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Wacom Bamboo Stylus for Apple iPad

Wacom, for those who don’t know, is a company that manufactures pen-based touch input devices for graphic designing and other computer related products. Recently, well yesterday, the company held a Press Event in New Delhi to showcase and launch their new Bamboo series of products, which include the Bamboo Stylus, Bamboo Pen, Bamboo Pen and Touch and Bamboo Fun.

All these products are interactive tablets and input devices that help users to actually feel what they’re designing. They also launched the Bamboo Wireless kit, which can turn the Bamboo Fun and Bamboo Pen & Touch to wireless input devices. These devices are compatible with both Windows and Macs. However, the most important and useful product that was launched at the event, is the Bamboo Stylus.

The Bamboo stylus is a perfect stylus replacement for those regular stylus that you get on some touchscreen devices. The newly announced Stylus gets new colors so that it can go well with your attire. Suppose you’re carrying an iPad 2 clad in a Pink Smart cover, wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a pink stylus too? No, I do not like pink, I’m just saying. It comes in other attractive colors like white, blue, green and orange. The stylus comes with a much softer nib that makes the touch experience easier. You can use the stylus along with the Bamboo Paper app for iPad and write notes, create pictures, maps, face sketches, the new design for Batmobile or other such things.

Our Verdict

Since the CallingAllGeeks team was invited to the Press Event, we were presented with a Bamboo Stylus as a takeaway. We tried it out with our iPad 2 and I did manage to design a new car for Ferrari. You can also use it to perform other regular tasks for which you’d normally use your finger. As this Bamboo Stylus works awesome with capacitive touchscreens too, it’s always a pleasure on the iPad. It’s nib is thinner than most other competitors out there. The stylus itself feels classy, you know, worthy of the price and the use.

At Rs. 1700, it’s definitely worth a buy if you like to use your iPad to draw things and specially if you have the Bamboo paper app. Also, if the nib ever wears, which it might, then you can get replacements for just $5(3 nibs).

3 Fun iPad Games You will Definitely Love

I always grade iPad as a gadget that apart from being a useful tech is also a very useful tool to kill time. Keeping this aspect of iPad in view, today I will be lining up 3 cool gaming gems for your iPad that will let you have a fun time while lying on your couch. Have a look at these gaming gems after a break!

Shoot To Kill

Shoot to Kill

 First up is the Shoot To Kill(Free as Hell), it is basically a point-to-click shooting game that allow players to shoot wildly at demons that attack from all sides. Though there is no technique involved and difficulty factor is also not that high. But it surely is an amusement package giving trigger happy gamers a real treat for sometime.

Roads of Rome HD

Roads of Rome HD

This game can be classified as a strategy game with a very different touch to it. The game has various levels and each level has a different task, you have to complete the challenge in a certain time slot to advance to next levels. Players basically have to build a road ordered by Caesar and in the course of buildings you have to complete tasks like building different structures or even harvesting materials. The game will start with a slow pace but as you keep on advancing the game will pick up its pace from level 3. The demo version of the game has only 5 levels, meaning you have to purchase the full version of Roads of Rome app ($2.99) to play more levels.

Pee Pee Boy

Pee Pee Boy

As the name suggests, this game is truly one of its kind having a bizarre touch to it. You must be thinking that I am joking but guys this is a game for real. In Pee Pee Boy you have to help a boy pee without letting him get it down on himself or avoiding the spill when the toilet seat slams shut. I found this game to be really amusing and the graphics are cool aswell.

Well that’s all for it this time, try out these games in your leisure time and I can bet you will love them.

2 Amazing Tablet Devices Other than iPad that are Worth Buying

Talking about a tablet device, first thing that pop-ups in our mind is Apple’s highly popular and fastest selling iPad. But since iPads release, a tablet race has triggered, with manufacturers scrambling to get hold of a larger share in the market. A lot of Android powered tablets have also flooded the market and with their large option base they are not at all a bad deal if you are looking to buy a tablet device. Keeping in view this, I am reviewing 2 feature-rich Android tablet devices that a potential buyer should definitely check out before making any decision.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1

Lenovo Tablet

Released in July, this is the first consumer Android powered tablet released by Lenovo. The device’s eye catching look is its greatest power, you can choose a custom color for the device’s back panel. The other impressive thing in IdeaPad is its user interface, though you will find Honeycomb on lot of other tablet devices but for K1 the developers have added a Launcher Widget right in the middle of the homescreen. There is an app wheel as well that can be employed for launching apps you like the most quickly.

