Snaplr: Capture and Edit Screenshots with an Ease

With the rise in blogging platforms the need of screenshot taking applications is also increasing, if you writing a blog about how to configure Windows 7 display and you haven’t included the screenshots for each step then that blog is of no use. So I will be reviewing a very useful miniscule application that is solely designed for taking screenshots.

What is Snaplr?


Basically it is a miniscule application that allows users to quickly capture a selected area on their computer screens. Snaplr is developed on Adobe Air and unlike the other screenshot capturing tools available that offer a very complex setting up procedure, Snaplr provide a simple yet useful options set.

The application has a single mode that enables users to instantly select the screen area they want to capture. Though post-screenshot features like editing and customizing are a bit limited on Snaplr but as far as taking screenshots is considered this tool is a gem. It also provide options to draw rectangle and circles of defined color over any image to point out a certain area. You can also annotate certain parts of a screenshot with arrow, text and pencil tool.

How to Use it?

snaplr screenshot

To start off, hit the Take Screenshot button and select the area you want to capture. The moment you leave the mouse button the area will be captured and will be send for editing. Applications Editing tool will enable you to add shapes and texts on a screenshot. Just besides the Take Screenshot button there is a color picker that will help you to mark any defined area with a color of your choice.

Snaplr supports PNG Format and till now the developers has only released the Windows version but Linux and Mac versions will be available soon.