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2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Gmail has considered to be the most important service provided by Google. Infact this mail service is so much popular that more than 70% of the people of the world are associated with this service. Although the benefits of Gmail are infinite and still counting to be more. Google has made it really large in terms of their mailing service. Google has also made Gmail in such a way that it adds to user Functionality along with extensibility support.

There are lot of things which Google is Continuously trying to update with Gmail and its functionalist. Also Google has added many new features like Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks and various other features with Gmail for better user experience and ofcourse the new Google Plus has already done lot of things with Gmail till now. So today we are going to enlist the best 2 Apps for Gmail Desktop without which a Gmail service will always be incomplete.

1. KCheckGmail

KCheckGmail is a kind of Application for Gmail which acts as Gmail Notifier.  Everytime a new mail comes to your mail account, then KCheckGmail will notify you. It is a specially meant app for supporting notification about Gmail Message for KDE. Although the size of this app is 230KB but it perform various multi level and huge task as well.





2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

The features of KCheckGmail includes eMail snippets with or without attachments, Customizable search, Store password in a secure manner, Customizable check interval along with Security in Login access and Data retrival System. One of the best features of this App is that its available in various other languages like French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Russian, Spanish other than english.

2. GSN SMS Notifier

GSN SMS Notifier is a special kind of app which particularly act as a Gmail Notifier but unlike others which send notification only in desktop tray, this app will send you an SMS notification everytime whenever you get a time.

2 Desktop Apps without which Gmail Service is incomplete

Isn’t it amazing about Notifying through SMS whenever we get mails. This app is a  freeware which has been tested successfully on Windows XP and Windows Vista.

2 Free Sports Applications for iOS Devices

Sports has been modernized and has been developed all over the world. People have already become lover of all kinds of sports starting from the early 19th centuries. Nowadays people wants to be continuously updated with the score of any game which they treat as their favorite Sport. People these days want immediately response of their request. Technology has widely increased in such a way that now its possible to get all updates within few seconds.

There are many such application which are used to get updated live scores or news about their favorite sport and all such things.

1. Soccer- in game now

People in every part of the country love the game of soccer. Soccer is such a game that every minute every action they feel like to watch. Every minute game in any part of the corner of the world, people love watching the game of soccer. All want score updates, shoots tried, live commentaries. This application really makes people know of every action taking place within the field.

2 free Sports Apps for Android

The match fixtures and related news about injuries if occurred are all notified through a small tool bar as notification within it. The notification even provide about goals, and there formation and squad changes relevantly. The application can be reviewed and downloaded through the link given beneath respectively:

Download Soccer- in game now.

2. Sports tap

This application has been like a portal news type. People can download and get all there news about relatively occurring NHL, NFL, baseball, and other games occurring in Europe, Eurasia, and natives of utopia respectively.

2 free Sports Apps for Android

People can know all the current news and aspects about the games, fixtures, matches taking place, live scores and even can know about current occurrences within team and the league respectively.  The application can be reviewed and downloaded through the link given beneath respectively:

Download Sports tap.

CSS apps and plugins for Windows and MacOS

This is a guest post by Pradeep who blogs at Tech3dge. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, check our Adsense revenue sharing program.

CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) the most important and the easiest thing needed in coding a web site and very much helpful to edit your blog template the way you want, CSS comes in many variations like CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3 (It is the latest CSS variation been used these days).

What is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to describe the presentation semantics (the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. Its most common application is to style web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can also be applied to any kind of XML document, including plain XML, SVG and XUL.
Via Wiki


You can easily edit the CSS of any site you want whether you want to edit it live or within the browser or by using some software’s in your system. So, I created a bunch of apps and plugins for both Windows and MacOS by which you can easily edit CSS of your web site or any Blog.

1. Text Mate – It is any MacOS app created by Allan Odgaard in year 2004 that you can use to edit the css and it is one of the best app to edit css where you can simply drag and drop your project and do all the editing you want and save it accordingly. You can open tabs for each documents that makes, your work easier and simpler a WebKit-based HTML shows the live updates you have done in the browser.

2. Panic Coda – If you are looking using Mac and looking for a app which can do all of your things like text editing, file transfer, SVN, CSS, terminal and more than Coda is the best thing that you need.
Coda can do up to 5+ activities like editing, previewing, uploading, and more but the main motive is just creating a Web Site, and if a single application is capable of doing all of your work which is done by around 4-5 application then its just a waste to use those all those application as you need to open around 4-5 windows to do certain tasks whereas you can do all the things in a single windows with the help of Coda.

