Stream Audio From Your Computer to Your iOS Device: WiFi2HiFi

We’ve already told you how to stream video onto your iOS device from your desktop computer using the VLC Streamer app. This app is also somewhat similar, but only streams audio. WiFi2HiFi is a new app that lets you stream your favorite music stored on your computer and to your iOS device using an active Wi-Fi connection.

WiFi2HiFi works just like VLC Streamer for iOS devices and thus requires a desktop program running on the computer to make this whole thing work flawlessly. This will be a very useful alternative if you’re one of those who like to sit in the living room and listen to music on their computer which is in the next room or so. As long as you’re within the same Wireless range as your PC or Mac the streaming should work fine.

You can also connect your iOS device to a Hi-Fi system and then stream music from your favorite radio station as well. The desktop app is known as WiFi2HiFi Station and controls all the activities with utmost ease. The Desktop app is also very easy to setup and detects your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad automatically. Once connected, all yohave to do is chose your audio player, select what you want to listen to(a playlist, podcast, stream etc) and begin listening to it on your iOS device.

WiFi2HiFi is not a free app, but is really worth the 99 Cents you’ll be paying for it. You can download it from the App Store and read more about it here. Requires iOS 3.0 and above. The desktop app WiFi2HiFi Station is available freely for both PC and Mac.

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