See Your Facebook Friends on World Map with My Friend Map

Wouldn’t it be fun to place all your friends on the world map and find out who lives where. Sometimes it can really amaze you to see the number of people you know from different countries around the world. Here’s a Facebook app called My Friend Map that will easily let you do this.

We had previously shared two other ways of locating Facebook friends on the map earlier using Where my Friends Be and OpenHeatMap. My Friend Map not only is really simple to use but also looks great. One great feature it has that previous apps did not is the ability to show thumbnails of your friends’ profile pictures when hovering over the map.

In order to generate the map head over to My Friend Map Application. You may need to login to facebook if you aren’t already.

Unfortunately, there is no way to view the map without posting it to your profile. You need to enter a message that will go along with the post on your profile and then click on Generate.

What you now see is a map showing where your friends live. The information is pulled from each of your friends’ profiles based on their current city.

My friend map facebook

You can also choose a Google Map View for a more comprehensive map for locating Facebook Friends.

My friend map facebook 2

I really liked this simple yet informative Facebook application. If you hover any part of the map, it will also show you which particular friend stays in that location.

Do let us know how you like the My Friend Map Facebook app.