you open it up you will need to add your blog. Supported blogs include WordPress, Blogspot, TypePad, Windows Live Spaces, Tumblr, Posterous, Xanga, LiveJournal, or any other blog that supports the MetaWeblog or MovableType APIs. A blog can be added by providing its URL along with your username and password. This information is required to get the editing rights.

In latest (ScribeFire 4), you can use OAuth authorization to give permission to WordPress and Blogger blog, so you need not need to worry about security of your blogs. Also, if you are into content curation, you can use Scribefire to publish the post to multiple site. You can always use features like Autotweet or auto-syndication on your blog to keep your social media profile updated. Limit is endless, but all you need is a proper plan to execute it. Anyhow, lets not make it confusing for new users and stick to simple blog writing capability of Scribefire.

How to use ScribeFire in Chrome?

When your Blogging account credentials have been verified, you can start posting new entries to your blog as well as editing the existing ones. All the posts are available through a dropdown list – there are no links to click. The writing space supports special formatting along with hyperlinks, indentations, quotations, images, and a lot more.

How to use ScribeFire

You can even specify the categories of a post and schedule a posting time for each entry. In conclusion, ScribFire is an invaluable tool for bloggers that makes publishing and editing easy and fast.

This addon is also available for other browser like Firefox, Safari and Opera. So, if you are still not using Chrome, you will not miss much. You can download Scribefire addon for all the browsers here.

Do let us know if you are aware of more such addons which will make work easier for us to write from any page on browser?

3 Amazing Word Sites for Wannabe Writers & Bloggers

For Bloggers and writers, words is everything, it’s their entire universe and realm. Well if you happen to be in the bloggers clan then discovering new words and finding about meanings of unknown words holds a lot of significance. You will find scores of word sites on internet that will make your blogging and writing thing a fun filled job. So my love for words and vocabulary made me to carry-out an extensive search for some really cool word sites and here are some that you should definitely explore:

Tag Galaxy

tag galaxy

Words with visual tags, this particular site is about visually representing words realm rather then displaying them in a textual format. You can interact with Tag Galaxy in a multitude of ways because any word you are gonna enter will become a keyword that will be surrounded with multitude of related words. Wait! Best part is that all of this is represented in a sort of a photo-globe with pictures collected from Flickr. The word in the center transforms into a Sun and the rest turn into planets. Give the globe a spin by rotating it with your mouse, plus you will see photos associated with that word flinging to the globe. I find Tag Galaxy a perfect way to associate words with pictures.


WordSift Visualize Text

You will find this service to be immensely useful mainly because of the features it offers. What WordSift does is that it helps users to visualize their text excerpts by dynamically creating a tag cloud of all the important word in your text piece. Words can be moved around and can be sorted easily. You can use WordSift service to create words association that will eventually help you in your writing assignments.

What Does that Means

English Idioms whatDoesThatMean

It’s a Q&A based website that is dedicated to help you find out the meanings of words. Confused about a word, just post your word query on WDTM and wait for an reply from the online community. Earn ‘Karma points’ on the website and you can move up the chain on it.

These websites will definitely let you improve your vocabulary and it will let you play around with them in a positive manner.

5 Highly Recommended Windows Live Writer Plugins For Bloggers

Windows Live Writer is the favorite tool for most of professional bloggers due to its smart functionality in offline blogging. Literally Live Writer is a complete solution for article writing and formatting it offline. Here we are telling about 5 Live Writer plugin make it more functional and usable for blogging.

  • xPolinate Cross Post

With this plugin we can cross post our written article on many other websites automatically. This plugin is very significant to make your blog articles viral all over the web via social bookmarking. Besides you can also cross post your article at different pages of your blog.

Get the Plugin

  • Website Capture

This plugin can capture a webpage from Internet Explorer and then loads it in your article in Live Writer. So it is a very good solution for full web page capture.

Get the Plugin

  • Code Snippet plugin

It is a very useful plugin to format a code snippet in blog post. If we insert a code segment in blog post without formatting, it will not look good and some time it may break the code of website template. Code snippet plugin format the code and place it in a box which looks user friendly.

Get the Plugin

  • Insert From Live Image Search

If you need an image for your post and you want to pick it from Google image search then you do not need to leave your article editing because you can search and insert image direct from Live Writer. This plugin makes it possible.

Get the Plugin

  • Import and Export Wizard

I think it is a must use plugin for Live Writer to make backup of Live Writer settings. With this plugin we can build a backup of settings of all Live Writer blogs and import this backup any time.

Get the Plugin

Do let us know which Live writer plugin you use all the time and which plugin you recommend to others? Also read: How to configure Windows live writer for WordPress blog.