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Download the Amazon App Store for your Android Phone

The Android Market is evolving at a rapid rate, and nearing those big numbers of the Apple App Store. The number of Android devices in the market is more than what you can count and it’s only increasing. You can use the Android Market to buy apps, download free apps, sell apps and also know about all the new apps that are being added every single day.

Some time back, if you remember, we told you that Amazon had also launched their own App Store to sell Android apps. Since Google’s Android OS is open source, it wasn’t a problem for Amazon to go ahead and set it’s own Android App Market.

However, until now, the Amazon Appstore was only available in the United States of America, thus leaving everyone else in the world inaccessible to it’s stores. The best thing about their appstore is the App a Day section, where they sell an app for free every single day. The Amazon Appstore is now available in few more international countries, including India, which is a really good thing for all the Android users here.

The main reason that you should download the Amazon Appstore on your Android device is ‘App a Day’, where you can get Paid apps for free and they do have good discounts on certain paid apps now and then. A really good alternative to Google’s Android Market, however the test-drive feature is still not available in India, which lets you test an application on the browser before downloading. Check out this video after the break;

To download the Amazon Appstore on your Android mobile device you’ll need to go to this link :  amazon.com/appstorelanding on you mobile browser and the app will be automatically downloaded and installed on your device. Also you’ll have to create an Amazon account to start using the Appstore and download/buy apps.

Go try it out now. 

How Important is the Amazon Mac Download Store to App Developers?

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Amazon is a name you don’t often hear mentioned among the usual group of internet superpowers, but while the mainstream darlings make the headlines, this world renowned brand continues to prove that it is a force to be reckoned with. The e-commerce giant has been quite busy as of late, and some of the most recent news to come out of its camp is the launch of the Amazon Mac Download Store. This new offering offers an abundance of exciting apps for users and opportunities for developers.

Who Needs Apple?

The Amazon Mac Download Store reportedly has 250 of the hottest apps in its catalog, offering software options that range from games to productivity programs for business users. Despite being a new offering on the market, the service is instantly a direct competitor of the Apple Mac App Store, which was just launched earlier this year in January. Although Apple may not be too thrilled about what could turn out to be some pretty stiff competition, the launch of a worthy Mac App Store competitor is good news for the people who develop the apps.

Quite a few developers have found Apple difficult to deal with to say the least. Among the complaints is the grumbling of programmers who cite that the technology giant is stubborn when it comes to providing information that could be useful in scheduling product launches, managing user data for content purposes, and other important aspects. With the Amazon Mac Download Store in the mix, developers now have a choice of who they work with. It could prove to be a viable alternative for those who can’t or do not want to develop software for the Apple Mac App Store for whatever reason.

The Apple is Tough to Beat

It is clear to see that the Amazon Mac Download Store brings exciting opportunities to the way of the developer. However, while some are stoked about the launch, the community as a whole has mixed feelings. These mixed feelings result from the fact that Apple’s Mac App Store has been such a great outlet for developers. The store is designed in a manner that makes it incredibly convenient for users to browse and select the apps they want to buy for their Mac system. Apple also has a centralized interface that allows customers to easily find and download the necessary updates for their software. The commitment to a better experience is a factor that benefits both the user and developer.

Anything could happen, but Amazon’s Mac Download Store appears to have a tough task on its hands. While the Mac App Store hasn’t been out long, it is already a certified powerhouse, garnering a million downloads on its first day of going live. Apple provides a platform developers can use to profit from their creations, so convincing them why the Mac Download Store is a better option will easily be Apple’s biggest challenge.  Will this be the direction that we are leaning towards for email marketing software and CRM software as well?

Kindle Gets Google Translation With Kindlefish

If you happen to own a Kindle E-reader, then you must be knowing that one can’t use Google’s translation services on the device. The Kindle carries the prestigious honor of being the most sold device on the Amazon market. Although it was the Kindle 3 that performed the best, the Kindle too comes from the same line-up, so it’s okay to assume that the Kindle is now owned by a huge population.

Now what if you’re stuck in a situation where you may need to translate something to understand better or if the webpage you want to view is in another language and all you have is your Kindle. You know you can’t use the Google Translation service because that just won’t work on the Kindle. No worries all you Kindle users out there, because a new web app called Kindlefish will save you the trouble. The app is developed by a certain SeattleFlyerGuy.

Know More about Kindle:

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  • Amazon Launches Kindle for Web

The whole process is quite simple, and is a very good Google Translate alternative. All you have to do is visit the web client http://kindlefish.t15.org on your Kindle and start translating instantly. It’s obviously not going to be fast, because the Kindle, lets face it, doesn’t have enough juice in it. Kindlefish uses the Google Translate’s prowess and implements it into it’s web client allowing you to use Google translate services. The web app provides about 3 default language options that you would normally use and almost all the languages except a few Asian and those containing non-Latin alphabets.

