Share Currently playing Song to Facebook & Twitter from iPhone

I think it is very much true that the music we normally listen to says out loud that Who we are. So if you are a music lover and eager to know that what kind of music your friends and family are listening to than What’s In my Ears (WIME) for iPod Touch and iPhone is the right kind of App for you. Using it you can share this music information to others via Twitter and Facebook.What's-in-My-Ear-iPhone-app

Well thanks to all of these diverse iPhone apps, we can now share the location where we are, where we are eating and now with What’s in my Ears app we can also share that what kind of music we are listening to as well.

What’s In my Ear App Features

Developed by Arti Teknoloji, What’s in my Ear for iPhone/iPodTouch sole purpose is to share what kind of songs you are listening to at any present moment and also tell that whether you like it or not. All the posts are sent either manually or automatically to Twitter or on Facebook.

There is a built-in template that allows you to customize the message that will be posted on Facebook or Twitter. You can include information like Artist Name, Album and Song or a combination of all of these in your message. It even includes your iTunes rating of a particular song in a form of additional one liner message.

For example, if you share a 5 star song using What’s in my Ear App then a message “I Love it” will be also included and for a 1 star song “I hate it” message will be included.

What’s In my Ear App Limitations?

Although the app does exactly as advertised but there are certain drawbacks and limitations. First of all users cannot control the music from the app interface except pausing a song or jumping to another song from the playlist. Secondly you cannot change the song ratings within application interface, whatever ratings are pulled from iTunes will remain such.

You can download What’s In my Ear App from the Apple App store for $1.99.