3. PhpStorm – PhpStorm is the light weight app to edit your HTML/CSS and JavaScript, and the best thing of this app is that it also supports PHP. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux and support for SVN, CVS, Git, Mercurial, and Perforce. You can look at all the features available in this app here.

There are few more apps and plugins that I haven’t reviewed but really can help you out these are :

You can Download the Cheat Sheet of CSS3 from here more info here

Image credit : Photobucket

Thanks to Smashing Magazine for the CSS3 Cheat Sheet

MadAppLauncher: Instantly Launch Applications and Folders[Windows]

Majority of the application and file launchers available on the internet work in the same orthodox manner that is you have to open the launcher, type-in the application name and hit the Enter button to launch it. So if you are searching for a way to launch the applications in a pretty quick and effective manner then you should try MadAppLauncher. This particular utility introduces a new concept to launch file/folders and applications, moreover it completes the entire process within one or two clicks. Here is a brief review of this innovative app:

MadAppLauncher Features

Once you are over with the installation, MadAppLauncher will pop-up in the system tray of your computer. Now clicking on the icon will launch the software’s main window and you can also launch it by assigning a shortcut key combo.

MadAppLauncher main window

The first thing that you will come across on MadAppLauncher are rows of empty tabs and boxes, this renders uniqueness to this utility from the other stock file launchers. Rows of empty boxes means that instead of typing the name of the app for launching, users will just have to click on the app box and it will launch instantly keeping the interface minimum.

How Does MadAppLauncher Works?

The working of the program is pretty simple, you just need to put in some apps in the empty boxes and then have to press a keyboard key assigned to that box to open the app. For example, you place iTunes in a box tagged as D, now you can open the app instantly by just pressing ‘D’ button on your keyboard. In total there are 300 boxes meaning that you can populate MadAppLauncher with 300 apps divided in different tabs.

MadAppLauncher main window

How to Populate MadAppLauncher with Apps?

Now next step is that you have to populate the empty boxes, you can simply Drag & Drop the any item from your Windows explorer. Moreover, you can also add items by right clicking on any box and click on ‘Edit’ option.

MadApplauncher App addition

A window will pop-up, you have to add the Target by clicking on the Browse button. Just select the file/folder or application and all the other field will be filled automatically.

There is an Appearance tab as well that allow users to customize the launched application window, that is whether you want the application to be opened on the left of the screen or on the right side.

App Window

You can also assign a Hotkey combination to launch MadAppLauncher itself, open the Settings tab within the MadAppLauncher interface and assign a combination of keys.

For a better streamlined performance, you can assign different kind of applications separate tabs so that they are placed centrally at one spot. For example, you can place all the multimedia softwares and programs on your PC in the first tab of MadAppLauncher.

Overall MadAppLauncher is an amazing application launcher that I think you will surely download once you are gonna read this post. You can download MadAppLauncher from the internet for free.

5 Useful Android Applications for Bloggers

The main problem with bloggers is to keep themselves updated even if they are away from their computer system. Thus we have shared with you few gadgets for bloggers and smartphone with internet connection becomes the necessity out of those gadgets to keep your updated on go. If you own an iPhone then you must check out blogging apps for iPhone and Nokia Blogging Apps but if you are using Android phones then here are few applications which you consider installing so that you can manage your blogs even when you are out.

Here are 5 blogging applications for Android:


WordPress is a free application for Android which will allow you to edit post, add images, publish it and even easy to manage comments too. With latest version you can easily add pages and media to your post to make it more useful and you will receive comment notifications feature too. It’s a user-friendly application.


[ Link ]

More Useful Android Apps:


Images always enhances our blog post and what would be better than Photoshop? Photoshop app will provide you all the features which can edit your image and you can add them in your blog post. You can easily crop, rotate, color correct, add different texture and effects to your images and upload it online.


[ Link ]


Blogaway is useful for users who use Blogger. It provides you features like multiple account support, tags and labels, interlinks, managing drafts. You can even add images from Picasa and videos from YouTube. The new beta version is providing you WordPress facility too. If you are Blogger user, it’s worth trying out.


[ Link ]


Evernote is must for all the bloggers, on your laptop or mobile phone. We get ideas anywhere and thus it’s important that as soon as any idea clicks we can note down and what would be better than Evernote? Evernote gives us options to save text, snaps, voice memos and more.


[ Link ]

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is awesome application for those who want to keep track of their Google Analytics data. You can check out the summary of your blog. It provides you features like Date range comparison, custom reports, reports via geolocation, regex enabled searches and many more.

google analytics

[ Link ]

If you are using any blogging app for Android do share with us.

