Search Google by Highlighting the Text in Google Chrome [Extension]

If you are a Google Chrome user, you should know that you can search Google or any other search engine by typing in the address bar. You can even search the keyword by highlighting and going to the context menu to search for that term but this can be time consuming. Recently, I came across an excellent Google Chrome extension, Highlight to Search, which allows users to search keywords by just highlighting instead of typing it in the search box.

Installing the extension is really straight forward. Go to Highlight to Chrome page and click on install.


After installing the extension, just highlight the word you want to search and a small magnifying glass will appear.


Once you click on the magnifying glass, it will open Google search suggestion box where you can add or edit the keyword you want to search for. You can later search for any keyword if you want to without opening Google page or going to context menu to search for the specific keyword.


You can customize the extensions as well by going to its options. You can select whether to open the search results in a new window or display the magnifying glass at the bottom or not.


Highlight to Search is excellent extensions for Google Chrome which can reduce the time u spend on searching for different keywords while browsing.

Download Highlight to Search for Google Chrome

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