SpyPhoto for iOS Takes Photos Without Anyone Knowing

You know those times, when you’re in a situation where you badly want to take a picture but can’t because it’s not allowed or because your camera will make a noise. Well, now you can accomplish such secret missions using your iOS device and become a successfully spy or even get recruited by the FIA. Here’s a new jailbreak app for iOS devices called SpyPhoto, that lets you take pictures without anyone knowing about it and over any running app. You don’t even have to launch the camera app to get this done. Pretty cool right?

There’s one drawback, however, as sometimes the images may not be saved to your photo album. But, the developer is working on it and the updated version should be out pretty soon. For now, let’s talk about this tweaks features and where to get it from.

SpyPhoto is a cydia app, hence requiring a jailbroken iOS device, so if you’re device is not jailbroken, then you should probably get to it. That said, you’ll need to navigate to the BigBoss repo or look for recent changes in Cydia to find this tweak. Let’s talk about it’s features then. This tweak lets you take photos using finger gestures such as double tap the status bar etc. It basically uses the Activator function to get that done.

You not only have the choice to choose either the front or back camera, but also to use it over any app. For example, if you’re sitting with a Mafia and he’s in disguise, then you can start playing a game and use the gesture to get his photo taken, without anyone noticing. Go to the cops and you’ll be rewarded well, I hope. Two different gestures can be set for both the back and the front camera. Cool features don’t you think? Watch the app in action after the break.

Oh, last, but not the least. SpyPhoto is a paid cydia tweak and costs $1.50, which I believe is pretty good. So are you getting this app? Spy anyone?