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Tastebuds: Find People With Same Musical Taste

Music fans look for similar tastes in music when finding a partner to have a relationship with. But meeting people and then finding their musical interests can be a long trial-and-error process: just imagine how many potential partners you would have to go through before you finally found somebody who liked the same bands as you.

But thanks to a web service called “Tastebuds” you can search starting backwards: choose a partner after you get a list of people with similar musical tastes.


Tastebuds is a free to use website that helps singles find other singles through similar taste in music. You start by telling the site your favorite bands and musical artists. Then you specify your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for. Finally you select the country you want your partner in and click on the “Let’s Go” button.


Your potential partners are found and their images displayed as thumbnails. With each thumbnail you can see the partner’s location and age. Through a letter icon next to each image you can contact the partner but before this step, remember to create an account on the website.

More for Music Lovers:

Your search results can be filtered using the left pane that lets you specify the age range and location of your partner.


A useful website with an important purpose, Tastebuds comes as a blessing to all single music lovers.

Visit Tastebuds @ http://tastebuds.fm/

MyFavBands: Track Your Favorite Band Or Artists Online

If you are a music junkie who never wants to miss a chance to meet your favorite artist performing live in your city then MyFavBands helps is a useful site for you. It is a free online service that tracks all the artists and bands across the world and notifies you if it finds any activity of that band in your city in near future.

All you need to do is sign up with the service and add the new band or artist by entering the name in the box given. There is a nice search autocomplete feature which suggest you the name of artist while typing. This site also displays latest released album of your favorite artist.


This site fetches data from iTunes and Last.fm. t also sends email notification for upcoming events in your city (optional feature). Apart from all these things, you can also see the bio of an artist or a band by clicking on the name of an artist.You can also know about the old released albums of that artist.


You can also buy the music online or stream it online if it is available. If you want to get feed notification then you can also subscribe to feeds of particular artists. With lots of handy features, this is a must try site for music lovers.

Check out MyFavBands.

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