5 Ways to Make Free International Calls

If you are addicted to technology and internet, I am sure you would be having more friends and clients online then offline and they would be around the entire world. Sometimes chatting or PC to PC calls are not enough, you need to call them on their landline or mobile phones which are costly for sure.

Here I am going to share few websites and apps which will allow you to make free international calls that too for free. Here are 5 such websites which allows you to talk to your friends even if they are far from you and save your lots of money.

Eva Phone:

EvaPhone is one of the popular services to make free international phone calls. You can call to almost all the countries worldwide. You just need to use your computer to start making VoIP calls to phone. Before connecting to call you will get a small promo video. There are chances that you may exceed the free call limit that time you can register to EvaPhone.


[ Link ]


Jaxtr works on your own phone without revealing your mobile number. To use Jaxtr, you need to sign up to Jaxtr by entering your mobile/ landline number after which you will receive a local Jaxtr number. Now you need to call Jaxtr and dial the destination number. You will need to listen to prompt before the calls get connected.


[ Link ]


iCall is a software which allows you to make international calls for free as well as at very low rates. You can make free PC-to-Phone calls as well as PC-to-PC calls. You can also make free calls from your iPad or iPod Touch. There are features like customizable voicemail, incoming numbers, call forwarding, caller ID and many more.


[ Link ]


AdPhone is an application which you will need to download to make a call internationally. After making a call you will have to register yourself which is free. And now you can start making calls anywhere. You will get 30 minutes free calling everyday in the list provided by AdPhone. You can check on its website.


[ Link ]


FreePhone2Phone service allows you to make calls around the world with free of cost. You don’t require any registration process. You will get a guest code and after entering it just make a call, before calls get connected you will hear a 10-12 second ad and you can enjoy your free call after that till 5 minutes, later you can call again whenever you want.


[ Link ]

Check out the free calling service and enjoy with your friends. If you are using any such free calling service then do share with us.

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5 Useful Apps for Java Mobile Phones

We have shared with you lots of apps for Android phones, iPhone, BlackBerry and iPad because there are majority of geeks who prefer to use these smartphones but there are people who use Java mobile phones and thus I thought of sharing useful Java application which are worth installing.

Opera browser:

If you are looking for web browser app for your java mobile then Opera browser is one which can give you full web browsing experience. The installation is quick and easy, the navigation is good and it can be easily synced with desktop Opera. Opera is considered as the most recommended web browser for mobile phones.


[ Download Link ]

Google Maps:

Google maps is another important app for your mobile which is free to download. You can use it the same way as you use Google maps on your system. It gives you directions, distance, roads, pinpoint locations etc. So if you love to travel around places then Google maps is must for your mobile.

Google maps

[ Download Link ]


One of my favorite apps for mobile. You can enjoy Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, news, feeds and lots more. The layout is good, features are awesome and you can also play movies and YouTube with Snaptu so total fun too apart from work. The navigation is easy and user-friendly.


[ Download Link ]


If you love music and videos then Majimobile will play songs from your playlist in your mobile phone. It can create, edit and manage the playlist and you can play the playlist whenever you want. It also helps you to download lyrics and album covers. It is available for free as well as premium you can select according to your requirement.


[ Download Link ]

Cryptic Wallet:

Cryptic Wallet is a password manager app for your mobile phones. You can use it for 30 days trial and then if you like it you can renew the app. The best part about this app is that when you save all your important passwords like bank access code, credit card number, pin number etc, the data gets encrypted and even if your phone get stolen no one can decrypt that data.


[ Download Link ]

If you are using Java mobile phone and use any useful app then do share with us.

5 Applications Enhancing Blackberry Privacy

This is a guest post by Shariq who blogs at Homology. If you would like to write for CallingAllGeeks, read: CallingAllGeeks revenue sharing program.

I think privacy is a potential need for every person and if we talk about mobile phone it worth more. There may be some content in your phone you want to hide from others like if you want your photos or videos not available for others or want your messages and contacts hidden from others.

Suppose someone is disturbing your privacy by making spam calls or sending you spam messages, you will definitely want to get rid off. If you are using blackberry mobile then following applications will be very helpful in maintaining your phone privacy.

iLock – Password App Photo Folder

blackberry privacy applications

This is a free and powerful software to guard your blackberry phone content. You can lock any application with this software. You can set a password which protect all your phone content from strangers. You can lock single folder or even a single application with this protector. It can also hide your messages and contacts too. Get this Software for free. Hurry because in future it may be paid.

Application Page

Privacy Manager

blackberry privacy applications

It is a powerful call filter software. With this software you can block unwanted calls and can maintain your privacy. You can also block spam emails with this software. This application set several actions for blocked calls such as number Busy, signal failed, voice mail, call divert etc.

