Should I Get LCD TV or Projector for Home Theater?

Everyone who is on the lookout of a good home theater system does come across this dilemma of choosing best display between an LCD TV and a Projector. Projectors are less common in households and hence we have answered the most common questions relating to this topic.

In India we don’t get much content in HD(High Definition) quality. So, unless you are going to watch bluray movies and play high resolution PS3 games you won’t be able to enjoy much from a big HD TV or projector.

But if you do have access to HD content, be it console games or movies downloaded from the internet, then the investment will be absolutely worth it. Both LCD TVs and projectors have their own pros and cons. They are both capable of high definition(1080p) content but that’s not all we need to look at for choosing best display solution.


LCD TV vs. Projector comparison:

  • Display Size

TV sizes range from 22 inches to 65 inches generally even though you will find some expensive very large LCD TVs but we are talking products for the general crows here. On the other hand, normal projectors range from 40 inches to 300 inches. There’s no fixed size for projectors so you get a freedom to change sizes as per need with projector and also a bigger display for same price.

  • Life of Product

This is where a huge difference sets in. If you are going to watch videos for a few hours everyday your projector lamp will need to be replaced approximately once every two years. You might have heard this already from people who own projectors. Let me explain why. Typically, projector lamps have a lifetime of 4000 – 6000 hours whereas LCD TVs have that of around 40000 hours. So, if a projector lamp will last you two years that of the LCD TV will last five to ten times more. So obviously, cost of ownership is high with projectors.

  • Durability

A projector screen is obviously far less fragile than an LCD TV. Even the projector unit is very small and thus less prone to damage. The screens are cheaper to replace and if you have a good wall surface, just repainting will do the job at times.

  • Viewing Angle of Display

Nowadays viewing angles of LCD TVs have increased with the introduction of better technology like IPS. But still even though the manufacturers quote upto 160º viewing angles, the quality will get reasonably bad at those angles. Projectors are free from this defect as the light is projected from the front on to the screen. So as long as surface is high quality no need to worry with projectors.

  • Room Setting

LCD TVs will work fine in almost any lighting conditions but projectors require low lighting to give you acceptable display quality. So you must have dark curtains for daytime is there’s sunlight coming into your room. This again might be a deciding factor for a lot of people.

  • Setup Procedure

Installing a television is easier than a projector. You need to configure projector height, distance, lighting etc. and also the connectivity options. LCD TVs on the other hand can be set up in less than two minutes.

We have tried answering most common LCD TV vs. Projector questions here. Both of the devices have advantages as well as disadvantages. So you should purchase the one that suits your needs best. In case we missed any or have a related question feel free to ask via comments.

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