Starfront: Collision iPhone Game Review

If you loved Starcraft for the PC and Mac you’ll love Gameloft’s latest incarnation for the iTunes Apstore. Starfront: Collision is an RTS game that takes the player onto the planet Sinistral, where an epic battle begins over control of the rare Xenodium crystals.

Starfront’s game mechanics are very similar to any RTS game. You’ll begin each map with only a few units and will need to mine for resources to build up your home base. Once you start collecting enough resources you’ll be able to build more structures, and subsequently train and upgrade battle units to destroy your enemy.

A big chunk of the game will be spent in the campaign mode with up to three playable races. You will begin as the Consortium. They are humans who land on Sinistral to mine for the Xenodium crystals. Soon you will take the role of the indigenous insect-like Myriad who is trying to stop the Consortium. Finally the advanced-robotic Warden race will appear to try to manipulate things in their own favor.  Each race is equally balanced and will have different set of upgrades and army units that will give them their own unique feel.



Controls are intuitive and easy to use. Just tap on the screen and drag to pan the area and pinch your fingers to select multiple units. After you select your units you can tap to force them to attack or tap and hold for them to move without attacking. There is also a sidebar that will be used to build structures. Actions were performed with ease and I was surprised that I could do everything on my iPhone as if it was a computer. Some of you may be worried about the iPhone’s small screen as it does hinder gameplay. But Gameloft ingeniously created the controls so that nothing seemed cluttered at all.

In addition to the campaign mode, there is also a single-player skirmish mode and an exciting multiplayer mode. The skirmish mode will feature seven different maps for you to play against any of the three races. Multiplayer mode was my favorite and can support up to four players on of five different maps.



The graphics are stunning and vivid. Starfront takes advantages of the iPhone’s Retina Display and presents beautifully 3-D rendered environments. Gameplay is not laggy and is incredibly smooth which makes me wonder how they fit everything into such a small package. As with other Gameloft titles, music design is excellent and features an orchestra soundtrack that makes the gameplay feel epic.

Starfront: Collision is a must have for RTS fans. The game is intriguing and exciting and with multiplayer options it raises the gameplay value immensely.

Currently, Starfront: Collision is available as a free download but players can only play one campaign mission. If you want to continue playing you will have to shell out $6.99 via in-app purchase but with that price you’ll unlock all the campaign missions (17 in total), skirmish mode and the online multiplayer mode.

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