It has a Tegra 2 processor under the hood and boasts a battery life of almost 8 hours which is quite good. K1 weighs about 1.6 pounds which makes it a bit heavy as compared to other tablets and especially iPad. Still I think for $499 it is a fair deal. You can get more information about IdeaPad K1 from lenovo’s shop page.

ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101

ASUS Eee Pad

When ASUS launched Eee Pad it was all over on the blogosphere and made quite a huge splash. According to some surveys and reports this particular ASUS Tablet device is tailing iPad2 in terms of sales and popularity. Though surprisingly ASUS didn’t make any substantial marketing effort even then E-Pad Transformer has made quite a mark.

It gained popularity partly due to the availability of a keyboard dock, lot of tablet devices are designed to work with docks but Eee Pad TF101 is especially designed to work with one automatically. Once you insert it in a keyboard dock, TF101 behaves like a Netbook and apart from this there is a battery hidden in the dock aswell that extends the battery life to almost 16 hours. Powered with the same Tegra 2 Chip as Lenovo IdeaPad, ASUS TF101 is priced at $399 with $150 additional if you choose to buy a dock too. For detail specs you can visit ASUS webpage.

Tablet market is transforming rapidly so before buying something doing a market survey is quite good. I think these two Android tablets are a complete package and one should consider them too in their survey list.

Evernote App for iPad Updated: New UI and Text Editing

When it comes to taking notes on an iOS device, the only best alternative to the stock Notes app is Evernote. It’s used by almost all iOS users and is one of the best note-taking apps on the App Store. The app is also available on other platforms and that makes it really useful. It’s also available on the Mac App Store and on Windows too.

Evernote is also available on the iPad, but it wasn’t as good as it’s iPhone or iPod Touch version. Hence, they’ve released a new updated version specially made for the Apple iPad that brings along some awesome new features. To start with, the new updated app receives a complete user interface overhaul. The new app shows all your recent notes on a single page as snippets, so you can zoom in check one single note or zoom out to browse through all the notes.

That’s not it! There are a  lot of other new changes as well that makes the app even more worthy and a must have app for your iOS device. Rich text editing is another important feature that will make Evernote ever more useful. You can now edit your text, make it bold, italic, underlined, highlight text, make lists and more. All just with a tap of button. There’s also the option to include URL’s in your notes and creating heading texts.

In other new features, you can now search within a note for words/text and an all new Slideshow view in Images. There are few more minor changes too, that you can read about. Hit the source link to check them out.

You can download Evernote for iPad from the App Store for free. Don’t worry it’ll work just fine with the iPhone and iPod Touch and all the features will still available other than the new UI for iPad. That’s exclusive!

[ Source: Evernote Blog ]

Top 3 iPad Apps for Parents

Apple’s iPad is no doubt an amazing gadget that has totally transformed the way we interact with digital domains around us. Apart from loads of other notable feature that iPad has to offer, the most commendable and useful feature is that Parents can use it as an educational gadget for their young children. Apple has undoubtedly created an awesome product whose touch screen capability and gesture detection makes it’s easy for parents to educate their kids. So keeping in mind the Parents, I have ranked the apps listed below accordingly:

Kindle for iPad app

Kindle iPad

Kindle is undoubtedly a very famous iPad application that offers loads of features, basically with this app you can make your tablet device compatible with all the popular Amazon books. With iPad’s bigger screen and a wider viewing area, reading books via kindle is simply amazing and it feels like you are reading a real paper book. You can download hundreds of books from Kindle for iPad app and can have them on your finger tips in an instant.

You can download Kindle for iPad free from App store.

