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MTNL 3G settings for iPad2 [How to]

I bought a 3G iPad2 3 weeks back and I can’t get enough of it. I have stopped using my iPhone for any other purpose apart from Calling and SMS. iPad2 is seriously addictive and if you have installed right iPad apps, you might not look for another digital entertainment source for couple of days or may be weeks.

Anyways, one reason why I bought a 3G iPad2 is because I travel a lot and I can use 3G service from any service provider on my iPad. Of all the popular 3G service provider, I opted for MTNL because they are offering unlimited 3G for 6 months for just 4500. Which I believe is a good deal considering Unlimited data download without any FUP. (Yah Airtel sucks when it comes to FUP).

Anyways, here is a quick starter guide for configuring MTNL 3G on your iPad device. Just for info, MTNL doesn’t offer Micro-sim like BSNL Micro-sim but you can either buy a SIM-Cutter or if you good with DIY stuff, you can convert normal SIM into Micro-sim. In our head-quarter, we enjoy manual work and @droidsid took the pain of cutting down normal SIM into Micro-sim.

Step by Step guide to configure MTNL 3G Jadoo SIM on iPad2:

Put the Micro-sim into your iPad and go to Settings >Cellular Data > APN setting

iPad2-MTNL-APN-Setting Click on APN settings and enter following details :


  • APN: pps3g
  • Username: mtnl
  • password: mtnl123

Now once you have added MTNL 3G APN settings, now restart your iPad and your 3G will start working on iPad. It’s been more than 2 hours that I’m trying out MTNL 3G and so far I’m impressed with the speed. Though speed fluctuates a lot, but for 750/month (4500 INR for 6 months), I can’t expect more than this.

Do let us know if you are using 3G SIM on your iPad? Which network provider are you using and how’s the performance? If you face any issue setting up 3G on your iPad, do let us know via comment.

Reliance Mobile TV for 3G Users

Reliance has just launched free mobile TV for its 3G subscribers. With this amazing offer Reliance 3G mobile users will be able to avail a large number of channels for free. This service will give a super shock to all online TV providers such as Mundu TV as it is offering some 20 free channels with paid monthly subscription.

Reliance provides a mobile application to run TV with which users can watch more than 100 TV channels for free. Moreover 3G users can also demand movies to watch on mobile.

Reliance Mobile TV

How to apply for Free Mobile TV with Reliance 3G

If you are using Reliance 3G then you have to simply send a free SMS. We want to tell you that currently there is no subscription charge and no data charge using this service and you can enjoy it for free till its promotional period i.e it is fully free till 31st January 2011.

Type <MTV> and send it to <55447> to request free reliance mobile TV application download

what will be the charges after free period?

  • News Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Kids Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Fun Channels: 15 Channels,Daily pack Rs.25,Weekly 75,Monthly Rs 150
  • Devotional Channels: 5 Channels,Only Monthly Rs 150
  • Mega Channels:75 Channels,Daily pack Rs.50,Weekly 100,Monthly Rs 250
  • Single Channel: 1 Channels,Daily pack Rs.10,Weekly 35,Monthly Rs 75