Solved: iTunes Error 3002 on iOS 5.0 Beta 1 Upgrade

If you recently tried updating your iPhone or any other iOS device to Apple’s iOS 5 Beta 1 it’s quite possible you might have run into the iTunes error 3002. So, here’s a simple solution on how to fix this error and successfully install iOS 5.0 on your iPhone.

If you follow our guide to install iOS 5 Beta carefully, you won’t get any error at all. Actually it’s a simple mistake most people are doing which results in the iTunes error 3002.

Itunes error 3002

The error reads “The iPhone “Your iPhone” could not be updated. An unknown error occurred (3002).”

How to Solve iTunes Error 3002:

Apple clearly mentions in its iOS 5 install instructions that you need to restore your iPhone and not update. You’ll get this error everytime you try updating iPhone to iOS 5.

So to fix this error press alt/option on your Mac and then click on Restore and point iTunes to the iOS 5 beta firmware file.

Install iOS 5 on iPhone 4  restore in itunes 10 5

Now you might be afraid about losing all your data when you upgrade from iOS 4 to iOS 5 but that’s not true and since we have updated our iPhone already to iOS 5 beta we can confirm that.

Backup iphone in itunes

Just make sure you backup your iPhone in iTunes first, and when iOS 5 is installed then instead of setting it up as a new iPhone you can just restore using the backup. You will now have iOS 5 on your iPhone and also all the apps, music and data from iOS 4. Incredible right!

For more information refer to our complete iOS 5 install guide.