Food Additives

I think this is a perfect iPad app for parents who are very much concerned with their kid’s diet and health. The app offers information about almost 450 additives that you can find in any kind of a food and based it ranks these additives in terms of safety. It offers stuff like which additives are harmful for your kids and how they affect the health of your children.

You can download Food Additives for iPad from iTunes app store.

Scribble for iPad

Scribble for iPad

Simply stating, this application allows you to use your fingers to scribble on your tablet device, the best thing about this app is that apart from being a fun outlet for parents it is also a great tool for them to keep their child occupied in doing some fun stuff. This is a great fun-filled app for both kids and parents. Scribble can be downloaded for free from App store.

Flashmath for iPad

Apps like Flashmath and Jott are also purely designed for parents to aid them in keeping their children entertained and also as a tool for parents to teach their kids.

Do let us know in comments if you happen to know about some useful apps for Parents.

iPlayboy Magazine: Now Available for the Apple iPad

If I’m right, every iPad owner will be a little bit more happier today than the day before, do I have to explain why? Thought so! Well, it’s finally happened, although the Playboy magazine was supposed to come to the Apple iPad in the month of March, but was delayed due to Apple not allowing such an app on the App Store.


Apparently all those issues have been resolved and the Playboy magazine for iPad has finally arrived. If you were wondering, there is also a Playboy app for the iPad, but with no nudity. That’s disappointing aren’t it? And you just got lucky, because the iPlayboy magazine for iPad has all the uncensored nudity you want, and every issue of Playboy that was ever made will be yours digitally.

iPlayboy for iPad

Of course this app, sorry web app is not free, you can’t even view the content without a Membership Id or a subscription. The web app is known as iPlayboy and can be accessed using i.playboy.com, and is completely optimized for the iPad. The pinch to zoom feature is available for your pleasure, with other options such as easy scrolling through content and searching for certain topics within a magazine. Like I mentioned before, you’ll be given access to all the copies of the Playboy magazine till date on the iPad, even ones that you’ll no longer find anywhere and those special issues too.

But, here comes the but, to subscribe to the iPlayboy Magazine iPad it’ll cost you $7.24 a month for a yearly subscription, $17.95  a month for a monthly subscription and $0.95 for a 3 days trial. You can subscribe by visiting this site on your Apple iPad.

We are not sure what will happen to the whole web apps on the iPad scene now, as Playboy is now officially one such app, will there be more? What will the world say to this, there is a chance that this could be misused by the kids? iPlayboy Magazine has started a new revolution, will it be followed by more such magazines? Time will only tell, until then go check out this on your iPad before Apple decides enough is enough!

What do you have to say about this? Leave your opinions! And how many of had that evil smirk on your face when you read the title?

2 Useful Web Browsers for iPad

iPad comes with Safari as a default browser and despite of adding many useful features in updates, I still feel Safari is certainly not the browser for iPad. There are many paid and unpaid browser options, which are available in the apps store.

Browsing the internet on the iPad is very much like going through a newspaper or a magazine. Because of its lightness and its larger screen, iPad is a perfect device if you want to read through the contents on internet or you want to consume media.

App store is brimming with various internet browsers for iDevices but there are some that are not so popular in-spite of having some really cool features tagged to them. Here are two really innovative and useful Web browsers for iPad that you should definitely add to your internet browsers app archive, Two Web and 360 Web Browser.

Useful Web Browsers for iPad

Two Web


Lot of Dual-window web browsers are available on the Apple App store but most of them are not for free. Two Web browser is a dedicated dual-browser app for iPad that is available as a free download from the Apple App store. The app allows you to surf through web-pages side-by-side, the only drawback in this app is that the moment you will close the app it will forget about the WebPages you visited recently. Two Web app can be downloaded from App store for free.

360 Web Browser for iPad

360 Web Browser for iPad

For tech savvy internet users, Apple’s built-in stock browser Safari is a bit lightweight and not so feature-rich. So to cater for the need of high-end users, developers have launched a new browser based app called as 360 Web Browser that contains advance features and provide users a higher-level of control.

