(Siri Clone) How to Install SARA on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Sara is the latest Siri clone which has come out for Jailbroken iOS devices. Though it’s not as powerful as actual Siri, but people who have been looking out for a good alternative, Sara is going to be very handy. In this tutorial, we will learn a bit about Sara and how you can install Sara on your Jailbroken device. We have tested it with Jailbroken iPhone4 and later in this tutorial, you can see our conversation with Sara.

Many have tried, but not succeeded, to port a working SIRI client for older iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPod Touch and iPad. Siri is currently only supported on the iPhone 4S, something to do with the new A5 chip, and Apple has no plans of getting it on to the older gen iOS devices. There is, however, a working Siri Clone called Spire. But, it’s difficult to setup as it requires a Siri Proxy to operate.

SARA, the Siri Clone

Today, a developer called Nobita, has released another Siri clone called SARA and surprisingly it does indeed work. I’ve installed it on my jailbroken iPhone 4 and it worked for me. Although, it is still nowhere close to the real personal assistant and cannot accomplish many of her tasks. For example, you cannot search anything based on location, it won’t send text messages or call people, it stops responding in between and there are lots of other problems that the clone has. But, with time, perhaps the bugs will be fixed and users will have a working Siri-ish assistant on older iOS devices.

Siri Clone

The best feature of SARA, is that it can be installed on the oldest of iOS devices including the first iPhone, the old iPod Touch and iPad 1. Also, unlike Siri, SARA cannot be launched by holding the Home button, instead it’s like an app that you’ll have to launch from the Homescreen. Here is a complete, step-by-step tutorial on how to install SARA ( Siri Clone ), on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

How to Install SARA on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (Siri Clone)

SARA, is just like Spire, but isn’t integrated well in to iOS. It still carries out all the requests via a third-party server, so install this on your own risk. Do not blame us for possible data theft etc.

  • Launch Cydia and click on Manage Tab. Select resources and then click the Edit button and then Add button. Now add the following repo for installing SARA :
  • After the source is installed you will see three packages inside. Select the package that best suits your device. For example, if you have an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, then choose the package that is meant for those devices. Do not install the Console Package, because that is only for reporting errors.
  • The total size of the install is about 9MB, thus it will take some time. Also, the servers must be under immense pressure now, so don’t give up if the installation is super slow. You can also try to hit Cancel, Return to Cydia and continue the Install, this proved to be much faster when I tried.
  • After installation, you’ll need to Restart the Springboard. Now, you’ll see a SARA icon on the homescreen.

That’s it. You now have SARA installed on your iOS device. Launch the app to indulge in some private time with your very own SIRI clone for older iDevices. Of course, it doesn’t work as well as the real deal, but it’s something. Definitely a better deal for people who don’t want/cannot  create their own Siri Proxy servers for Spire. Also, you can even type and ask Sara questions, if she cannot recognize your speech or accent.

Here is a video showing our conversation with Siri clone:

Many users, including me, complain that the voice recognition is not that good! Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you.

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