Application Page


blackberry privacy applications

This BlackBerry application is for hiding contacts and hiding caller ids. This software can also block specific call, messages and emails. This software can increase the length of sms messages upto 1400 characters. It can creates pseudo caller ids if you want to keep caller private. Besides you can send attachments with emails.

Application Pag


blackberry privacy applications

It is a free BlackBerry application. This is a spam blocker application. This application has its own online database of spam callers and it automatically blocks spam callers and also blocks spam messages. This software detects spam number from your phones and alerts you. Its database has more than 50000 spammers so this may be a very good spam blocker for your BB mobile Phone.

Application Page

App Lock

This is another device locker application for BB. It is cheap and good working application. With this app you can lock any folder or application with password and you do not need to lock entire phone.

Application Page

Few more useful BlackBerry Apps:

Do share, Which application you are using to secure your BlackBerry?

5 Useful Travel Applications for Your iPhone

Smartphones have all kind of apps for playing games, get social, be productive.They are most useful when we travel and when the smartphone is iPhone, you will surely get awesome and reliable applications. From checking out important mails to check out next flights, iPhone travel applications makes all the task easy and with just few taps. Few of these are for free and few are paid but those applications are worth paying for.

Here are 5 useful and must have travel app for iPhone:

Appigo Todo

While planning to travel it is important to make a to-do list. Apart from travelling purpose you can also use it in managing your daily task. It is a user-friendly app which can manage and organize all your task easily. It also shows the incomplete task of the day, so if you are on business trip then this could be a life-saver.


Price: Free

[ Link ]


TripIt helps you to import all your program from airlines, hotels, ticket and other travel companies. You just need to forward the confirmation of these to [email protected] to build a trip itinerary. You can also share your travel plans with friends via linkedin. It also displays daily list of flights,car rentals and other essential things.


Price: Free

[ Link ]

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Translator with Voice

Communication becomes a problem when you are planning to move abroad. Translator helps you to solve this problem. There are many language available and you can translate them easily. The best part is there is the voice support is built in the application for many languages.


Price: $ 2.99

[ Link ]

AT&T Navigator

AT&T Navigator allows you to convert your iPhone into voice-guided navigation system while travelling. It keeps you guiding onscreen directions, automatic rerouting, real-time traffic updates and more. You can also check out the local fuel prices.

AT&T navigator

Price: Free

[ Link ]

Currency Converter

When you are planning to go abroad either on business trip on vacation it is important that you keep track of currency exchange in that country. Currency Converter supports more than 220 currencies, up-to date exchange rates and easy calculator to convert currencies.

Currency Convertor

Price: $ 0.99

[ Link ]

You will get many travel app for iPhone but the above applications are must have for any iPhone user who love to travel. It will make your task easier from making your To-Do-List to checking out currency rates.

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If you are using any other useful travel app for iPhone then don’t forget to share with us.

5 Best RSS Feed Reader Apps for iPhone

RSS feeds are best way to keep track of things and updates about your favorite blog and topics. You can easily select which feeds you want to subscribe for and this way you will only get the updates about the topics which interest you. And if you have iPhone then you can easily check these RSS feeds from anywhere easily.


Here are 5 Best RSS feed readers for iPhone:

RSS Reader

This is a simple RSS reader which helps you to add feeds and manage them so that you can read them easily. You also cache the feeds to read RSS offline also. It supports multi-language like Danish, Deutsh, Dutch, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian etc. It is free of cost.

RSS Feed

[ Link ]


NetNewsWire is a free app for iPhone to read RSS feeds. You can sync it with Google Reader, easy to switch from one feed to another just by tap and you can also read RSS offline. The only thing you might not like is Ads if you don’t like Ads then you can switch to premium version of App which costs $4.99.


[ Link ]


To use this RSS feed app you need to pay $2.99. The features includes easy syncing with Google Reader, you can browse and manage feeds and folders, facility to read RSS offline. The app is having good interface to make reading easy.


[ Link ]


Feeds allows you to sync in two ways with Google Reader. You can mark start to feeds and share the feed with your friends. It is very easy to manage, categorize and tag the feeds and save them for offline read. You can grab this app in $3.99.


[ Link ]


The way you use Doppler for Mac you can use it for iPhone also. It is easy to sync with Google Reader and have good layout and navigation to read the feeds easily. You can download the application in $0.99.


[ Link ]

This are few of the best RSS feed apps for iPhone and also compatible with iPad.

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If you are aware of more iPhone app useful for RSS feed do share with us. Meanwhile don’t forget to subscribe to CallingAllGeeks RSS feed to get updates about more useful iPhone apps.