Solve Nokia OVI Suite Phone Detection Problem

I use Nokia OVI Suite with my Nokia phone to transfer media as well as send/receive text messages through my computer. Recently I had an unusual problem regarding Nokia OVI Suite.


When I used the cable to plug my phone into my computer, it was recognized as an external device by Windows however Nokia OVI Suite did not detect the phone.

After numerous attempts in which I unplugged and then plugged the phone and hoped the problem to automatically solve itself, I Google’d for answers. The only ‘solution’ I found was to reinstall the Nokia Cable Drivers. If you are facing the same problem, then let me save your time by telling you that simply reinstalling these drivers will not solve the problem at all.

If your Nokia phone is not being detected by the OVI or PC Suite software while being detected by your Windows OS, then follow these steps to solve the problem. I have learned that these 12 steps are the only solution to the problem.

1. Unplug the phone from your computer.

2. Uninstall all Nokia related applications. These applications include Nokia OVI / PC Suite, Nokia Cable Drivers, and PC Connectivity solution.

3. Restart your computer.

4. This step is necessary only in a few cases. If you do not have one already, install a registry cleaning application. My recommendation is CCleaner along with Registry Mechanic. Clean your registry using these applications.

5. Restart your computer.

6. Install Nokia OVI Suite or PC Suite, whichever is your preference. Make sure that you have the latest setup file.

7. Download the Nokia Cable Drivers setup files from your region’s official Nokia website.

8. Install the Nokia Cable Drivers setup file.

9. Restart your computer.

10. Plug in your phone and wait while its drivers are installed by Windows.

11. Restart your computer.

12. Run Nokia OVI / PC Suite. Your phone will now be detected by the application.

I know a lot of Restarts are involved. But patiently follow the steps exactly and you would have solved the problem.

2 thoughts on “Solve Nokia OVI Suite Phone Detection Problem”

  1. thanks Hammad for this Trick..I was really wanting this..I had tried re-installing but only Nokia OVI Suite but it didn’t work…as Nokia PC Suite works fine at the same time I was really confused..Will try on this..and tell if it worked..

  2. Thanks rohit. Hope this will help. It worked for me though…Let me know if it works for you as well

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