Give special 3D textures to PS1 games Using ePSXe Shaders

ePSXe is an emulator to play PS1 games on PC and literally it is the most successful emulator of PS1. ePSXe supports almost all PS1 games and it can be run at low hardware configuration PC. But the default graphics emulated by ePSXe are not so fine. We can retouch PS1 graphics delivered by ePSXe using smart shaders.

How to use shaders in ePSXe

Though ePSXe requires no graphics card to play PS1 games on PC but it is must if we want to apply shaders for PS1 games. We require Pete’s OpenGL Driver 2.9 ePSXe video plugin to enable shaders effect in PS1 games.

  • First download Pete’s OpenGL Driver 2.9 plugin Download link
  • Move the downloaded  plugin to the plugin folder of ePSXe
  • Now download shaders from here Download link
  • Create a folder named shaders in Plugin folder and paste all shaders there
  • Now open ePSXe emulator and go to option config > Video > Pete’s OpenGL Driver 2.9 > Configure
  • On configuration screen you will see the option shaders as shown in figure


  • Select this option and set the shaders directory and Select your favorite shader here
  • Now you will feel quite new and advanced look for your PS1 games

Note: To use shaders you must have a good graphics card in your PC