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3 Best Angry Birds Look-Alike Games You Should Definitely Play

Who can deny the popularity of Angry Birds and the addiction it brings along with it. I believe that if you haven’t played Angry Birds then you haven’t experience the gaming pleasure. Since the day I started playing Angry Birds I fell in love with catapulting games that employ simple physics.

If you happen to be a lover of action-packed games then I guess you won’t be fascinated with the list of games that I have compiled for you guys today. But if you like slinging items to destroy enemies across a river or a field then do read on! Because the web-games that I have lined-up today will definitely rejuvenate the Angry Birds experience.

Ninja Dogs


First up is the Ninja Dogs game, I found this game highly addictive and it is being played almost 600,000 times and is rated as a 5 star game on developers website. The goal is pretty simple, get the Ninja Dog Master free by launching dogs via canon targeting the cats. You will find a lot of resemblance between Ninja Dogs and Angry birds primarily because of the cartoon style characters. The animated dog characters are very much like birds in Angry Birds, huge bodies with tiny heads.

Siege Master


Developed by Armor games, in this title you are in the possession of multitude of siege weapons and the goal is to conquer the kingdom. The game is based-on simple physics rules, you have to employ your weaponry like catapult to abolish your medieval times enemy. Fond of destructing structures, then you should give Siege Master a try.



This one is pretty special and I think you will find it more interesting and intriguing then Angry Birds. In this particular game you don’t have to shoot side-wise, rather it is very much like a FPS game in which the players shoots directly at the target. You have to hit the characters bearing an exclamation mark to keep your siege. Ammo is limited and you can’t hit your own troops, so you have to finish off the enemy with the limited resources. Sieger is a very interesting game with an addictive gameplay.

Do play these games and give us your Feedback that whether they were good then Angry Birds or not.

Tired of Angry Birds? Try Angry Anna with Anna Hazare

Angry Birds stormed the internet, mobile devices, laptops and everywhere possible. It’s download numbers have gone well above the sky and are still climbing as it’s one of the most fun games available for a mobile device. Let’s move away from the ever treacherous angry birds and those pigs for a while and talk about what’s happening over here in India.

The anti-corruption movement is what’s happening over here, lead by Mr. Anna Hazare and his millions of followers. Now if you’re not so active and want to support him by having a go at the corrupt politicians, then here’s what you should do. If you love swinging angry birds at pigs, monkeys and other big birds, then it’s pretty obvious you love flinging things at things.

Some crazy yet awesome developer(s) called Geekmentor decided to add some fun to this whole Anti-corruption movement of Anna Hazare and the Indians. The idea is to throw Mr.Anna and some followers at certain corrupt politicians that very closely resemble Manmohan Singh and P.Chidambaram, yes exactly like Angry Birds.

It’s quite fun and funny, but then it’s not as good as Angry Birds. You should only play this if you really have nothing to do and are really lazy to go out and support Anna. There aren’t many levels either, just 5 of them and it’s no app, it’s a web app, flash probably.

The game is accurately named as Angry Anna and has funny noises and things that’ll make you complete those 5 small levels. Not much work has been put in to the making of this, but whatever, it’s worth 10 minutes of your time.

Go play Angry Anna right away at angryanna.com.

Angry Birds for PC Download: Official Game

The mobile gaming industry is booming, there are thousands of games online that you can now download and enjoy on your mobile device. Games actually started getting real famous on mobile after the launch of the Apple App Store. There have been lots of games since then, but only a few have left a mark on the mobile gaming world.

Angry Birds for PC

I don’t even have to mention that most of you must have played Angry Birds on your mobile device. There you go, I mentioned it again! Well, you know what I’m talking about, the game where you sling Angry Birds at pigs and monkeys and rescue other birds all using a slingshot. The game is currently available on all major mobile platforms and is currently making it’s way into Desktops and Laptops and even for Web browsers. If you remember, Angry Birds was first released on the iOS platform and then it moved to Android and so on. There was also a certain Intel App Up program through which you could download and play Angry Birds on your Windows laptop.

Angry Birds PC Download

Now though, Rovio has gone ahead and introduced Angry Birds for all Windows computers. The game can be downloaded from the official website here, but only the demo versions can be downloaded as you’ll have to pay $5 for the full version of the game if you want to enjoy it on your desktop computer. A big screen, birds flying here and there, pigs and monkeys bursting into vapor and all that can be yours just for $5, that is if you want to go through the game all over again, the same game that you played on your mobile phone.

Although, if you’re one of those game illiterates, then it’s time for you to get some knowledge on what’s going on in the mobile/desktop gaming world. If you’re not of this type and want to only kill and shoot enemies then you can either wait for Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3. I must however tell you, that you’re missing out on a lot of fun if you’re not willing to download and play Angry Birds!!

You can now grab your copy of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio or download the demo version for your Windows PC from here. The minimum system requirements are Windows XP SP2, 512MB of RAM, 1 GHz Processor, Graphic OpenGL 1.3 compatible and Internet Connection for activation. Enjoy playing Angry Birds on your Windows PC.

