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Tips to Increase Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Android market is increasing at such a faster rate that these days almost all mobile phones and tablets are based on Android OS. But on the other hand due to cheap price of these gadgets there are some disadvantages Android Phones too.

Android Battery
Android Battery

Let me explain you about the problem, the problem is companies are introducing cheap Android phones and they are also adding good speed processors but the battery capacity is not upto the mark. Due to which phones loose their battery power soon, but don’t worry we can still manage our battery power by some changes in the settings and using style.

Following are the tips with which you can improve your Android Phone’s Battery life

Keep Control of Features

There are various features available in the Android OS, which drain your battery power quickly. Make use of Android Power Control Widget, the widgets on the homescreen must be controlled like things which are related to Data calls (Internet). Keep them in limit.

Disable 3G when Not in Use

If you do not use 3G make it turn off, because 3G needs more battery power. 2G network works smoothly for making calls and messages. If you need high internet speed, you can switch to 3G.

Android Battery Usage
Android Battery Usage

Minimize Screen Brightness

This is one of the most effective ways to improve your battery life. The LED light in the screen consumes the most part of battery power; you can install Brightness widget on your desktop. It will make things smooth and easy.

Turn-Off GPS

GPS also adds to battery eater utility. Control you GPS usage and keep it turn-off when not in use.

Delete Unnecessary Apps

Always install only those apps which are most useful for you, don’t install useless apps which are specially battery eater.  Allow your Android Phone to breath in open air.

Manage Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is also responsible for less battery backup. For controlling your Wi-Fi usage and activities, you can use semi-hidden “Advanced” Wi-Fi management screen. You can manually select a time-out option.

Avoid use White Pattern Wallpaper

White screen= bright screen=more power consumption. It’s always a better practice to use dark pattern wallpapers. They will increase your battery life and look beautiful too 😛

Charge Your Phone in Switch-Off Mode

I don’t think it will be possible for you, but if you want to increase your battery backup you have to make it possible. Make your phone charging in switch off mode, you will surely notice change in the battery backup time.

I hope after implementing all the tips, you battery will surely support your Android Phone life.

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