To use, just visit http://kindlefish.t15.org.

[ Via Lifehacker ]

Amazon Android Appstore Goes Live, Angry Birds Rio Free App of The Day

The Amazon Appstore for Android has gone live, but it seems to be not working in India and few other parts of the world at the moment. Amazon launched it’s much awaited Android only Appstore moments ago and with that it also brings you Angry Birds Rio. As we already told you earlier, the Amazon Appstore will be different than the Android Market and will have it’s own unique pricing and app submission rules.

The Amazon store is accessible both via your Android device and through the web store at Amazon.com/appstore. Angry Birds Rio, the new installment in the Angry Birds franchise was also supposed to be available for your Android phones through the appstore, and indeed it is. In fact, Amazon is offering the Angry Birds Rio app for Free for the day, so go grab your copy now. From tomorrow the App will cost you $0.99 and something else will be made free for the day. Now that is wonderful, a free app a day is bound to make you visit Amazon’s Appstore at least once a day.

The store has been launched with about 3800 applications that you can browse through and download onto your Android device. It hasn’t gone live everywhere yet, so don’t be surprised if you can’t access it now, but it’ll soon be available in a few hours or so. Right now it’s only available in the United States and users also get to test-drive an app on your browser using flash before purchasing it. Also the recommendation feature used on other products throughout Amazon will also be available on the Android Appstore.

So go on and check out your favorite apps for your Android device on the Amazon Appstore.

[ Via Engadget ]

Download Free Kindle App from Mac App Store

Amazon’s main goals seem to launch Kindle app for all important platform. Kindle app is already available for Android, Mac, Windows, Wed App and now Kindle app is also available on Mac App Store that too for free.


As Kindle is already popular and now can be downloaded for free on Mac App Store thus its already on number 5 in most downloaded application. This free app allows you to access more than 775,000 books, you can customize the fonts to better reading, enjoy sample books, read on different iOS devices, search easily via different categories. In short you get all the basic feature which is provided in other Kindle apps. The only thing which you might miss in this app is that it doesn’t include text-to-speech option.

Apart from it, it’s worth downloading. It has got good rating that is 4+  in Mac App Store. Kindle app that too for free on Mac App store makes me think about iBook and what about other eReaders? Do you think that they should also submit their apps to Mac App Store?

If you are a book lover and downloading Kindle app then do share your feedback.

Download Amazon Kindle for Windows 7 Mobile

Kindle is Amazon’s best selling product of 2010 and Amazon already launched Kindle app for Android, iPad, Mac, web and it seems Amazon don’t want to miss a single platform where users can’t enjoy Kindle and thus released Kindle app for Windows 7 phone.


Kindle app for Windows 7 is available on Amazon store for free. Few features which makes Kindle app for Windows 7 worth downloading are:

  • You can read over 775,000 books in the Kindle Store which includes new releases.
  • You can shop without leaving the app with the help of integrated shopping features.
  • Share URL of the book you are reading with your friends via email that too without closing the app.
  • Allows you to read from the place you left reading.
  • Allows you to customize fonts, background colors for better reading.

Apart from these useful features there is much more to explore on new Kindle App for Windows 7. I am going to explore it right now and if you are Windows 7 phone owner then download the Kindle App right away and share your feedback.

4 Free and Useful iPad Applications

iPad is getting mixed reaction from around the web. Few people are loving iPad and few people are kind of ok with what iPad is delivering. I will be waiting for the next update from iPad when we will see some of the useful features, which are missing in iPad. But before that who already purchased iPad, here is collection of 4 useful iPad application which you can try :



I’m a big fan of Twitter and Tweetdeck is first application which I will be installing in my iPad. The tweetdeck iPad application supports almost all the features which native desktop tweetdeck application have. Must have for twitter love with an iPad. <link>

iPad Dictionary Application


Dictionary is one of the application which I Install on my desktop, iPhone and now iPad. With this application you can look out synonyms,antonyms and meaning of 1,000,000 words from Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. <Link>

Stumble Upon for iPad


If you are regular internet Surfer, you must be a fond of Stumble Upon. If you don’t know Stumble upon, it’s a useful site which let you discover lots of interesting content. This application is optimized for iPad and you will love to use it on your latest gadgets, to find interesting sites. <link>

iPad Kindle application


Kindle application for iPad is from Amazon.com and it also works with iPhone.  Using this application You can discover and read over 450,000 books in the Kindle Store, including the latest best sellers and new releases. <Link>

We will keep coming with more iPad news and iPad applications for you. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Email updates and also let us know which is your favorite iPad application?