Are you willing to spend $5 and download Angry Birds for PC?

How to Unlock Angry Birds Levels on Chrome Browser

So you’re probably stuck at some difficult level of Angry Birds and are really unhappy about it. If you happen to be playing Chrome Angry birds, then we have a hack for you that will unlock all the levels of the game for you.

Unlock Angry Birds Levels

Google announced Angry Birds on the Chrome browser at the Google I/O key note few weeks ago, all thanks to some HTML5 magic. It was made possible for the game to run on browsers, as it also runs on other browsers. Now why would you want to get a hack to unlock all the levels on the Chrome browser. To be honest, I know that not every one is a master at playing Angry Birds like me, so you’d probably want to skip those annoying moments when you’re losing in front of your friends. Using this little trick that I’m about to tell you, it’s possible to unlock all the 70 levels of Angry Birds at three star ratings.

The trick was actually discovered by some Angry guy over at the WebOS blog, and here’s how you do it.

Hack to Unlock Angry Birds Levels:

  • Fire up the game, if you’ve not installed the game on your Chrome browser, then head over here and do it right away.
  • Once you have the game running, replace the link on the address bar, that will say this “http://chrome.angrybirds.com/” with this “javascript: var i = 0; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’3’); i++; } window.location.reload();” without quotes.
  • You’ll then be presented with the game, all the levels unlocked, even the Chrome special levels.
  • In case you’re not a cheater, then you can use this link “javascript: var i = 1; while (i<=69) { localStorage.setItem(‘level_star_’+i,’-1′); i++; } window.location.reload();” to get things back to how they were before and you will not be sent to hell.


Well, even though you plan to execute this hack to completely unlock Angry birds levels, before that my suggestion would be finish all levels of Angry birds yourself. Else, you will miss out the fun of this game. Anyways, Was that so hard? Thought so! Well, so go on tell your friends how you finished all the levels in an hour.

Angry Farms: Fling Farm Animals on Your BlackBerry

Angry Birds was and still is a huge success, but to be honest I’m kind of tired and bored with flinging birds at pigs, even though it’s really addicting and hilarious. Although, Angry Birds is available for almost all software platforms now, BlackBerry users still haven’t got a taste of this game on their business phones. Of course it is quite understand that a Business person wouldn’t really enjoy flinging things at smiling frogs, but come one.. it’ll surely help you take the edge off all that work as a business man.

Rovio hasn’t yet developed any version of Angry Birds that would run on the BlackBerry’s OS, and thus another developer took things in to their own hands…or slingshot. A company called Smarter Apps has stolen the idea from Angry Birds and brought out a new game called as Angry Farm. BlackBerry users can now rejoice and make the other Angry Birds counterparts jealous. What’s different in Angry Farm? The name should explain it, but to elaborate, the story begins when the Farmers leave the farm only to attract foxes. The farm animals have to stop the invasion by destroying the foxes that are placed on/inside farm structures and drive them away. The animals that you can fling include chinckens, pigs, goats and cows. What fun!!

You can download this game for your BlackBerry device from the App World for $4.99. Requires BlackBerry OS version 4.6 and above.

Rovio Releases Free Version of Angry Birds HD with 12 Levels

I don’t think anyone needs an introduction to Angry Birds any more. It has quickly made its way up as the most popular game on all platforms. Rovio has just released free Angry Birds HD game for iPad owners with 12 levels. I don’t think any other iPad game is as addictive as this. Continue reading Rovio Releases Free Version of Angry Birds HD with 12 Levels

Now Play Angry Birds on Your Window OS Laptop

If you always wanted to play Angry Birds but can’t play because you are not an Android,Symbian or iPhone user? Now you can play most popular and addictive game “Angry Birds” on your PC.


Rovia team released Angry Birds for PC into the Intel AppUp store. So, now you can enjoy the Angry Birds on your system having Windows XP or Windows 7 system. Here is what Rovia team introduced about Angry Birds in their blog:

The game initially includes 195 levels packed with hours and hours of gameplay. Customers can expect free updates and additional levels to the game. In addition to this, there will be unique enhancements not found in the mobile version, free of charge.

More on Angry Birds:

You can download Angry Birds for your laptop or netbook from Appup. Angry Birds will cost $9.99/ £5.99/ €7.99 to download in the Intel AppUp center and you can get Angry Birds from Appup at special promotion price of $4.99 which is worth for any game lover.

So, what you are waiting for? Download it now and get addictive. Now you have one more reason for not working and reducing your productivity. Enjoy Angry Birds and do share with us that you enjoyed Angry Birds on PC or not?

Download Free Angry Birds for Android Mobile Phones

Angry bird is one of the top popular paid application for iPhone and symbian mobile phones. Company behind Angry birds has released full version of Angry birds game for free for Android phones. The requisite for Android phone is Android 1.6+.

Though the free full version of angry birds will support ads and company is planning to give an option to users to remove ads by paying some amount.


Here is a cinematic trailer of Angry birds:

Download link for Full version of Angry birds:


Do let us know your review about this game. Do you love playing angry birds?