Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7, Swype Alternative

If you’re a Windows Phone 7 user, you must be quite disappointed that you’re not able to enjoy any Swyping on your keyboard. By Swyping I mean, the Swype Keyboard that lets you input words by joining the letters in a swiping action, rather than just typing each letter. It’s supposed to faster than normal typing, and Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been getting any Swype love till now. Sliding Keyboard is a Swype alternative for Windows Phone 7 and works pretty much like the latter, but isn’t as awesome as it.

Sliding Keyboard

Sliding Keyboard has the looks of the stock Windows Phone 7 keyboard, but adds to it the functionality to connect words in a swiping or sliding gesture. This is a proven method for faster text input, hence I’m sure all those WP7 users out there would want to try it out. Recently Swype V3 was released that came with better word recognition and dictionary, which made it even better and faster than before. Do not expect the same from Sliding Keyboard, because it’s just the beginning to a whole new world of sliding through WP7 keyboard.

With Sliding Keyboard installed, you can also use e-mail addresses and texts to start an e-mail or even search Bing directly via your keyboard. If you just changed your religion from Android to Windows Phone 7, then this is certainly going to help you overcome your loss.

The Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7 is not a free app and will cost you $1.29. There is however a free trial that you can download to see for yourself it’s worth the $1.29 price tag. Sharpen your sliding skills and get ready to slide some words across your Windows Phone 7 keyboard.

Download Sliding Keyboard for Windows Phone 7. You’ll also need Zune software to download and install it.

Are you or have you ever used Swype Keyboard? If so, did you find it better and faster than the conventional keyboard and would you give this a try?(WP7 users)