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DoubleTwist AirSync : AirPlay for Android Devices

DoubleTwist Airsync first began as an iTunes alternative for everyone, but now has transformed in to an Android app that currently brings Apple’s AirPlay extension to your favorite Android devices. Previously, when DoubleTwist was launched it did not have this new feature that enables AirPlay features to be used on your Android phone, but only had the ability to sync your iTunes playlist, videos, photos to your device. Recenlty, we also told you about Shairport4w, the AirPlay for Windows.

DoubleTwist AirSync

DoubleTwist Airsync for Android

Now though, with the updated DoubleTwist AirSync, you can also use your Android device to stream songs, videos to Macs, Apple TV’s and AirPlay supported devices. You can also use the updated version of DoubleTwist to stream music on to Windows Media Player 12, sync just one song or video, sync everything, checked items all with the tap of a button. The app interface is very simple and easy to understand.

AirSync contains two inbuilt features known as ‘Twist to’ and AirTwist that help DoubleTwist in performing some of the above mentioned tasks. Streaming music to an Apple TV, Mac, AirPlay enabled device or Windows PC requires ‘Twist to’ and streaming to an X-Box 360 or PlayStation 3 requires AirTwist. Those are the main features of the new and updated DoubleTwist AirSync.

DoubleTwist AirSync Screens

How to use DoubleTwist Airsync for android

Here’s what you’ll need to setup the whole thing and start syncing wirelessly over Wi-Fi and stream music, videos and photos to AirPlay enabled devices or Windows:

  • First download the DoubleTwist desktop app from here. Works both on PC and Mac.
  • Then search for the DoubleTwist app on your Android device using Market, it will cost you $4.99 so keep your hidden stash ready.
  • Launch the app on your Android phone, hit the Sync button, follow instructions and voila!! You’re all set up.

You can also download DoubleTwist AirSync from the Android Market. DoubleTwist is actually a free app, but this version with the Twist to feature will of course cost you $4.99. The desktop app requires MacOS X 10.5 and above or WinXP SP2/Vista/Windows 7. If you want to listen to your iTunes music collection on your Android phone then this is the app for you, plus think of all the extra features that you now get.

What do you think of this amazing app? Will you spend $4.99 to enjoy some AirPlay on your Android phone or would you rather not?

Apple Releases Two New ‘If You Don’t Have an iPhone’ Ads

Apple advertisements are always aimed at people who don’t have their products and mostly mocks them of all the features their phones don’t have. However, that’s not always true, but I’m not going to talk about it anyways because it would be in-appropriate. Apple has gone ahead and launched two new iPhone advertisements, featuring AirPlay and FaceTime and the usual ‘If you don’t have an iPhone’ phrase.

The following advertisements talk about the features AirPlay and FaceTime. Now, if you’re a regular iPhone user, you must be knowing what those two features are. AirPlay lets you wirelessly share pictures, videos and music on other Apple AirPlay compatible devices making things much easier to share when in a room full of people. AirPlay lets you share a photo on your TV so that more number of people can watch it, the same goes with videos. It will also let you stream music on other devices wirelessly so that everyone can listen to your favorite tune.

FaceTime, is Apple’s video calling service, which is free and works over Wi-Fi or 3G. Of course, it can only be conducted between two iOS users only. You can FaceTime another iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch or even a Mac. It’s a truly remarkable feature, that you can only experience if you have an iPhone 4. Watch the following ads after the break, in which the same voice with the same background music explains about the things you’re missing if you don’t have an iPhone.

Apple AirPlay Ad:

Apple FaceTime ad:

Hope you enjoyed watching the new episodes of Apple’s ‘If you Don’t have an iPhone’ ads!!

Shairport4w: Apple AirPlay For Windows PC

I’m hoping all of you know what Apple AirPlay is, for those who have no idea, it is a Wi-Fi implementation device that streams music to such devices without the need of transferring any files. Wireless music streaming, AirPlay, anywhere in your house, comes built in with iTunes and many famous Stereo systems such as JBL, B&W, Denon and more. You can stream music from your iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad too using Apple’s AirPlay technology. But unfortunately it only works on Macs, you know how Apple always restricts some things.

Shairport4w is AirPlay for Windows. It brings Apple’s AirPlay feature, which is missing on the Windows version of iTunes and lets you enjoy wireless music from your iOS device to your PC/Laptop anywhere in your house. Play a song using iTunes or iPod on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and it will play on your PC or laptop. Time to put those 5.1 systems to some use now.

I found this software very entertaining and amusing, so did my friend. Anybody would, as playing songs from your iPod on your Dad’s laptop is going to be fun. No I did not do that! Anyways here’s how you set up Shairport4w so you can blast those speakers wirelessly through your iOS device;

  • Download Shairport4w from over here. It’s not a setup.exe file, rather it’s just an application file that opens up when you click on it.
  • Once it’s open, you’ll need to input an AP(Access Point) name and if required a Password. AP name can be anything, as its the name that you’ll give for the PC or Laptop.

Shairport4w Interface

  • Once you set the AP name and give a Password if required, you’ll need to open up iTunes and you can see the AirPlay switch on the right hand side bottom with your PC’s name on it that you used in the last step.

Shairport4w Screenshot

  • Now open iTunes or iPod on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, remember you’ll need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for this to work. When you start playing a song, you’ll see the AirPlay option with your PC’s name listed on it along with that of the device you’re using.


  • Select your PC/Laptop speakers, here I’ve selected Droid1 as you can see, and then start playing the song. It’ll start playing on your PC/Laptop speaker. That’s it.
  • If you set a password, it’ll ask for it when you try to play a song using your iOS device. So it’s all safe too, as you can bar your friends from playing on your system. Shairport4 is AirPlay for Windows!!

Shairport4w works on all versions of Windows, including 64bit ones. So go ahead, download it now and try it out.

Tell us if you like it? It’s an amazing software for wirelessly streaming songs from your iOS device to your PC or Laptop.

[ via Addictive Tips ]

Banana TV: Play iOS images, Videos directly on Mac using Airplay

Erica Saduns brings us Banana TV app, one of the coolest apps we’ve come across and one that packs a great deal of functionality for your iOS devices. Thanks to Erica you can now play videos and images from your favorite iOS devices; iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, running iOS 4.2 or higher to your networked Mac. It uses Airplay – the newest feature in iOS 4.2 to beam your videos and images to your Mac. Watch the demo video now.

What is Banana TV? Banana TV lets you use AirPlay for your Mac as well -play video or images from your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher directly onto any networked Mac. It runs directly on your Mac, and is a great tool for showing off pictures or video on your Mac’s monitor, at a friend’s house, or the office. Even use your iOS device photo library as a presentation tool. Watch the video above to see Banana TV in action!

We think it’s a very cool way of showing off your images and videos on your Mac via your iOS device. It improves functionality of your iOS device by allowing you to show your media on a larger screen wherever and whenever you choose. Think of the situations where you might have felt the need for a larger screen than what you have on your iDevice. Now like Erica says,”your Mac is a big Apple TV”.

You can buy it at BananaTV for $7.99

Feel free to tell us what you think about this unique App.

via [BananaTV]