Squrl: Bookmark and Collect Videos for Later Viewing on your iOS device

Squrl is a new and an innovative web and mobile app that allow users to take video sharing and watching experience to a totally new level. Just like Read it Later and Instapaper, the app is a bookmarking service but specifically designed for videos. More precisely, Squrl is a social networking based bookmarking service that can be used on a computer or on an iOS device. The app is compatible for all iOS devices including iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.

Squrl can be used on a computer to save videos to view them later or preferably on your iPad or iPhone so that you can view those saved videos sitting on your couch. Good thing is that both the web app and iOS app have similar features and the user-interface is also somewhat same.

How to Use Squrl for iOS App?

Signup1 Squrl

Once you are done downloading the app from Apple’s App store, you will be prompted automatically to create an account or sign-in with your Facebook account. You can also create an account directly from Squrl’s official website. If you opt for tagging your Twitter or Facebook account with the Squrl then sharing of videos you will collect will become a considerably hassle free task.

Good thing is that not only you can share single videos rather you can share your entire collection on a social network or with your Squrl followers. But on the downside, when you opt for sharing a video or a collection on your social networking accounts then you can’t control contents of Facebook or Twitter posts.

Squrl Twitter signup

On iPad or iPhone, the Squrl app is divided into three main tabs namely Discover, My Videos and Community. Under the Discover category, you can search for videos offered by various internet services like TED, YouTube, ESPN and Hulu. Clicking on any of the video service will take you to its homepage from where you can search for videos and save them.

Squrl Video services

My Videos category gives access to your own created galleries, video queue and all the recent activity. Once you done searching for a video, you have two options to go about it, either add it to Queue so that you can watch them later when you open the app again or you can either create a gallery that you can share later on with your Squrl followers.

Squrl Community

The Squrl app for iOS also has a social networking tab called as Community, you can not only share videos with your Facebook and Twitter friends rather you can share your videos on Squrl built-in social networking. You can see the latest videos that other users have “Squrled” or shared on the network.

The feature that you will definitely miss on Squrl app is the offline video viewing capability, but overall it is an amazing app that have introduced a new concept in video watching on iOS devices. Squrl for iOS can be downloaded from Apple App store.