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SpeedUpTV for iPhone App review: iOS Multimedia Gamechanger

SpeedUpTV, from mix1009, is likely to be the video player and multimedia file manager on every iPhone very soon. This full-featured video player does everything iOS users wish the native app did and so very much more.

SpeedUpTV gives users complete control over their multimedia experience on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  Its video player features are its strongest draw, but the developers of this application went above and beyond to offer users many more value-added features.  The app allows users to watch videos at a variety of speeds, from .05x to 2.0X original speed.  In addition, it functions as a viewer for multiple file types, supporting most image files, and has a built-in folder management system which includes security features like password protection.



SpeedUpTV App review:

The controls are simple, intuitive, and elegantly designed for a great user experience.  The video player controls are similar to those of the native app, giving users a feeling of immediate familiarity despite the many added features and increased functionality.

SpeedUpTV completely replaces the need to use the native app, and makes organizing and viewing other file types a breeze.  One of the multitude of awesome add-ons is the ability to transfer files using the USB cord.  I would like to see this app support some sort of wireless sync, though I would use the USB transfer more—it would just be the icing on the cake for this already fantastic application.  After having the application and using it for a while, I found that the number of features included in the video player alone were even more practical than I’d first imagined.  Scene browsing and slo-mo were perfect for educational videos; the fast forward modes were great for speeding through parts of recorded lectures I wanted to quickly review.  It’s an excellent app for students, and the entertainment functionality should be obvious for anyone who uses their iOS device for watching vids for fun.



The graphics are perfect for a utility like this—non-intrusive and serving the function of the app while providing an aesthetically appealing format.  Playback is excellent, and there’s an added bonus built in with the mult-speed option—the tone of the audio doesn’t get distorted at faster and slower speeds.  This may not seem like much, but when you don’t have to listen to the dull roar of slo-mo audio or the Chipmunks-like squeak of sped up voices, you realize what a great addition this really is.

SpeedUpTV is a new app and if it does well (and it will, offering all this for only $2.99) it’s only going to get better.  It requires iOS 4.0 or later, so if you’re rocking the right device, check out SpeedUpTV app.

ContactsXL 3 +: iPhone Contact Manager Application

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Doesn’t seem sometimes that the iPhone address book ought to be able to do a lot more than it does? Apparently Jonathon Teboul thought so too, since his name is now on an exciting contact manager replacement in the AppStore.

ContactsXL 3 + Sync is not your average contacts manager.  And it’s not just a pretty skin for the mediocre native app.  When they say it’s full-featured, they mean it.  It’s past time for an app like this, but ContactsXL 3 + Sync makes it worth the wait.


Not only is this contact manager chock full of features, it’s surprisingly streamlined.  Searching for contacts is made infinitely simpler when you can search by using any info you know on the contact card.  Simpler yet?  Set up “smart groups.”  This sweet add-in lets you create rules for as many groups as you want—the awesome part is that the manager will auto-place contacts into groups based on these rules.  Cut down the time you spend managing your contact list and let smart groups do it. Want to find your contact without scrolling a boring list of names or messing with the virtual keyboard? Coverflow, an animated gallery of contact pics, is a unique and fast way to find who’s on your mind.

Another slick feature: Facebook integration.  Add your friends list to your contacts, and let ContactsXL 3 + Sync handle syncing their info to your device.  It’ll also let you check out their profile from a link on their contact card.  The T9 dialer surpasses the iPhone offering too.

Not only is the user-interface designed for maximum intuitive functionality, it also looks good.  Contact pics aren’t just beautifully displayed in Coverflow, they’re also right beside each contact’s name in the address book.

An app that looks good, works great, and offers a ton of features you won’t be able to live without? You’d expect it to be pricey, right? Well, ContactsXL 3 + Sync weighs in at only $0.99… What are you waiting for?

Do let us know if you use any other iPhone app as iPhone contact manager?