Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4 – Review

We had recently posted the unboxing pictures of the Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4. Now let’s look at a full review of this iPhone Accessory. This is a two piece case offered free as part of Apple’s Case Program.

Speck is a well known name when it comes to iPhone Cases and also Macbook cases and bags. We reviewed all the free cases offered by Apple and finally chose to order the Speck fitted case. This is the first time we tried a two piece case. Like most of our readers we were wondering about the protection against knocks and bumps with this case and we were really surprised by the build quality of this iPhone case. Also if you had any antenna issues when using the iPhone you can bid goodbye to them once you install this case on your iPhone 4.


Pros and Cons of Two-Piece Case Design:

The pros first. Tougher Case offers better protection – Since the case clips on after inserting the iPhone it can really afford to be made out of a hard material. In one piece cases the material has to be flexible to allow iPhone to be inserted.

There are cons too though no one really cares about this. Since the case is made of hard non flexible material you have issues when using larger headphone jacks. The silicon cases will allow a little flexibility but the hard cases won’t. I have to take off the case when using with the car’s audio jack which is too big for the hole provided in the Speck case. However, this can be dealt with by replacing the audio cable you use by opting for a thinner one.

The case provided very good protection against drops and bumps. To our surprise the case did not come off when subjected to minor drops.


As you can see in the pictures, the power buttons and volume buttons are left bare. People like me who are accustomed to TPU cases which cover the buttons will take a while to adapt to this but after a week you will be just as comfortable. It’s not an issue at all. The camera cutout is the right size and did not produce any glare with the flash.


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Build Quality

The build quality is pretty nice and is more than worth the price. The fabric finish on the back provides a sophisticated and unique look to the case. Also, it offers minimal resistance while sliding in and out of pockets, just what you need. The side part is made of matte black material and of the best quality we have seen so far on iPhone cases.


We totally recommend this case to anyone who is looking for a good iPhone 4 case which not only provides optimum protection to your Apple device but also complements its sexy design.

The case is ordinarily priced at $29.95 and can be ordered directly from Speck’s website here.

Do let us know how you like this case and which case did you order for your iPhone?

One thought on “Speck Fitted Case for iPhone 4 – Review”

  1. I got this case for free when I purchased two accessories for my phone at the AT&T store. They have some type of buy two get one free program. Anyway, that was 3 weeks ago. I have to take my phone case off each night to plug my phone into my iHome alarm clock. I had a one of the candyshell cases but it was such a pain to take off each night. I really liked this shell and I loved the green pattern I had, up until tonight when the top “bumper” broke as I was taking it off. I removed it the same way I do each night and i am really surprised that it broke.
    I highly doubt AT&T will replace the cover so I guess it is back to the candyshell case until I can find something else.

    I’m really disappointed that this case lasted only 3 weeks. I am not the type to be rough in products such as this so I don’t know what happened.

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