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Download iOS 5 GM for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

At Apple’s iPhone Event yesterday, October 4, they also announced the availability of iOS 5 to all iPhone users on October 12. Yes, soon after the keynote, the iOS 5 GM version was seeded to all developers. But, that meant that you’d have to have a developers account to actually be able to download iOS 5 GM. However, since we live in the world where anything is possible through the internet, the iOS 5 GM can also be downloaded from other sources.

This version of iOS 5 GM is the pre-release of the final product that will be provided to all existing iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. There have been about 200 additional features added to iOS 5 and hopefully all of them will be available on the GM version of iOS 5. So, in case you’re a developer or even if you’re not, you can install iOS 5 GM and check it out on your iOS device. You will of course also need the latest version of iTunes 10.5 beta to install it, which again can be downloaded from Apple Developers site.

For everyone else who is not a developer, we’ll have to wait till October 12. But, in case you want to download it and try it out on your device even though you aren’t a developer, it’s no biggie. There are lot of places on the internet that you can download the ipsw firmware file from, just take dear Google’s help.

This version is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad 1 & 2. Try it out and let us know.

ipswDownloader for Mac Lets You Easily Download iOS Firmwares

When performing iPhone unlocks or when jailbreaking your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad it is always best to get the latest iOS firmware. Now, we would always recommend you to download the iOS firmwares from Apple’s official site, but in case you’re in a hurry and aren’t in a mood to search for the required firmware here is an alternative.

iOS firmwares are available for download in .ipsw format and are available from many sources, for your own security it is always advisable to use Apple’s website. ipswDownloader, developed by Vitaly Parovishnik, is a new application for Mac that does the job of searching legit IPSW firmwares for the respective iOS device.

ipswDownloader< Image Credit >

So, the next time you plan on unlocking or jailbreaking your iOS device you’ll know what to use to get your hands on the latest IPSW firmares. It can get quite messy if you’re not used to unlocking or jailbreaking, but ipswDownloader will save you all the trouble and handle the part of getting you the right firmware that you need.

ipswDownloader has a simple motive and it does that very well, along with some extra goodies. For example if you are looking for iOS 4.3 for your iPhone 4, the app will also tell you if your current baseband and firmware can be unlocked/jailbroken and also directs you to the softwares required to do so. Other than that it will also display the size of your download and download speeds.

As told before, this app is currently only available for Mac OS X, hopefully a Windows version will be out soon. If you’re wondering about the originality of these IPSW files then don’t, because these are directly downloaded via Apple’s servers. The app will not cost you anything at all and can be downloaded from here.

What do you think of this simple little app? Where do you normally download IPSW firmware files from?

[ via RedmondPie ]