Squabble for iPhone Released: Addictive Online Word Game

A brand new word game has been released in the App Store today. Squabble for iPhone has been designed by the Retired Astronaut Collective. This is a two player game that can be played online or offline. The goal is to create the longest words you can with the given set of letters. As a free game, this is going to be an instant hit.

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Squabble – Gameplay modes and objective:

The gameplay of Squabble is extremely simple. You fight against a random opponent online or against a Facebook friend to create longest words possible before time runs out. After the end of all rounds the person with greater score wins.

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The Facebook integration will surely bring a lot of players to this game which is really fun and addictive in my opinion. For those who don’t want to go online can also play it offline against another player by passing their iPhone after every turn.

I am very fond of word games, and if you enjoy games like Scrabble or Words with Friends then you will love this too. The timer adds fast pace to the game, and the final nine letter word will definitely help you build a stronger vocabulary.

I went online and played against a random opponent. You will notice from the App Store reviews, that this game is very addictive and keeps the user asking for “just one more game” Meanwhile, you can see in the following screenshot, that I’m not so bad with words after all.

Squabble for iphone ipod touch and ipad 7

Other Squabble for iPhone game features:

  • Dictionary included in game
  • Global player stats and rankings
  • Import profile picture from Facebook
  • Chat between games


The game itself is free and can be downloaded from here on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. There aren’t any ads either. You get ten game credits initially. You earn one free credit every half an hour when number of credits left is less than three.

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Users get extra credits on inviting Facebook friends to play. You can also purchase additional credits at the rate of 99 cents per 99 games.

Do let us know, how you like this game.

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