Simple Drive iPhone App: Use iPhone as Hard Disk

Surely iPhone is most loved mobile of all time, this multitasking device play multiple roles in its users life, now we have one more reason to bring iPhone more closer to your life.

Simple Drive is a small iPhone application to turn your iPhone into hard drive. This easy to use application help you to keep and move your files in your iPhone, exactly like a pocket hard drive.

This 99ยข application can be downloaded from App Store. Its interface is easy , self narrating and very clear. Once installed in iPhone you can directly access your iPhone from browser and send images, videos or any other file to iPhone. Very similarly you can also download your files back to our computer directly from iPhone.

Now carry your iPhone with more ease and naturalness.

Do you know any free iPhone applications which turn your iPhone into Hard Disk?

One thought on “Simple Drive iPhone App: Use iPhone as Hard Disk”

  1. I’ve iPod classic 120GB and I use it as a hard disk without any app. Just open it in Windows explorer, create a new folder of any name and keep your data in it. Simple !!

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