360 Web Browser for Firefox

The browser have some features like Firefox sync capability that allows users to sync bookmarks and tabs from Firefox on your iPad to anyother mobile device. The Browser also supports multi-touch gestures for full screen viewing, page navigation and launching plug-ins. 360 Web Browser

The browser also has a pop-up round menu bar that include almost 20+ features. This iPad app has a full version which is $1.99 and a Lite version that is for free. I recommend that you should first download the Lite version, take it for a spin and then go for buying the full version. You can download 360 Web Browser Lite version for free from App store.

There are many other browsers for iPad is available for download in app store and here are some of them which you may consider:

There are other browsers as well like TwitpadOne and Tabulous that offer some innovative features and good options base. Do use these browser and give your comments.

Official Apple iPad Prices, India

We recently told you that Apple will be officially launching the much eagerly awaited iPad Tablet today, January 28. They’ve kept to their word and also have updated their Apple India website with the latest and official Apple iPad prices for both the Wi-Fi and 3G models. There wasn’t any much drama, just a message saying that they’re updating their product catalog and that is it. No word on the pricing of the iPhone 4 or launch date in India.

The Apple iPad, although available in India via other means or through Ebay or other online sources, wasn’t much advertised in India. The iPad was actually launched last year, but unfortunately Apple did not launch it in India at the same time and now it’s almost about a year after that it’s being launched in India. Not really a good idea for marketing as it has been much speculated that the iPad 2 will start production next month. Anyways, below is the official prices of both the Wi-Fi and 3G models of the iPad;

Now the question is, would you rather wait for the iPad 2 or rush to an Apple Store nearby to buy the iPad? For more information on the iPad and how to order your iPad please visit the Apple India Online Store.

ZAGGmate Keyboard Case for Apple iPad [ iPad Accessories]

ZAGG is a very well known Case manufacturer that provides safety and other features to the iPhone, iPod Touch and various other phones. Most of the iPhone users prefer this case because it’s known for it’s strength and at the same time for not spoiling the look of the device. ZAGG recently introduced an all new case for the Apple iPad at CES, which not only acts as a protective case but also turns the iPad into a fully-fledged notebook.

The ZAGGmate is made from aircraft aluminum and provides superb protection for the iPad and also makes the whole setup look stylish. The keyboard is not always there, you can use it when you want or you can just use the ZAGGmate as a protective cover. The keyboard attaches to the case and can be synced with the iPad via Bluetooth for getting the most out of the case. It runs on a rechargeable 510mAh lithium polymer battery that will last for several weeks. Watch the video below for demonstration of the the ZAGGmate case;

The ZAGGmate case is available for pre-order on their website with and without the keyboard for $100(with keyboard) and $70(without keyboard).

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What do you think of the ZAGGmate case? Will you enjoy using your iPad with the external keyboard and the case?

5 Free and Useful Productive Applications for iPad

We all love technology because it makes our task easier. It doesn’t matter that it is a simple gadget of old days or a hottest trend going on these days, all are developed to increase our productivity. iPad is one of such stylish gadget which helps us to increase the productivity. Here I have listed few application of iPad which helps to increase the productivity and these are totally free to use.


Dropbox is one of the easiest ways to share the files online. Dropbox app for iPad gives you facility to view, save and share videos and photos. You can also share, export and send files across emails or other app. You can also mark files to “favorite” files and check them offline.


[ Link ]


It is very user-friendly app to take down your notes. It easily sync with web app wirelessly and automatically. You can easily search, sort, create, edit and email your notes. You can customize size and type ( landscape or portrait mode) of notes.


[ Link ]


SkyGrid is for people who are interested in checking out the latest events, people and trending topics online. You can create categories, mark your favorites, share on social networks websites like Twitter and Facebook and email. Apart from this you get alert notifications and live streaming updates.


[ Link ]


SugarSync helps you to sync and access files, photos and music. You can use also share files from your iPad with others. You would love to stream a music library from your systems with this free SugarSync application.


[ Link ]


Evernote don’t need any introduction. Evernote app for iPad helps you to create text, photo and audio notes. It helps to auto-sync notes on your system. Add geo-location for easy search and add favorites for easy access.


[ Link ]

Worth reading:

If you are aware of more free iPad productivity app, then do share with us.