Sony PlayStation Vita to Hit Japan on December 17, UI Showcased

Sony officially launched the next generation portable gaming device, that they call the PlayStation Vita, at E3 2011 few months back. And since then, gamers all over the world have been waiting for the official availability of the Vita in stores, but Sony did not give any exact pricing or date. However, yesterday Sony officially announced that the portable gaming device will be available in Japan beginning December 17.

The PlayStation Vita has some real good hardware and features, some of which were showcased at the recent event held in Japan. Lot of new things were shown, including the simple user interface of the gaming device and the SmartAR augmented reality feature that it uses to make games more realistic. Engadget got to test some of those features at the conference yesterday and you can check out the videos at the end of the post. The augmented reality feature is eye-popping and could change the way we play, make the world your game area.

The UI on the PS Vita is very simple, like that of a mobile device and doesn’t need much expertise to set up. The huge touchscreen certainly helps in easier navigation and with the game titles that were showcased at the event it sure looks like it’s going to turn a lot of heads. We have no idea as to when and how much the Vita will be priced when it hits shelves elsewhere, but people in Japan still know when to expect it. Also with the launch in Japan, Sony plans to provide Prepaid 3G services by NTT DoCoMo for $13(25 hours) and $65(100 hours). The PlayStation Vita will be available for pre-order starting from October 15 and we’ll update you with the how and where. For now check out these videos:

How many of you are eagerly waiting for the PS Vita?