[Softwares] How to Boost Sound Quality in Windows and Mac?

We all love music and sounds. And we always try to get the best sound hardware while choosing a PC or laptop. The very basic method to boost audio quality in any computer is getting a good sound card and speakers. Further its possible to  adjust the bass, fidelity and other sound properties at the operating system level, by using Digital Sound Processing plugins. These plugins work behind the  media players and produce the best audio output for games, movies and music.

Premium Media players like PowerDVD, WinDVD, Nero ShowTime, etc. includes a few DSP plugins. But these plugins are limited to the respective software platforms and certain configurations. Here are three alternative and standalone DSP plugins for Windows and Mac, that works in a better way than the costly media players.

Volume booster for Windows:

1. SRS HD Audio Lab for Windows:


SRS HD Audio Lab

One of the best Audio software for Windows, SRS HD Audio Lab boasts of the patented sound technologies like SRS Circle Surround II, Circle Surround Headphone, TruSurround HD and SRS WOW HD. It converts mono or stereo sound signals to 3D and improves the bass, definition and clarity for optimal listening. You have the option to set audio modes based on the media type, and hardware used. HAL installs a driver and overtakes the default sound card driver. So it works with all media players, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and even with the web streaming.

SRS HD Audio Lab Demo. Features and Download here.

2. DFX 9 Audio Enhancer for Windows.


DFX Audio Enhancer

DFX Audio Enhancer supports eight movie/ music players for Windows. They are Windows Media Player, Winamp, RealPlayer, MediaMonkey, Foobar2000, DivX Player, J.River Media player and Musicmatch Jukebox.  They also have single all in one software package called DFX Plus Master Pack that supports all media players. DFX comes with 39 presets and five controls for precise sound adjustments.

More features of the DFX Audio Enhancer and download here.

3. SRS iWOW Premium for Mac:


SRS iWOW Premium

SRS iWOW is a premium iTunes only DSP plugin that has both Windows and Macintosh versions.  It converts a normal audio stream played on iTunes to a rich and  immerse sound experience.

SRS HD iWOW Demo. Features and download here.

Do you know more softwares which will help enhancing sound of your windows and Mac system?

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  1. These days some of these virtual sound boosting software comes pre-installed with OS. The laptop vendors are promoting them, but are these softwares really boosting sound? 🙂

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